Jun 11, 2009


At one glance, this pic looks like its taken from somewhere in a countryside overseas. This is actually my very own kampung. I took this while waiting for my mom buying mee calong (a favorite local dish, something like mee sup but better) from my very own mobile phone.

Its my 2nd day today back in my kampung. I didn't do much but i'm feeling so relaxed and at peace. Went to bathe at the beach this evening to help heal my rashes and whatever is left from my childbirth wound. My rashes has miraculously healed entirely..almost immediately after bathing in the sea! I hope the seawater has döne some magic to my wounds as well. I've always heard that seawater has a lot of benefits and healing qualities..and it has been proven right to me today. Even the skin on my face feels soft and supple.

My mom said its just the sea calling me to come back since it has been a while from my last trip home. I am a proud granddaughter of a fisherman..

It feels so good to be home. Back in the days when i was in uni, i always seek refuge here whenever things seem to get out of hand in KL. I always felt as if my reset button has been pushed and i feel refreshed when i come back to KL. Ready to face back the challenges waiting for me head on.

I'm hoping this trip will bring the same strength for me as it always has after the recent events that i went through and having to start work again next week. So far, i am feeling relaxed and its nice to be among family again..to come back home. Home in KL with suami is also home..but nothing beats the place you grew up in.

Tomorrow will be another trip to the sea. Would prolly get my hair trimmed (i almost always get my hair cut in kuantan. Its hard to find a hairdresser you're comfortable with) Plus, my main buddy promised to come down from kemaman to see me. It's been AGES since we last hung out so its gonna be like the good old days..Eversince we both finished uni (we both graduated at almost the same time but from different unis) and started working, it has been almost impossible for us to hang out. Even more since i got married. Us sharing the same hometown didn't provide an advantage either..Just hope we could still pick up from where we left off.

I miss suami..but i think this is a trip i need to make alone. In a way,this is almost like me having to collect myself..finding my way back to myself. I have already decided on a few things i'd like to do..one of it, me furthering my studies. How i'm gonna go about to achieving this is something i'd have to give a little more thought.

For now,i'm just going to enjoy the rest of my trip. Then it's time to face the world again..

*one step back..two steps forward..*


  1. yep, hometown alwaiz does that kinda magic to you...
    my first emo meltdown back in 2003, i stayed almost a year in my hometown, cutting off all contacts & came back new & healed...
    i wish u all the best & seize every moment you got there, aight :) and get tanned too! eheheheks...

  2. get tanned?when everyone is crazy about getting fairer????hehehe...

    k. pi...haunted???cerita menarik...sile la blogkan siri ghost hunter!



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