Feb 11, 2011

I am here now

I'm here..in Perlis. And I am going through withdrawal symptoms as anies puts it.

I've never been gracious in accepting changes and I have a pretty embarrassing track record.

First time I had to leave home was when I was 13. Off to boarding school..my coping mechanism was to imagine that it was all just a dream! I didn't stop begging my mom to let me come home til I was 16! 4 years! Only when I was in my final year did I started to enjoy my school..I'm thankful my mom didn't give in..

The next major move I had to do was when I went to uni for the first time. To think 5years in boarding school would prepare me for it..oh boy! I didn't eat for a week...til my dad came and visit for a bit before he went back to my hometown. I started to feel a bit human when I made friends with some of the girls at my dorm. And I'd look forward for my lunch time coz that was when I would be able to see some of my friends from high school who went to the same uni. But most of the time, I'd keep to myself and cry on the phone to my then boyfriend (who was in another uni in JB) every night. Mind you, there were no handphones then (well, not like they have it now) so it was the good'ol public phones. I spent a fortune calling him (who was soo hard to get in touch-so I ended up talking to the next best person, his bestfriend- also in the same uni as he was, which might not have been the best decision) and don't get me started on the queuing to use the phone..ahhh..the good'ol days..

And this is major too...I've left ALL that is familiar to me to come to a place that I know deep down will give me all the opportunities for my career to grow without losing my quality of life.

But you can't have it all...

Suami just got a new job in KL with a major bank company. So far the prospect seems good for him. But he promised, give him at most a year to get everything sorted out and try to get a transfer here in Perlis.

My pillar of strength is not around..so what do I do?? Lose all control of my tears dam....

Like I said..I don't accept changes graciously..I'll become an introvert, lose my appetite and make my suami worry by crying every chance I get. I suck!

I know things will be fine..I know that this is the right choice..I just don't want to be a sport yet. Let me sulk..let me be a brat but I promise I'll try.

Give me at least a week and we'll see how I progress ok?

And thanks guys! For the moral support! You know who you are!

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