Jun 9, 2008

He Lost 50kilos!

PPRM's Gunaseelan (left) with Rajkumar, his wife and son.

The Star, 9th June 2008

PETALING JAYA: C/Insp R.Rajkumar, 40 is a police officer who survived three gunshot wounds during a drug bust on Oct 27, received RM10,000 from the Malaysian Public Service Association (PPRM), an NGO, yesterday.

Rajkumar, talking about the trauma he went through, said he almost died from the wound as the bullets had penetrated his left shoulder and hand and perforated his abdomen. He said yesterday that he had nightmares and sleepless nights for months.

He lost more than 50kg and even needed psychiatric assistance.

I think this was a photo of Rajkumar taken yesterday....

*If he has lost 50kg since Oct 2008.....I wonder how big he was before that!!!!!!!*

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