Aug 24, 2009

Lost Art: Snail Mail

One of my favorite moments when I was in boarding school before was the letters I used to receive. Either from my pen-pal (a subtle way of saying boys..:P) or even from my parents who'd send me a postcard from wherever they are or sometimes just a letter to say hello (and send me money of course..:P) Back in the days, we didn't have the convenience of a handphone or email or even facebook.

But I like the old ways...I love reading hand-written letters addressed to me (although sometimes I could barely understand what my dad scribbles on his postcards..His smses are no better..:P) In fact ALL my friends used to enjoy the letters I received from this particular boy who would write to me once a week..pages and pages long..Nothing beats the personalization of the letter..he would sometimes be very creative and cut out letters from the magazine to spell my name out or sometime when he's REALLY in the mood, the whole letter would be done that way.

Hand made cards, pictures, little trinkets in the envelope...I miss receiving those. It was also sort of like a tradition for my school girls to send notes to each other telling of their daily activities or whatever it is they wish to share.

I feel with the new technologies nowadays, letter writing will soon be a lost art. Even blogging is killing another art actually, journal writing. I used to keep one which I hand-write..but that will be another story.

So in my effort in preserving this art, since it's Ramadhan now, I am motivated to send a PROPER Hari Raya card to all of my friends this year.. VIA SNAIL MAIL! And I don't care if you live next door to me. I'm making that effort. But I will need your help..please email me your addresses so that I can do so or send me a message in Facebook.

With handphones nowadays we don't bother to keep friend's home addresses anymore.

And this invitation does not only stop at my friends. Anyone who comes across this post can email me their addresses to

And if you feel the way that I do, why don't you take baby steps and send a card to your parents or bestfriend this year instead of those impersonal smses that we do that jammed up the phone lines every eve of holidays.

So come on...what are you waiting for! Send me those addresses!!

*Wouldn't it be nice to receive a PROPER PERSONALIZED letter in your mailbox instead of just bills??*


This is how serious I am. Ni kad raya untuk Jime sbb dia request nak kad handmade walaupun aku cakap kualiti budak tadika..hahaha!Jime..esok aku pos!!!!


  1. sungguh tulisan katak ok?!hahahaaa

    aku rajin bagi kad raya kat zaman uni kat sume lecturer aku.hahahaaaaa....

  2. nak buat cemne..dah 5 tahun practice tulisan camtu...hehe!

    trademark tu...



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