Jun 21, 2011

Weekend Lunch with Friends

Was in KL earlier this month for a family dinner (will spill on this later), and surprise! surprise! I finally had the time and energy to actually go out and hang with some friends! Well, actually I was supposed to meet Sophie to pick up a technical manual I've asked her to help purchase from SIRIM and we decided to make it into a gathering and invited Azie and family to join us too.

So we decided to meet at our go to place, The Empire @ Subang. I invited buih too but since he's sucha young stud *sarcasm*, he wasn't up yet when I texted and called him and only later replied that young studs don't wake up early on Sundays..pbbhhhtttt!!!

And just our luck, friends of suami, Ezran and Nadia, was at Empire too when we were on our way there. I haven't seen them in ages and heard that they we're finally expecting a bub in August so we sort of forced them to wait til we got there so I could see Nadia's lovely little baby bump!

Sophie and Azie was running late and suami was sooo hungry, so we had lunch at Madam Kwan's with Ezran and Nadia first. Nadia was sooooooo cute waddling with her 7month belly around and said she had even started waddling during her first trimester coz she felt it was more comfortable!haha! How cute is that?!? Hope that everything will go smoothly for you babes!!! We were later joined by Syed Umar who just returned from a surfing trip in Bali. haha..seems like our impromptu lunch turned into quite a gathering!

Managed to squeeze in some gossip about our obgyn (Nadia goes to the same obgyn as I did when I was expecting CKD) and share some preggers & baby stories while the boys did their thing. And all through, my little baby girl was doing real good eating her pasta. Finally got her to eat some solid food. She's been soo fussy with her food lately and resorted to her eating bananas and papayas only.

Sophie and hubs finally joined us when we were just finishing our lunch and said Azie was running late waiting for baby Mya to wake up from her nap. After we were done with our lunch only did Azie and family made it to Empire so we decided to move to a different venue. By then, Ezran and Nadia had to go as they had a wedding to attend and Umar had some stuffs to do.

Sapet (Azie's hubs) decided to go to Pasta Zanmai and finally the little ladies got to meet.
Meet & greet session between CKD and MM
Both are a week apart when they were born (Mya being the older one) and they were soooooo cute. We had so much fun seeing how they both reacted towards each other.
Lunch time..trying to keep the little ladies occupied while we gossiped and chatted

CKD was a little blur coz she's not really used to being around other people. But Mya was being sucha social butterfly and led the way for CKD! LOL! By the way Azie, if you're reading this, Keisha has picked up Mya's "skill"!hahahaha!

After lunch and much gossiping, we had to leave because I needed to pick up some stuffs from our old condo for work. It was soo much fun to meet up with our friends and was really great to be able to see the little ladies growing up. I'll post up the video of the girls later (and please excuse the conversations the adults were having *unless i can somehow post the video muted..hmm*)

Resharing pictures of CKD and MM from previous functions. How they have grown!

MM & CKD at buih's birthday last November. Babies were about 7months
First time baby MM and CKD met during CKD's aqiqah hence the bald head for CKD. They were almost 2 months I think.
Hope they'll grow up being good friends with each other and become gossip buddies like their mommies and fave aunt!!haahah!

Pey, you missed a cute session with your two girls dude! Next time wake up la..:P


  1. apa gossip obgyn kau?hehehe sibok tak??love your pictures sha!!xx

  2. aku suka gambar diorang datang birthday aku tu..
    more uncle peah's party to turn up the heat coming ur way ladies...(next time uncle tak invite mak korang dah) super lame old people.

  3. super lame old people yeee!!tapi anak kitorg tetap comelest in the world..hasil dari these super lame old people jugak tau!

  4. owhh ini lah makan2 kt empire tu ek? umah peah ngan umah MIL aku sejengkal je. uhuk



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