Jun 28, 2011

Do the impossible

I love what Kimora Lee Simmons-Honsou tweeted today

 Just thought I'd share with you guys!

Let's do the IMPOSSIBLE!

Jun 27, 2011

The Little Blankie Thief

I have a safety blanket..well at least I used to.

Haha..laugh at me if you like but I don't carry my blankie around like Linus from the Peanuts comics.
Linus - Source

But I've had a blankie since I was in boarding school. It was like a security for me when I sleep at night. It was this old flannel baby blanket that belonged to an older cousin of mine. Yes, the original blankie was older than me. And when I went to Uni, it was almost falling to bits. I remember one of my not-so-favorite roomie made a statement about blankie "Oh! Ingatkan kain buruk!". 

So when I graduated, I found another blankie to replace my original one. Original blankie just couldn't be saved anymore. It was this old Ikea single duvet cover with white and yellow stripes. It had the same feel like my old flannel blankie so I was okay with the replacement.

I sleep with the blankie coz I just love the feel of the soft fabric on my face as I doze off to dreamland. It's always there on my bed.

You see, my little baby girl would usually toss and turn all over the bed before she goes of to sleep, whether for a nap or the usual bedtime. One day, my mom decided to give my blankie to CKD just for the fun of it..and you guessed it...

She's the little thief!

The little thief and her loot!

My mom said, with her eyes closed, she pulled the blankie, gave it a little pat and hugged it to sleep! Just like that..no tossing..no turning!

Sigh...now I'm stuck with one of my normal flannel blankets to use. It's no blankie but I guess I'll just have to if it means my daughter will sleep better. Oh the sacrifices we make as parents!

She sleeps with the blankie all the time now. It seems to comfort her, just how it used to comfort me..It's fun to see how she develops her personality as she grows up and to see as much of me and suami's personality in it too. 

Snazzy little fashionista in the making?
Oh well Keisha Damia...whatever makes you happy.

Jun 24, 2011

Nazar & d'Extensions

So buih is part of the band Nazar & d'Extensions and the band has been nominated to perform at Urbanscapes happening on 16th July. Coolness..

The not-so-cool part..they need to get people to vote them in.

So here I am, asking for a favor to all of you to please vote for them here! Now! There's no limit to voting and GOOD NEWS, Top 10 voters gets free tickets to see the show!

We've only got 5 days left to put them on the lineup! Go ahead! Vote NOW!

vote for them at http://everyoneconnects.net/urbanscapes/?page_id=1535 
*psst..even if you're not in Malaysia, would be great if you could vote too!every single vote counts!*

And just for a taste of what they can offer, this is their original song, Kali Pertama. Enjoy!

When I Grow Up

Today is my darling suami's birthday. Sucks that I can't be there to celebrate it with him because he has to work this weekend and has forbidden us to come back coz he couldn't bear the idea that we are near him but he can't spend time with us hihi!

Well..usually I'd post pictures of him on his birthday. But this year, I had a different inspiration for it while I was on the way to work this morning.

Heheh! Of all songs why in the world would I choose this song, you may ask?

Well, the line "Be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it" was actually what hit me the most.

You see..he is what I've always wished for (yes my friends, I may have complained about him a bit here and there sometime..but I complaint about EVERYTHING!LOL!) From his appearance (I have a thing for botak guys with cute butts..) smack down to the way he walks. He's a scrooge but he's also a spend thrift, he's funny maybe because he is smartmouthed :P and he may look tough, but really..he's my little puppy dog.

He's my dream come true and has made many of my other dreams come true too...*cue PCD "Be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it!"*

So here's to you sayang..

May Allah bless you with all that makes you happy as He has blessed me with you..

I love you and can't wait to see you next week.. We'll celebrate it just you, me and baby Keisha okay?

Jun 21, 2011

Master in the Making!

Forgot to say.. I got in! hehehe!

In what you may ask? Will be back to my alma mater to pursue my post-grad course in September!

Master of Engineering - Safety, Health and Environment, University of Malaya here I come! woot! woot!

And back in town for good?? That's the plan peeps!!!

See you soon my KLites!

Weekend Lunch with Friends

Was in KL earlier this month for a family dinner (will spill on this later), and surprise! surprise! I finally had the time and energy to actually go out and hang with some friends! Well, actually I was supposed to meet Sophie to pick up a technical manual I've asked her to help purchase from SIRIM and we decided to make it into a gathering and invited Azie and family to join us too.

So we decided to meet at our go to place, The Empire @ Subang. I invited buih too but since he's sucha young stud *sarcasm*, he wasn't up yet when I texted and called him and only later replied that young studs don't wake up early on Sundays..pbbhhhtttt!!!

And just our luck, friends of suami, Ezran and Nadia, was at Empire too when we were on our way there. I haven't seen them in ages and heard that they we're finally expecting a bub in August so we sort of forced them to wait til we got there so I could see Nadia's lovely little baby bump!

Sophie and Azie was running late and suami was sooo hungry, so we had lunch at Madam Kwan's with Ezran and Nadia first. Nadia was sooooooo cute waddling with her 7month belly around and said she had even started waddling during her first trimester coz she felt it was more comfortable!haha! How cute is that?!? Hope that everything will go smoothly for you babes!!! We were later joined by Syed Umar who just returned from a surfing trip in Bali. haha..seems like our impromptu lunch turned into quite a gathering!

Managed to squeeze in some gossip about our obgyn (Nadia goes to the same obgyn as I did when I was expecting CKD) and share some preggers & baby stories while the boys did their thing. And all through, my little baby girl was doing real good eating her pasta. Finally got her to eat some solid food. She's been soo fussy with her food lately and resorted to her eating bananas and papayas only.

Sophie and hubs finally joined us when we were just finishing our lunch and said Azie was running late waiting for baby Mya to wake up from her nap. After we were done with our lunch only did Azie and family made it to Empire so we decided to move to a different venue. By then, Ezran and Nadia had to go as they had a wedding to attend and Umar had some stuffs to do.

Sapet (Azie's hubs) decided to go to Pasta Zanmai and finally the little ladies got to meet.
Meet & greet session between CKD and MM
Both are a week apart when they were born (Mya being the older one) and they were soooooo cute. We had so much fun seeing how they both reacted towards each other.
Lunch time..trying to keep the little ladies occupied while we gossiped and chatted

CKD was a little blur coz she's not really used to being around other people. But Mya was being sucha social butterfly and led the way for CKD! LOL! By the way Azie, if you're reading this, Keisha has picked up Mya's "skill"!hahahaha!

After lunch and much gossiping, we had to leave because I needed to pick up some stuffs from our old condo for work. It was soo much fun to meet up with our friends and was really great to be able to see the little ladies growing up. I'll post up the video of the girls later (and please excuse the conversations the adults were having *unless i can somehow post the video muted..hmm*)

Resharing pictures of CKD and MM from previous functions. How they have grown!

MM & CKD at buih's birthday last November. Babies were about 7months
First time baby MM and CKD met during CKD's aqiqah hence the bald head for CKD. They were almost 2 months I think.
Hope they'll grow up being good friends with each other and become gossip buddies like their mommies and fave aunt!!haahah!

Pey, you missed a cute session with your two girls dude! Next time wake up la..:P

Jun 1, 2011

First Family Vacay

Well sort of.

Suami and the in-laws came to Perlis the weekend before Wesak Day holiday. The in-laws had to attend the Perlis King's birthday celebration and suami was here for his much missed time with the family.

My mom took the opportunity to go off to Jitra and visit her friend and also to give my MIL some more time to be with Keisha.

But since it was a long weekend for all of us (I took leave from Friday til Wednesday the next week since we got 2 days public holidays because Wesak Day clashed with the King's birthday), I asked suami to take us to Penang since there's not much to do anyway in Kangar.

I've never been to Penang and suami was so surprised. Sometimes my husband surprises me too...how can I've been to Penang if he has never taken me? :P

Well, our original plan was to actually just go to look for some DVD boxsets in Batu Ferringhi. But I gave it little thought and asked suami to make it into an overnight trip since we were bringing Keisha along. It would've been very stressful for Keisha (and mostly me too!) to take a day-trip to Penang even if it only takes about an hour and a half to get there from Kangar.

We stopped by the Arau train station to have breakfast because some locals told me that the nasi dagang at the train station in Arau was the best in town. It wasn't as great as the one that my mom would make, but it wasn't entirely disappointing either. The gulai ikan tongkol was nice, just that the rice was a tad bit hard. I wouldn't say it's the best I've had, but possibly the best in town for Perlis la.

We arrived in Penang around 1pm and check-in was at 3pm so we stop by 1st Avenue Shopping Mall. I have a confession. It was sooooooo nice to be in a MALL!!! LOL! I guess there is still a lot of city girl left in me. They had almost anything you need there (except for a baby store). And I must say that I personally feel the items in the boutiques and shops in Penang are much nicer than those in KL. Hehe. Didn't purchase anything there but just went walking around aimlessly til it was time to go and check into our hotel.

We checked into Naza Talyya Hotel in Tanjung Tokong and was glad that suami managed to get a room for us. He only did the booking online the night before and managed to get a room for RM115/night plus breakfast (without breakfast was RM80). The original price was RM250++ so I guess it was quite a deal.

Keisha was soooo excited inspecting all corners of the room and especially the telephone. We had to unhook the phone just incase she kept calling the reception. :P

our room in Naza Talyya Hotel. Little girl so excited exploring the room.

So after freshening up and Keisha made a poo poo, we headed out to town. Geared with our trusty Papago and suami's endless bbm with a friend who's from Penang for places to go, we headed for Bangkok Lane for fried noodles, mamak style.

Mee Goreng Mamak @ Bangkok Lane, Penang

Ice please..yum!

Old Semi-d houses on Bangkok Lane
Afterwards, we did some sight seeing and headed for Batu Ferringhi. I love how they have beautiful beach villas along the road. But I must say, Penang has a different feeling from any other Malaysian towns that I have been to. It kinda gave me a feeling like I was not in Malaysia, but a lot like I was in Singapore. Maybe because both are islands? I don't know.

PAPAGO! Must have when traveling to foreign towns!

Her makeshift bed in the car
We didn't stop by the beaches or any tourist spot coz it looked so crowded and parking was quite a challenge. The fact that we were driving the Hilux didn't help either. Plus coming from Kuantan, I'm quite a snob when it comes to beaches. Coz I think my hometown has the best in-town beaches, heh! So we did what any other city folk would do and headed to the Gurney Plaza, another shopping mall since I told suami I needed to get some baby bottles for a colleague who was expecting a baby soon. Plus we needed to get some food for Keisha too coz I forgot to bring her cereal and she hadn't had anything solid yet.

And that was where we burnt a terrible!terrible! hole in our pockets! But I was satisfied with the purchase. I bought the baby bottles for my colleague and a pair of swimsuit for Keisha. And suami bought a new camera for us since our old one broke just before we went for our Bali trip last year. But it think it was a good deal coz 

1. We needed a new camera (my BB is overloaded with badly focused pictures of CKD)
2. I'm definitely fully utilizing it now(refer previous post)
3. did I mention we needed a new camera? LOL!

Fuji Finepix S2900HD @RM700
It's no DSLR, and I'm no pro at photography either. But I don't like those point and shoot compact camera and I don't think I'm good enough to get a DSLR. So this camera was right up my alley and similar to the old Olympus we has before (don't even remember the model coz it was THAT old, 8MP old enough?) Not reviewing this camera on this post. Don't even think I'll review it coz I don't think I'm eligible to review cameras. But do expect LOADS of pictures on future posts!

Anyway..back to the vacation. We headed back to the hotel after the shopping spree. Rested for a bit, got Keisha fed and washed and then headed back to Batu Ferringhi for dinner and for some DVD boxset shopping. I know we should've had dinner at Gurney Drive as recommended by many. But again, parking was terrible in Penang, ESPECIALLY Gurney Drive, and its such a hassle coz we had Keisha with us. We try to avoid overly crowded and congested places when we're with her. Well actually, maybe not so much because of Keisha, both suami and I aren't really big fans of congested places.

So we did a VERY touristy thing and had dinner at one of those many restaurants at Batu Feringghi. Within walking distance to the roadside stalls selling all sorts of arts, trinkets and treasures. The restaurant had a cozy feeling to it. But the food was nothing great and overly priced that I'm not even bothered to review about it here. One tip tho, don't eat at Batu Ferringhi. It doesn't do justice to Penang's reputation as a food haven as raved by my friends. Promise next trip to Penang, I'll make it a food fest! Provided we have the right company with us coz if it was up to just suami and I, we're pretty bad at experimenting new foodies.

Ayah and his little island girl
I loveeeeee the paintings sold at the stalls at Batu Ferringhi. But since I'm practically house-less, and my stuffs are still in boxes both in Perlis and KL, I didn't want to get any. But maybe before I move back to KL (did I just spill that out?opst! :P) I'll make another trip with suami for more DVDs and paintings.

Keisha totally KO towards the end of suami's DVD rampage purchase (he bought about 126pcs!!) stayed out til the next morning.
Enough excitement for me today please

Stressed out with mama who wouldn't stop taking her pictures with the new camera! 
In the morning we woke up and just had breakfast at the hotel. Washed up and headed back to Kangar. Yeah..we're sucky tourists!hahahah! It's just that we didn't feel like we wanted to explore Penang so much. But we really promise we'll do better on our next trip here.

Penang bridge. Bye bye Penang! I'll be back!

So the next day was the King of Perlis's birthday, and FIL being a member of the Jemaah Dato' Dato' Perlis was invited to the glorious event. I just wanted to share the official uniform FIL had to wear for the ceremony.
FIL looking grand in the official uniform for the King's ceremony

and stinky little girl interframes!
It was a wonderful long weekend for us. Especially nice because this was the longest suami stayed since we moved here. But it was truly heartbreaking to see Keisha when suami left for KL. She looked so confused when we said good bye and was acting as if she was expecting her ayah to come open the door anytime soon the whole day. She doesn't seem to understand the sadness that she feels, but I do and I hate it.

My in-laws left the next day, so yet again, another heartbreaking moment for the little girl.

Owh baby girl..fingers crossed things will happen as planned for mama and we will be back together with ayah, mak tok and wan soon ok sayang?

And as to NOT to jinx the plan, I will only reveal it once everything is confirmed.


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