Jun 24, 2011

Nazar & d'Extensions

So buih is part of the band Nazar & d'Extensions and the band has been nominated to perform at Urbanscapes happening on 16th July. Coolness..

The not-so-cool part..they need to get people to vote them in.

So here I am, asking for a favor to all of you to please vote for them here! Now! There's no limit to voting and GOOD NEWS, Top 10 voters gets free tickets to see the show!

We've only got 5 days left to put them on the lineup! Go ahead! Vote NOW!

vote for them at http://everyoneconnects.net/urbanscapes/?page_id=1535 
*psst..even if you're not in Malaysia, would be great if you could vote too!every single vote counts!*

And just for a taste of what they can offer, this is their original song, Kali Pertama. Enjoy!

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