Jun 30, 2008

Hiking Expedition

Here we go!

Since being a Mrs..I have increased my weight to the heaviest I have ever been in my whole entire life...I have happily gained 8kilos in 7months time. Seriously! People say newlyweds tends to do so...dear hubby is also very 'nice & round' :D

If you know either of us from before we were married, you should know that I, for one, was VERY skinny previously (newly discovered actually..all this while I THOUGHT I was ok je :P) and dear hubby was a workout junkie (to the point where he's known as "Haram Jadah" at his gym..ask by his name, no one would know who you're referring to)

Although neither of us are complaining about each other (I love the "more to love" bits of my dear hubby)..everytime we bump into ppl we haven't seen for a while, their first sentence after the normal greetings would be "Badan nampak macam dah *body language for berisi (with hopes as to not to offend me)* kan? Dah pregnant ke?" and dear hubby gets "KENAPE DAH MAKIN BULAT NI???" *enthusiastically* (hubby gets responses likes that coz he's always the one who likes to make fun of people..so any chance these people gets to get back at him, they do it full force!!hehe!)

So among our effort(s) to get back into shape is to go hiking (hubby blames me for not being able to get back to his workout regime, hehe!)..................so one weekend after lunch with my cuzzies, an impromptu hiking session was carried out...Boy! was it fun.....in a way!hehe! We went to this place behind KDE (Kelab Darul Ehsan) in Ampang. OMG!! It was like 70degrees climb..using stairs!!!

With the "monkeys" for a cousin and soon-to-be cousin (ignore the round 'thing' i now have for a tummy and NO! I'm not pregnant yet..)

Halfway through the destination was this stop which had lazy chairs and those tiny chinese praying altar..I HAD to catch my breath coz I WAS LITERALLY SEEING STARS!!!! Apparently I was not the only one..hehe! Cuzzie's fiance was feeling the same symptoms!!hehe! But the end of the trail was worth it! We reached this lake at the top which actually connects to this waterfall in Kemensah (which we went hiking to the week before but through a different trail)

Behold the lake!

It was nice and windy up there. After the tough hike, I could've just fallen asleep. But thanks to dear hubby who started 'calling' his relatives..we ended up hooting and whooting and made whatever monkey noise we could do! But in the hype of the monkey noises..my cousin suddenly meowed!haha! She couldn't think of any other noise to make..hehe! The cool part was, hubby relatives hooted and whooted back to his noise!! Memang sah asal usul suami saya....hahahaha!!!!

My dear monkey and the poor guy who's joining the family soon! (Cousin is actually hiding behind her fiance!)

But all I can say is..it was definitely fun! Being married, our lifestyle changes..I never did much outdoor stuffs when I was single eventhough I liked it. Am glad I have a partner who shares the same interest. Well..next on the list..tyre rafting and PAINTBALL!! We're gonna check out this place in PD - Eagle Ranch...the brochure looks cool and so are the stuffs we can do there...any takers???

Well..just a quick shout out to my newly engaged cuzzie..Congrats Aja!!!! and to Fadzli..good luck bro!haha! Uh-oh..otw back we actually bumped into some 'relatives'...haha!

Jun 20, 2008

When there's no where to turn to..

this is the moment where i write with my emotions...

so many things in my head...all coming at me all at once...feeling confused, sad, hurt all at once...it's crazy!

maybe i'm just being irrational..maybe i'm just seeing things from one perspective..this is me trying to see it from outside the box.

it's hard..change is really hard...never been good at accepting changes but its something you can never get away from..it comes whether you're ready or not. there has been days when i think to myself..did i make the right choice? was it the right time? thinking of how he is..and thinking back through all my past experiences, never have i met anyone like him..but there are days and times when it's just so hard..and what makes it harder..i have no where or no one else to turn to...is this how it's supposed to be?

i pulled the emergency brake when i made the decision to change my life..it's wasn't because of anyone or for anyone but myself..but there has been days when i wished i could just relapse..but i can't..THAT is because of someone other than me...but i did try and take a peek at how it used to be..it's just not the same anymore.i have definitely changed...and about to change even more soon..

so now i'm lost...feeling homesick for a home that no longer exists..missing people who are no longer the same...it's wrong to say it..but i feel so alone right now..longing for the past which will never be there again.i have no where to go but forward..but i don't want to move just yet..i just want to collect myself..i just want to stay here for a while till all these feelings go away

but i can't even do that...my life right now doesn't permit me to rest..take a break and take it all in..it's so demanding.....everyone is so demanding..they all just wants a piece of me..even more than they used to since now i'm able to give more..when in truth..i wonder..do i really have more to give now?then why do i feel so drained?

that peace of mind......where? will this feeling pass or is it here to stay? the decision is in my hands..but is it really mine to decide?

*at the bottom of the wheel*

Jun 16, 2008


They're back and they're so HOT!!! Especially my Jordan Knight!!!!!! I've had a crush on him since I was 9!!!! Just incase you can't recognize who's who, from L-R Jonathan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, Donnie Wahlberg and *sigh* Jordan Knight!!!

If guys have MILFs..then NKOTB is definitely my DILFs!!! hahaha! (am sure some of you girls out there agrees with me..*wink*)

I think this was their last cover album before this 2008 album. It was almost 20 years ago!!I just can't believe it. But don't you think BSB resembles them a bit? (Joey - Nick Carter, Jon - Howie D, Donnie - B-Rok, Jordan - Kevin and Danny - AJ)
Don't care la! NKOTBs new single Summertime is out and checkout the video..oh-so-hot!!

*feel like i'm 9 again..*

Jun 12, 2008

Youtube and Spice Boys Wannabes!!!

"Kau ni tak habis-habis dengan youtube kau!" - cik lina kita kata kat cik sasha kita...

Yup..Have discovered a new obsession/dependency on youtube. Why shouldn't I? If it wasn't for youtube, I'd probably wouldn't be able speed up my confirmation at my new place :) New things I learned through youtube:

1. Poco-poco dance steps (something like line dancing only it originated from Indonesia but very famous within the Malaysian army wives.

2. The CHICKEN DANCE!!!!!! My collegues favorite dance!haha! The MD even proposed it to be done during the company trip this August.

3. Discovered my "tepi pantai" songs (tepi pantai mode all because the boys went to Perhentian last week without the girls!!! Takpe...Tioman or Bali right girls???!)

4. My "tepi pantai" songs are:
  • Welcome to My Paradise - Steve and Coconut Trees
  • Funky Bahia - Sergio Mendes feat. Will.I.Am and Siedah Garret
  • Mysterious Girl - Peter Andre (cracked Fariq up when I suggested this song to him..I dunno why *confused*)
  • Nothing In This World - Paris Hilton (my must have ok!!)

*ok..so I used Limewire for this but I still searched the videos through youtube ok*

5. Saw soooo many cool rendetions of Sergio Mendes' Magdalena..so cool and so banyak I dunno which to suggest! But if you like the song, you can start with this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzhRr4PWD-Q&feature=related

6. Ever heard of Evolution of Dance? ohohohoh!!!!! He made an appearance on Oprah on her youtube serie. Check out his dance moves! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMH0bHeiRNg

Oh well..my youtube surfing takes up most of my mornings at work..I know..curi tulang..but you can't say that exactly either. Coz all those times I was going through the videos I was gathering inspirations and informations (yeah right Sasha....) Although not all those inspirations or information were work related..but some was...:P I swear!!

It's getting late..time for my bed..but before I call it a night, the youtube video of the day for me..cracks me up!


*i really really really wanna zigazig ahhhhhhh*

Jun 9, 2008

He Lost 50kilos!

PPRM's Gunaseelan (left) with Rajkumar, his wife and son.

The Star, 9th June 2008

PETALING JAYA: C/Insp R.Rajkumar, 40 is a police officer who survived three gunshot wounds during a drug bust on Oct 27, received RM10,000 from the Malaysian Public Service Association (PPRM), an NGO, yesterday.

Rajkumar, talking about the trauma he went through, said he almost died from the wound as the bullets had penetrated his left shoulder and hand and perforated his abdomen. He said yesterday that he had nightmares and sleepless nights for months.

He lost more than 50kg and even needed psychiatric assistance.

I think this was a photo of Rajkumar taken yesterday....

*If he has lost 50kg since Oct 2008.....I wonder how big he was before that!!!!!!!*

Jun 6, 2008

Oh Malaysiaku....

I know that a lot of people are feeling the stress from the recent petrol price increment. For people like me, although married but not bearing any children yet, maybe we can still survive. But reading the newspaper, seeing how most people in the country are suffering especially those who are barely making it to make ends meet...the road seems to long and hard...could be even enough to want to make you want quit and give up...

I'm hyperventilating....I just got my confirmation letter from the company...the same day the petrol price rose. The pay rise makes no difference to me now. I will still be left with the same amount of money I had from my previous pay..maybe even lesser.

It's not fair......how could the government let the rakyat suffer like this?? We have already been suffering silently for the past few years. Is it our fault that we are being treated this way by the government? Or were we too comfortable with our ways to be cautious about our rights? We are a country, rich is so many ways but how come we are not living prosperously?

Political turmoil, inflation, petrol price rise (and we are one of the main exporters in the world!!!!) I'm confused with the subsidies that the government are offering to somehow "compensate" the rise of the petrol..It's SO COMPLICATED! Why not just use the allocated money to continue subsidising the petrol and not increase so much of the previous price???? 41% is not a joke! It'll be causing a chain reaction..petrol and diesel price rise then everything else will follow suit! Wouldn't even be surprised if the crime rate increases! You add on to the already increased price of the rice..kalau macam ni kebulur la rakyat kita! If the rakyat keeps on being pushed around like this, I'm scared to even imagine what future will hold for the country...I'm scared...thinking that one day this peace that I've always known will be gone indefinitely..

I'm one person who believes in the silver lining of every cloud..........but this cloud seems so thick that my hopes for the silver lining is running low....almost non-existant...

*on the verge of tears*

I never imagined I'd be crying worrying about the country....Like I don't already have enough problems in my hands..Now I'd have to worry if the new family I'd just started will have a country safe enough to live in...

*suffering silently still*


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