Jan 5, 2011

Wardrobe Essentials

So part of my turning 30 list is 'Be more Presentable' which also means a wardrobe makeover. I was browsing around the web and found some useful tips for Wardrobe Essentials. I can envision the listed items to work with my style. Mind you, the items are just basics.

So first thing to do this weekend is to purge my wardrobe! I have stuffs I haven't worn in years (not only because of the post-baby weight gain..) Some are even from my high school years. No..no..time to let it all go. So who wants to come over and take them off my hands? I have a lot of accessories I wanna let go too. And I have A LOT (especially earrings..remember those 3 for RM10 earrings? I have loadss of them and I never wear them anymore. Plus I'm scared CKD will pull them off my ears when I do wear them.) I also have clothes that I've NEVER worn. Any takers? And oh..some of my bags has gotta go too..

I have a feeling I might be left with almost nothing once I'm done purging my wardrobe. Come the New Years..IT'S SHOPPING TIME! I've got the items listed and I am all excited.

Wanna see my list? These are my 'Need' List (it's from the Wardrobe Essential page actually) and I tweaked it a bit to suit my needs (and weather..:P)

Tops & Sweaters
- White button-down dress shirt
- Basic tees - v-neck, scoop neck, round neck (secure with camisoles, tank tops or t-shirts - short and long sleeved)
- Dressy blouse/shirt (might just get one more, but this will be pushed to my 'Want' list)
- Cardigan sweater (bought a plain black cardi from Tangs, Empire, on 50% sale for RM50)
- Wool v-neck/scoop neck sweater (maybe a thin knit sweater. Wool might be too hot for our climate)

Outer wear
- Denim jacket (need a new one)
- Boyfriend blazer (dark and light neutral)

- All season dress pants - dark (MNG factory outlet at RM36) & light neutral
- Dark colored jeans (one more pair (indulged myself with a new pair of Levi's!Most expensive purchase so far!)
- Black and neutral pencil skirt (or maybe A-line, but i like pencil skirts better) - sewing project?
- Black day-to-night skirt (circle or tulip skirt) - sewing project?
- Denim skirt (50-50 on 'Need' or 'Want' list actually)
- Leggings (padang besar @RM18 each. I got 3 - brown, black & grey)

- Little black dress (maybe it won't be so little laa..:P)
- Basic tee-dresses (makeshift as tunics)
- Sun-dress
- Casual dress that can be make-shift as a work dress (paired with cardigan/boyfriend blazer)

Jewelery and Accessories
- Diamond stud earrings (doesn't have to be the real deal, but the real thing would be nice)
- Diamond pendant necklace
- Pearl stud earrings (inherited MIL's collection)
- Pearl necklace (inherited MIL's collection)
- Hoop earrings
- Gold/silver bracelet (gold MNG factory outlet @RM15)
- Metal dress watch
- Wide belt (MNG Factory outlet @RM20)
- Skinny belt - (got TWO for RM10/each at Tangs, Empire. Bought them in tan and light maroon-ish)

Bags (this is more of giving away my current bag collection rather than buying new)
- Casual everyday handbag (hobo leather bag)
- Tote handbag (dark neutral - classic styles) - wonder if my new Charles&Keith count as this..strike-off la.
- Cross body bag (maybe my Coach sling counts as this?or could this be a reason to buy a new one *evil grin*)
- Evening purse (black m)phosis clutch)

Shoe Essentials
- Ballerina flats (i NEED one in red)
- Black (Hush puppies mary-jane pumps) and nude pumps

So there you have it. I think I will update on where and how I got them when I get them. :)

Any tips on where I can get them for cheap but good quality? Lemme know!

My 'Want' List? Let's just deal with the 'Need' list first..So who wants to go shopping with me?


  1. love ur wardrobe makeover!a good list to start! jom shopping!

  2. jom!!i need help on the boyfriend blazer..lain i think i can handle it..mana nak cari bf blazer aaa?



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