Jan 16, 2011

Train of thoughts..

I always seem to find myself dwelling in my past memories which I will cringe and my next thought is.."What the hell was I thinking?" I always thought what if things were different? Would I've been a different person? If yes, would I be better or worse than I am now?

In a way, I hope my daughter would never have to go through what I had to. But there were parts of my experience that had help build my character and made me a wiser and stronger person that I am today. That came because I wasn't blessed with money or the luxuries in life. But I wasn't denied the basic needs either.

Where I am today, and what I can become in the future, insya-allah I would be able to afford to give and provide my child with all those 'material' stuffs. But should I? To what extend should I limit my providing her? I would love to have her 'earn' what she wants from me..but what is the limit? When will it be too much?

I see kids these days and I am sometimes appalled at what they have. A handphone at the age of 6?? Don't even start on those PSPs and iPads or even laptops! Hell..I had my first phone when I was in Uni..laptop? About 2-3years ago! Maybe its the day and age where technology is a necessity rather than a luxury, but seriously..a handphone at 6 years old can't seem right can it?

I think when I was 6, I would've been happy if my parents were to get me a bicycle or a set of cooking toys or maybe a barbie doll! But then again, those days, handphones were those huge things that looked like briefcases carried by contractors who went to the sites!

So how do we gauge ourselves as the modern day parents? Moving to Perlis would probably mean a different exposure to my child. I hope she'll play outside more rather than plonk herself in front of the telly..I hope she'll read like I used to - my mom would buy me 1 enid blyton book a week when I was a kid, sadly I've lost my entire enid blyton collection due to the amount of moving we did when we were younger. I hope she'll be kind to people and people to her..I hope for the best for her, nothing less.

But what is the best? I didn't get the best neither did I get the worst but I had happiness. Maybe hoping for happiness would be better that hoping for the best? What do you think?

Whatever it is, I hope my child will live a better life than I did and become a better person than I am..I think that's much better eh?
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Jan 14, 2011

I'm Moving

As I vaguely mentioned in my previous post about the offer that came and I am declining. Well..I gave it a little more thought and saw that there was some option to raise the offer a bit so I submitted my request. They got back to me and the new offer was acceptable..therefor..I am moving to PARIS..eh..Perlis! :P

I have tendered my 30days notice on Monday and my last day (based on my own calculation) will be on the 10th Feb. But I am still waiting for the HR to get back to me if I have any annual leaves to clear. If I do, my last day here will be earlier.

Will be reporting for duty at my new place on the 14th Feb. So soon..

I am excited and nervous both at the same time. Am leaving a place that I know so well (but have honestly grown tired of) and moving to some place so foreign to me. But the prospects are good for both my career and family (and the fact that my mom is coming with me kinda helped me make the decision) so..I know I will get through this like I have always done so.

When I spilled the news to some friends that I used to party with, I think I nearly gave them a heart attack!hehe! They haven't seen me since I got married and I guess I have changed my lifestyle a lot! They were already surprised that I have stopped all sorts of partying, found out I have graduated from school (and became an engineer - they knew I got married so that was ok) and now moving to Perlis to join the academia world..that was a lot to process in one meet after soo many years!hahaha! Sorry guys! Will try to catch up before I leave! Lesser heart attacking news! Promise!!

I will miss my friends here which I don't see as often as I would've liked to. I will miss the convenience and the thought of having them so near. But I have a feeling I might be seeing more of them once I've moved. :)
Guys! My doors are always open for you to come and visit ok? Now you have a reason to come up north since I'm there and I know many of you have never been there!

What I will not miss here in KL is the traffic jam and the amount of time it takes me to get to ANYWHERE! AND the amount of money that I can save!! In Perlis, I can go out do my stuff and be back in half-hour! More time for me and family! Oh and I get to further my studies for free (not including the bond with the Uni of course!)..Get ready to call me Prof. Dr. Nur Syahira peeps!!hahaha! (maybe not so soon...gimme a few years ok?)

But I will still be in touch. What with technologies are today..as Peah said on Twitter
Hahahahah! Yes people..you can always get me on all those means of communication tools apart from the obvious Blog and Facebook (and BBM too..:) ) and other instant messengers!

So..here's to the only constant in life..CHANGE! Wish me luck peeps!

Jan 13, 2011

Review: Arrested Development @ HRC, KL

Fine..so maybe I'm a HRC whore/junkie. So whatever band that performs there will get my review. But hey..this was one show I was GLAD I went. I mean, even suami (who was kinda clueless on who Arrested Develeopment was - WHAT?!?! haha!I tried my best singing my rendition of 'Everyday People' to him and he was still clueless *blur*) who has a thing against clubs, congested with people (it was PACKED!!) AND cigarette smoke combined, stayed THROUGH THE ENTIRE GIG! Not even a toilet break! He never left his spot!

And we had a good spot too thanks to our new found friends - Ben and Luke from Melbourne, who said "Hello" to us first because both suami and I was wearing the Wallabies Jerseys (matching..we're corny and sappy like that :P). We got there at 9pm and HRC was already charging the door charge (RM55/person). Our plan was to have dinner too but they refused to give us a table saying that it was already reserved (am not very happy about this arrangement actually..They shouldn't refuse dinner patrons before 10pm! HRC KL, please take note..you guys had empty tables for the whole entire time. We wouldn't have minded if you guys told us in advance that we would have to move by 10pm to make way for the reservations!) The bar was packed from the Happy Hour crowd who decided to stay on for the show. So yeah, we were really grateful for Ben & Luke letting us scoot in their spot. The fact that they had the best spot in the entire place was a big bonus too!:) But we still didn't have any dinner coz it was too uncomfortable so instead, we got to know our new friends better.

The rest of the gang came later, when the show was just about to begin. And I think it's safe to say that it was the best 'Celebration' (as Arrested Development like to call their shows as) EVER! The music was AWESOME! The energy was AWESOME!(Eshe was really working that bod!!) even have to give kudos to the crowd coz mostly were ol'skool party people..(no rempits to be seen!!!thank god for that!)

I was too busy enjoying the show, so I didn't take photos. I think I would be missing out if I was too busy trying to take pictures. So it was 100% dancing and singing and screaming for me! *note achy bod and sore throat today* But I think Peah took some and will steal ask him for some and post em here.

So to those of you who missed it...you missed an A-MAH-ZING party..

To those of you who went "badaba babai badaba babai badaba babai HEY!" is still ringing in my ears!!!

One love.

*note: Arrested Development will be performing at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta on the 14th Jan and Hard Rock Cafe, Bali on the 16th Jan*

Jan 7, 2011

Wardrobe Clearance!

So follow up from my previous post (which I actually drafted before the new years but only posted it this week!:P) I cleared out my closet!! And it was perfect timing coz my german 'adek', Sandra,  was in town. The perfect person for me to hand down my collection.

Arrgh..forgot to take piccas of the clothes I purged but I managed to clear out TWO HUGE SHOPPING bags worth and based on Sandra's testimony.."This is like shopping to me, now I have summer clothes to wear in Sydney!" I do have pictures of me wearing those clothes before..but ermm..I think better not! Nanti sensasi sgt tetibe masuk ohbulan!:P

Honestly, Malaysia doesn't have good places to send off old clothes. Been reading a lot of crafty blogs and most of them are from US, but they have access to places like Goodwill or Salvation (army) - i think there are Salvation Army outlets but I don't know if it's limited to Christians only - where they can send and get these pre-loved items. For me, most of the time, my cleaning lady gets dibs coz I just put it in the Refuse Chamber (yes, that's what they call the garbage room!Sounds grand!) at my place.

But these specific items, I was a bit heavy-hearted to just let the cleaning ladies take dibs. Plus what are they going to do with my old clubbing stuffs??hahaha!

So Sandra came over on Wednesday coz the crazy girl's flight leaves for Sydney the next morning! So she took out the stuffs and I told her to choose what she likes first and separate them. Instead of going through them together with her bf's sisters and not being able to get first dibs. So she did and we had loadsa fun  seeing her struggling into my itty bitty mini skirts (and micro too..god!I was soo daring), skinny jeans (sizes 0/24inch waist), bareback tops..hahah! you get the idea! And there were even tops and we used to wear together (she borrowed mine) back in 2005 or 2006! Sadly we BOTH lost the pics we took when we wore them..:( and they were really cute stuffs too..

Sandra: Babe!Take pictures of you wearing your 'new' clothes..esp the pink dress so I can put proof of purchase here!!:)

I even gave Sandra 2 jewelery pouches worth of dangly earrings and I think about 4 pair of shoes (including my fave boots which I know I will never wear)..I left out a few more shoes coz the shoe rack got blocked by stuffs in the store room. Oh well..it's ok! Will just wait til she come back next time..

Hey Sandra..if you're reading this..I hope you'll have as much fun with those clothes as I did before! I'm glad they've found a new home with you..I sleep better at night thinking you will be wearing them instead of some cleaning lady ..*drama*

Okay..let's go shopping!

Jan 5, 2011

Wardrobe Essentials

So part of my turning 30 list is 'Be more Presentable' which also means a wardrobe makeover. I was browsing around the web and found some useful tips for Wardrobe Essentials. I can envision the listed items to work with my style. Mind you, the items are just basics.

So first thing to do this weekend is to purge my wardrobe! I have stuffs I haven't worn in years (not only because of the post-baby weight gain..) Some are even from my high school years. No..no..time to let it all go. So who wants to come over and take them off my hands? I have a lot of accessories I wanna let go too. And I have A LOT (especially earrings..remember those 3 for RM10 earrings? I have loadss of them and I never wear them anymore. Plus I'm scared CKD will pull them off my ears when I do wear them.) I also have clothes that I've NEVER worn. Any takers? And oh..some of my bags has gotta go too..

I have a feeling I might be left with almost nothing once I'm done purging my wardrobe. Come the New Years..IT'S SHOPPING TIME! I've got the items listed and I am all excited.

Wanna see my list? These are my 'Need' List (it's from the Wardrobe Essential page actually) and I tweaked it a bit to suit my needs (and weather..:P)

Tops & Sweaters
- White button-down dress shirt
- Basic tees - v-neck, scoop neck, round neck (secure with camisoles, tank tops or t-shirts - short and long sleeved)
- Dressy blouse/shirt (might just get one more, but this will be pushed to my 'Want' list)
- Cardigan sweater (bought a plain black cardi from Tangs, Empire, on 50% sale for RM50)
- Wool v-neck/scoop neck sweater (maybe a thin knit sweater. Wool might be too hot for our climate)

Outer wear
- Denim jacket (need a new one)
- Boyfriend blazer (dark and light neutral)

- All season dress pants - dark (MNG factory outlet at RM36) & light neutral
- Dark colored jeans (one more pair (indulged myself with a new pair of Levi's!Most expensive purchase so far!)
- Black and neutral pencil skirt (or maybe A-line, but i like pencil skirts better) - sewing project?
- Black day-to-night skirt (circle or tulip skirt) - sewing project?
- Denim skirt (50-50 on 'Need' or 'Want' list actually)
- Leggings (padang besar @RM18 each. I got 3 - brown, black & grey)

- Little black dress (maybe it won't be so little laa..:P)
- Basic tee-dresses (makeshift as tunics)
- Sun-dress
- Casual dress that can be make-shift as a work dress (paired with cardigan/boyfriend blazer)

Jewelery and Accessories
- Diamond stud earrings (doesn't have to be the real deal, but the real thing would be nice)
- Diamond pendant necklace
- Pearl stud earrings (inherited MIL's collection)
- Pearl necklace (inherited MIL's collection)
- Hoop earrings
- Gold/silver bracelet (gold MNG factory outlet @RM15)
- Metal dress watch
- Wide belt (MNG Factory outlet @RM20)
- Skinny belt - (got TWO for RM10/each at Tangs, Empire. Bought them in tan and light maroon-ish)

Bags (this is more of giving away my current bag collection rather than buying new)
- Casual everyday handbag (hobo leather bag)
- Tote handbag (dark neutral - classic styles) - wonder if my new Charles&Keith count as this..strike-off la.
- Cross body bag (maybe my Coach sling counts as this?or could this be a reason to buy a new one *evil grin*)
- Evening purse (black m)phosis clutch)

Shoe Essentials
- Ballerina flats (i NEED one in red)
- Black (Hush puppies mary-jane pumps) and nude pumps

So there you have it. I think I will update on where and how I got them when I get them. :)

Any tips on where I can get them for cheap but good quality? Lemme know!

My 'Want' List? Let's just deal with the 'Need' list first..So who wants to go shopping with me?

Jan 3, 2011

Signed Up! Time to Train!

I've signed up and paid for it. Now I have no choice but to train for it....and turn up for the event of course!haha!

'Be more Active' enough?


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