Aug 27, 2009


One line means negative.
Two lines means positive.

Yes ppl..its positive! Mak buyung is back!!

Aug 25, 2009

yum yum..

Harini aku rasa aku puasa macam budak sekolah! Perasaan mengantok, lapar dan segala pada tahap yang over.

Aku tak balik awal macam orang kat kompeni lain bulan puasa ni. Pukul 5 jugak baru boleh blah. So time lunch break tadi..aku telah pegi ke post office untuk hantar kad-kad raya yang telah aku janjikan kat entry aku sebelum ni. Pastu jalan-jalan la sikit kat Giant ingat nak usha kad raya...gile susah nak cari kad raya dowh...ingat kan nak carik yang kartun-kartun untuk hantar kat anak sedara aku. Takpela..weekend ni aku pi usha..

Opst..balik Perlis laa pulak wiken ni...uish..param Stadium kat Perlis...hadoih!!! Dugaan puasa budak sekolah harini maksimum!! OK..pikir bende lain. Suami cakap balik Perlis ni nak pegi usha helmet untuk Scrambler kesayangan aku tu and usha mask paintball..hehehe! Best! Takdela sangap sangat jalan-jalan kat Padang Besar tu.

Balik dari lunch break tadi, ofismate cakap dia lapar..teringin makan sardin...shaite!!sekarang aku dok terbayang-bayang sardin! Dengan telur masak kicap, pastu tauhu telur goreng taruk oyster sos, sambal belacan pastu agak-agak rajin buat mix vege..dem! *telan air liur*Set..esok aku dah ade menu nak masak ape. Harini buka kat rumah mentua...heheh!

Aug 24, 2009

Lost Art: Snail Mail

One of my favorite moments when I was in boarding school before was the letters I used to receive. Either from my pen-pal (a subtle way of saying boys..:P) or even from my parents who'd send me a postcard from wherever they are or sometimes just a letter to say hello (and send me money of course..:P) Back in the days, we didn't have the convenience of a handphone or email or even facebook.

But I like the old ways...I love reading hand-written letters addressed to me (although sometimes I could barely understand what my dad scribbles on his postcards..His smses are no better..:P) In fact ALL my friends used to enjoy the letters I received from this particular boy who would write to me once a week..pages and pages long..Nothing beats the personalization of the letter..he would sometimes be very creative and cut out letters from the magazine to spell my name out or sometime when he's REALLY in the mood, the whole letter would be done that way.

Hand made cards, pictures, little trinkets in the envelope...I miss receiving those. It was also sort of like a tradition for my school girls to send notes to each other telling of their daily activities or whatever it is they wish to share.

I feel with the new technologies nowadays, letter writing will soon be a lost art. Even blogging is killing another art actually, journal writing. I used to keep one which I hand-write..but that will be another story.

So in my effort in preserving this art, since it's Ramadhan now, I am motivated to send a PROPER Hari Raya card to all of my friends this year.. VIA SNAIL MAIL! And I don't care if you live next door to me. I'm making that effort. But I will need your help..please email me your addresses so that I can do so or send me a message in Facebook.

With handphones nowadays we don't bother to keep friend's home addresses anymore.

And this invitation does not only stop at my friends. Anyone who comes across this post can email me their addresses to

And if you feel the way that I do, why don't you take baby steps and send a card to your parents or bestfriend this year instead of those impersonal smses that we do that jammed up the phone lines every eve of holidays.

So come on...what are you waiting for! Send me those addresses!!

*Wouldn't it be nice to receive a PROPER PERSONALIZED letter in your mailbox instead of just bills??*


This is how serious I am. Ni kad raya untuk Jime sbb dia request nak kad handmade walaupun aku cakap kualiti budak tadika..hahaha!Jime..esok aku pos!!!!

Aug 22, 2009

1st day of ramadhan and hopefully a miracle..

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan everyone..

It feels like the new year's for me. So exciting..I dunno why. Maybe because I have a resolution for this Ramadhan and maybe I MIGHT have some good news too..I don't know yet..*sengih*

But am at work now. My working Saturday since the other Safety ppl are on leave. Hungry!!hahahahah!!! Semangat je lebih...lapar tak kaver!:P

Will be at my in-laws today for break fast..yummm..can already imagine all the yummy food my MIL will be cooking, plus the ikan bakar that FIL likes to do so much..adoihhh..torturing myself right now imagining all the food!

Nothing to report today...just waiting on my crops in Farmville to be harvested then off I go..

*I'm late....or am I not?*

Aug 20, 2009

Bila Suami Out Station

Yesterday suami had to go and visit his site at Gurun, Kedah. So I had the whole house to myself. Went back home a little late to accompany my colleague finish her OT then went to have dinner with her and another colleague. Coz I know if I were to go home, I couldn't be bothered to go look for food since I am alone.

So when I got home, standard laa..switched on all the lights and tv just to feel like there's people in the house. This has been a habit of mine for a very long time everytime I'm home alone. Finished up all the laundry and folded the dried ones.

Then I remembered that I still have yet to finish watching Gossip Girl season 2 that K.Lin has so graciously downloaded for me. So I started at about 9:00pm, in between watching American Dreams on Hallmark Channel.

I slept at 3am!!!!

Honestly, I don't really like the characters in it. It's not like watching Friends where you will laugh at their jokes no matter how many times you watch it. Gossip girl to vicious! And somehow it's scary being the rich and famous on the upper east side.

But why do you ask did I still sleep at 3am watching it? I like the clothes and the style. Especially Serena's..she has this laid-back rock chick style. Thing is..rambut dia serabut macam tak sikat pun boleh nampak cun..sigh..

And come on..gossip laaaaa!!hehehehe! *Jime..aku rasa kau mesti suke GG kan?xoxo..:P*

But IF EVER, ANY of my children ends up like any of the characters in GG.. haiyoooooooooo... I don't know what I would do..

But the thing is..that's not the point of my post. The thing I stressed the most here was that I stayed up til 3am watching GG. It felt kinda nice having the whole house to myself once in a while (walaupun telinga ni asyik dengar macam-macam...saiko diri sendiri) Coz if suami was around..jangan harap boleh stay up selama itu. I doubt I'd even manage to get through one espisode before suami starts to complaint...hehehe!

But I miss suami. He's coming home today...yay!

*tah bile nak habiskan GG S2 and Ugly month GG S3 pulak dah keluar....catch up Sasha...catch up!*

Aug 19, 2009

Pre-Birthday Celebration and Turning 28..

I turned 28 last monday. It was a BLAST! Thanks to a lot of ppl..of course first and foremost Suami tersayang..yang lain-lain akan ku sebut as we go along. Although it wasn't deliberately planned to be so..but I had an AWESOME weekend, pre-birthday.

My faithful readers has been making noise why I haven't updated my blog for so long (i did la..aku siap Post gambar lagi masa aku kat MTV tu!) this was what happened...

15th August 2009, Saturday

MTV Worldstage - Sunway Lagoon Theme Park (bukan Stockholm ye Zu!hehe!)

It was ROCKING I tell you!!!!!!!!!!! I had the time of my life! (Walaupun hanya di RED zone) Thank you *rockstar* for suggesting that we go (walaupun akhirnya aku pulak yang dapatkan tiket untuk hang!) Although we missed Estranged coz we were waiting for *rockstar* untuk habis berak (aku tau local band tapi aku nak dengar lagu baru diorg - In No Time) When we first got there, we felt a bit awkward..Gile terasa tua yang maksimum..the crowd were mainly kids! But suami and Chip had a fun time making fun of the weird style and stuffs that kids today do..

It rained a bit and here's Chip modelling the rain-plastic-bag-thingy with suami and his ever femes monkey face. *the rest of the pics at FB and videos on my youtube aite* Chip tengah usha chicks di sekeliling sambil membayang sebatan yang bakal diterima jika plan diteruskan..hahaha!

Masuk je Sunway Lagoon, Boys Like Girls were performing..they were good and surprisingly Raygun and Pixie Lott was interesting as well. Sorry la..but I'm not that up-to-date with these ppl. Then HOOBASTANK came on stage!!!!!!!!!!


Dah tak tau dah nak describe macam mana..HAPPENING I TELL YOU!!! They sang
Crawling in the Dark
So Close, So Far (ke??new song aku tak ingat nama)
Ghostbusters (yes..the theme song)
and THE REASON!!!! OMG!! I could've dieded!!!hahahah!!

But one thing I have to say..Hoobastank MEMANG PROFESSIONALS! Sound fail sikit time diorg perform tapi they managed to cover it well and keep the crowd occupied...Cayalah!

Pastu ada potong sikit la sbb DJ Rahul dari mane tah dok spin. Suami fedap jadi telah keluar bersama Chip. Aku nak tunggu The All American Rejects, jadi aku stay bersama *rockstar* They opened their slot with
Swing, Swing
Dirty Little Secrets
It Ends Tonight
I Wanna
(Lagu OST Transformers..again aku tatau nama)
Gives You Hell

Time nih dah macam org tue tak sedar diri dah aku!hahah! Melompat mcm berok bersama cik *rockstar* BEST GILE!!!!!

Puas hati..lepas tu saya pulang. Kasabian saya tak familiar..And the fact that I am orang TUA..dah tak larat. *ngee!*

Malam tu layan Nasi Lemak kat Jalan Berkeley, Klang..konpem tido dengan nyenyak!

16th August 2009, Sunday

Paintball - Rimba Harmonis Paintball Extreme Park, Gombak
Dinner - Fatty Crab, Taman Megah

Ni eksyen je. Dah habis main dah. Present that day (in no particular order) Suami, Chip, Tariq, Hasnor, A'an, Adi, Emran, Firdaus and me. Again, the rest of the pics already uploaded in FB.

First time aku main paintball..GIAN DOWHHH!!!!!! Bestgiletaktaunakcakapapedah! Walaupun suami ada ala-ala main tipu sikit sebab dia telah pilih team mates dia yang kencang..tapi I still had fun!! And yes we are going to organize another game after raya. So sapa nak me! Nanti aku apdet via Event kat Fesbuk. Gambar pun sumer dah upload kat sana.

Habis main paintball..I had dinner with my former boss, Mama G at Fatty Crab.
5 kati ketam
2 dozen ayam goreng
4 orang makan

Kenyang tak ingat dunia...sekali lagi aku tido dengan nyenyak malam itu

17th August 2009, Monday (the day I turned 28)

Terima kasih kawan-kawan untuk segala sms dan msg kat Fesbuk, nyanyian Hepi Birthday, panggilan telepon segala macam. Saya Hepi....*big grin* Terima kasih juge cik Elsa sebab buat cyber party untuk aku and Zu kat belognya..

Office celebrated by getting me a cake after lunch. Nice.

That night I went to catch GI Joe: Rise of Cobra with suami at Platinum Cineleisure Damansara. Best!! For those who hasn't seen it..please go see. I'm too tired to review the movie.

Best kan birthday saya tahun ni?

Happy Birthday to you too Zurina - my birthday mate!

Uh-oh..Congrats to Azie and Jaja!!! Soon-to-be mommies!!!!!

*put up a brave front and count your blessings...*

Aug 15, 2009

MTV Worldstage

With rockstar at mtv worldstage. Boys likes girls performing in the back! Woo hoo!

Aug 10, 2009

A Tribute Fit For A King

A dance tribute to Michael Jackson in Stockholm. About 300 dancers got together and learned the steps within 30minutes.I thinks it's cool...and definitely fit for the King Of Pop..

*tengah tunggu masa malaysia nak buat benda yang sama...*


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