Aug 28, 2008

I Don't Wanna Go..:(

It's going to be a long weekend..But I have to go to Bangkok...

Most people would think it's kewl...pegi holiday company tanggung. Tetapi sesungguhnya..I don't want to go..Saya penat. Duduk rumah buli suami tersayang lagi best (nak nak sekarang ni saya dah ada green light untuk lakukan apa saja!haha!)

I hope the trip won't be too much of a drag....and hopefully the Drag Queens of Tex Cycle will pull through and make this trip worth it.

Will update if I have the will to do so..

Till I get back..SELAMAT BERPUASA to all my muslim friends. DAH NAK RAYA WEY!!

haha..aku mmg mcm ni..1st ramadhan dah start dgr lagu raya. Dapat penyakit dari kakak erni ku!hehehe!

Aug 18, 2008

Best Gift Ever

I just turned 27 yesterday..and today I received the best news ever..

I'm gonna be a mommy!!!

So happy (and scared) that I dunno what else to say...

He's even more excited that I am..I wish him luck...coz it's gonna be a hell of a ride from now onwards!hehehe!

It should be about 3 weeks now...maybe 4..i dunno. Haven't been to the doc's yet.

Uh-oh...a BIG shoutout to all who wished me Happy Birthday and to those who made it to the gathering last night. Thank you soo much...*smiles and hugs!*

*Best birthday gift EVER!!*

Aug 14, 2008

And the winner is...

Results are as you can see..and our blog winner is..


ok menang..tapi lu main rasuah.. :P

but's it's ok.gua cool..because i am a *superstar*!hahah!

round 2 nanti la.kita kasi siap dulu blog kita baru kita start round2 poll aite?

Aug 13, 2008


I have seen the stuffs on Oprah..

I have gone to the website..

I'm going mental!! Isaac Mizrahi's and Sarah Jessica Parker's designs at less than USD40??the dresses are awesome...a pair of jeans for USD12..tops starting from USD7..and that's only the womenswear!

If I ever make it to Target..I'd prolly dieded! *Thana's & Mama G's word*

Have to go to Target..Have to go to Target..Have to go to Target (if I say 40 times, i hope it comes true!)

I'd post the pictures of the stuffs that i like here, but i risk overloading this entry. Just check out the website yourself and be the judge...

*sigh...i need a new wardrobe*

Aug 6, 2008

*superstar* vs. *rockstar*

battle of the stars...

a silly idea that surfaced when *rockstar* taught *superstar* how to 'decorate' her blog. a challenge came to be and now here we are. and we need you..yes YOU who's reading this post to please help us be the judge on who should win this battle.

voting is based solely on the blog which you think is *star strucked*. superficial as that! and besides..the glam world IS superficial anyway....We would appreciate it if you don't judge us based on our posts because we are not gifted writers but merely bloggers who uses the blog to express our feelings and share our views and stories to anyone interested to know. But you are MOST WELCOME to stop and read our posts and perhaps leave a comment or 2.

voting will be done based on best of 3 polls. the first poll will be done at *superstar*'s blog, the second one at *rockstar*'s and the final round will be done on both blogs.

so for round may cast your votes at
Results for round 1 will be announced on the 14th August..once the poll expires. Round 2 will resume immediately.

this is just for prizes will be given out..only a few laughs between friends and good sports!

check out the blogsites *superstar* and *rockstar*

watch this space for more details soon!

Aug 4, 2008

Orang Gomen!


I have been trying to call NIOSH since 2 weeks ago but orang yang aku nak cakap tu takde or tak pickup phone! 2 F***ING WEEKS!!!!

And now aku kene call orang EiMAS pulak...PUN SAMA!!!Yang EiMAS ni lagi best..aku ada EMPAT nombor..SATU PUN TAK ANGKAT!!!!!!!!MACAM HARAM!!!

Ok..I understand you go for your *break* at 10am every morning..But I tried to call you at
everyday since 21st JULY!!!It's F***ing 4TH AUGUST!!!!!



Aku stress......

Sape tau time PALING BAGUS utk aku call manusia2 bangsat ni?

Aug 3, 2008

Maybank Treats Fair maybank treats fair SANGAT bagus!! I have officially been seduced by the credit devil!! Thank god I didn't sign up for a holiday..I have MATTA fair happening in September to blame for that. (am planning for a LOOOONG holiday!which is going to burn a HUGE hole in my pocket)

But this is what I bought at the fair..and it's SOOOOOOO worth it!!!

I bought it for RM415...retail price is approx RM600!hihihi!now I'm all geared up for that holiday!tell u when it's all confirmed..i'm a bit jinxed when i hope on something too much!

Leo: I know it's not as nice as your Quiksilver bag..but hey!now we both have our 'new' travel pack to show bile nak holiday sesame ni?

*excuse the 'bimbo'ness of this post! :P*


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