Mar 14, 2011


This came with my staff ID card. I've never felt more important!hahaha!
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Mar 7, 2011

My (Mis)adventures!

Phew! Sorry for being such a slacker. It's the beginning of my week 4 (already?!?!) here in my new hometown and has been a series of misADVENTURES!! So okay, let's just recap..

Week 1:
Reported in for duty only to find out my office was not where I thought it would be! Thank god this town is small and suami was still around (although I've become more expert about the roads here than he is now! :P) Got to my new office and again! only to find out that they were not expecting me! But all was solved quickly as they made space for me in this cozy office. I didn't have to worry about the awkward first day lunchtime at work, coz just my luck, the office was having their monthly birthday celebration. So lunch with everybody at the office..nice eh?

Found out the basic function of my Unit. I'm with the Occupational Safety & Health Unit. So nope, am not gonna be teaching any kiddos for the mean time. Although the unit's main function is to manage the campus' OSH MS certification (technical lingo, too lazy to explain. maybe later) but our SIDE function are as the Receiving Committee (AJK Sambutan) for ALL of UniMAP's events! And with the amount of events this uni has, it might as well be our main function!hehe! But I am greatful for it tho. It has helped speed up my knowledge on the locations of our very scattered departments and schools. *note: UniMAP doesn't operate in one area, it operates from all parts of this state!:D

Suami left for KL after I came back from work on my first day. So sweet of him to send and pick me up for my first day, but it didn't make the separation any easier. He had to go back to KL to settle some stuff with our condo before we put it up for rent.

So for the first week that I was here, I have had to attend THREE events and become the Liason Officer to a VIP..and receive my first visitor. Thanks Amad! Nice to see a familiar face!

Week 2:
I had to attend a 4-day training as a Lead Auditor conducted by NIOSH. Nice! So still not much work done by me, but we did manage to go around and audit one of the departments. Finally, some REAL work!

Week 2 was not without any events either! I think we had 2 major events happening at the campus, some Inter-ASEAN uni Tennis Tournament and Malaysian University Robot(ic) Competition which each had their Formal dinner and respective ceremonies. Which also meant - 2 event x 2 programs = 4 events my unit had to go to. There goes my weekend!

At least by mid-week, suami was back in town. So I was chauffeured to and fro from work. :) And I had my second visitor, my hommies Anies & Sapik who was back for the weekend.

But the MAJOR misadventure for this week was finding out about the condition of the house we were supposed rent. My heart sank when I saw the inside part of the house for the first time. Let me just quote my mom on it.."It looked like a torture chamber! Even the prison looks better!" 

So began our frantic journey in looking for a new house to rent. IT WAS SO FREAKING HARD! and I was stressed outta my head. But I have to thank all those of you who responded to my frantic BBM & FB statuses and my frantic tweets. I am touched with all the help you guys offered!

Let's just say, it's easier to look for a needle in a haystack than finding a house to rent in Perlis.

Week 3:
Another week of 4-days training for me but this time was on Basic first-aid. Not even the end of my first month, already I have completed my 7days training quota for the year! :)

The Uni's event calendar was looking pretty clear for the week except for the New Student Council ceremony on Saturday. so not so bad.

And the best news was, after frantically looking for a house to rent (sometime even considering to buy), my dearest suami finally found us a place. It needs some repairs but definitely a space I could work with! *happy* Insya allah we'll be moving into our new place in April.

And yesterday, I took my mom and CKD to Alor Star. I wanted to cook spaghetti and wanted to go to Tesco to look for some of the ingredients. Secretly, I just wanted to be in familiar grounds..:P We had a good day-trip driving along the 'Terusan Wan Mat Saman' - the famous water canal built years ago to supply water for the vast paddy fields along the entire journey (will definitely write about this in the future and with pictures!) I even felt a bit adventurous taking the back way back to Kangar, passing by rawkstar's parents' house..:)

But the downside of my week was that suami has gone back to KL since he will be starting his new job today and is indefinite on when he will be back here..*bawls*

However..I am definite as when I will be back in KL..hiks! Have already applied for my annual leave for it (over kan!baru keje tak sampai sebulan dah apply AL!!hahah!)..See you guys soon!


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