Jun 22, 2009

OPA Dinner 2009

I had a good feeling on Saturday. Eventho I had to work half-day, I had something to look forward to that night. My sister-in-law had a beautiful dress waiting for me to wear, had my hair done and she even did my make-up that night.

We were going to the annual Royal Millitary College dinner at Shang-ri La Hotel.

Being an OG (Old Girl) of TKC myself, it was always sort of exciting when it came to these elite all-boys boarding school functions. Something I can't quite find the words to describe it. You can call it a teenage infatuation la..

So before the dinner started, there was a pool of men in dark suits wearing their alma-mater tie, boom of laughter and voices, smoking cigars and ciggarettes. The kesian part, was seeing the wives standing around the groups of men. I understand this situation too well. Coz when I went to my OG day, we could see the husbands standing on the sidelines..:P Coming from a boarding school, we tend to neglect our partners when we go for our reunions..

Anyway, as we were called to dinner (they had their current Putras to blow the trumpet - something like how the military are called to the mass hall)..The VVIPs where ushered into the hall and the dinner began.

The MCs were witty and funny. The initial show was by the Royal Navy Band, which was okay. But the interesting part was when the OPs (Old Putras) themselves performed. First was this karaoke jam session by OP74 or 77 (I can't quite remember). My favorite was the song "Bila Papa Pakai Celana"!Boy did they sing their heart out!hahaha! Next was another singing presentation but this time by all the OP Admirals..and there was A LOT of them!

But the best was a video clip by OP69 doing the Carlos Santana song - Corazon Espionado..OMG!! I was informed by my FIL that the most millionaires came from this batch. One very vivid scene was a bunch of them, topless and wearing the funny clown wigs, shaking their HUGE bellies by the swimming pool!hahaha!! I'll try and youtube it. If I find it, I'll post it up.

The Old Putra of the year was awarded to OP Ramli Ibrahim, an OP69..yes people..THE Ramli Ibrahim!!! I was kinda surprised..because Ramli Ibrahim is actually an OP! It was a well deserved award. Not only is he EXCELLENT in dancing, he was top of his class during his school years and is even a Chemical or Mechanical Engineering (I don't remember because I was already ecstatic then) graduate..

It must've been my luckiest night..because Ramli Ibrahim honored us with his infamous Odissi performance...

My words can't do justice to the gracefullness of his performance. It was MESMERIZING! Done with such perfection! and this coming from a 55year old man! (His bod..I tell you!!!) All I can say is..


Then there was the unavoided moments by Ramli's 'jambu's' which was hilarious! An all-boys boarding school can never get away from this stigma..:P

It was a fun night..am sure my FIL had the most fun. I know I would if I were to go to my alma mater dinner 40 years from now (it was my FIL's 50th year being in the alma mater). It just brings back so much fond memories and makes you feel young again...

Next year..I want to go again! I might not be so lucky as to get to see Ramli Ibrahim to perform again, but who knows?

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