Jan 13, 2011

Review: Arrested Development @ HRC, KL

Fine..so maybe I'm a HRC whore/junkie. So whatever band that performs there will get my review. But hey..this was one show I was GLAD I went. I mean, even suami (who was kinda clueless on who Arrested Develeopment was - WHAT?!?! haha!I tried my best singing my rendition of 'Everyday People' to him and he was still clueless *blur*) who has a thing against clubs, congested with people (it was PACKED!!) AND cigarette smoke combined, stayed THROUGH THE ENTIRE GIG! Not even a toilet break! He never left his spot!

And we had a good spot too thanks to our new found friends - Ben and Luke from Melbourne, who said "Hello" to us first because both suami and I was wearing the Wallabies Jerseys (matching..we're corny and sappy like that :P). We got there at 9pm and HRC was already charging the door charge (RM55/person). Our plan was to have dinner too but they refused to give us a table saying that it was already reserved (am not very happy about this arrangement actually..They shouldn't refuse dinner patrons before 10pm! HRC KL, please take note..you guys had empty tables for the whole entire time. We wouldn't have minded if you guys told us in advance that we would have to move by 10pm to make way for the reservations!) The bar was packed from the Happy Hour crowd who decided to stay on for the show. So yeah, we were really grateful for Ben & Luke letting us scoot in their spot. The fact that they had the best spot in the entire place was a big bonus too!:) But we still didn't have any dinner coz it was too uncomfortable so instead, we got to know our new friends better.

The rest of the gang came later, when the show was just about to begin. And I think it's safe to say that it was the best 'Celebration' (as Arrested Development like to call their shows as) EVER! The music was AWESOME! The energy was AWESOME!(Eshe was really working that bod!!) even have to give kudos to the crowd coz mostly were ol'skool party people..(no rempits to be seen!!!thank god for that!)

I was too busy enjoying the show, so I didn't take photos. I think I would be missing out if I was too busy trying to take pictures. So it was 100% dancing and singing and screaming for me! *note achy bod and sore throat today* But I think Peah took some and will steal ask him for some and post em here.

So to those of you who missed it...you missed an A-MAH-ZING party..

To those of you who went "badaba babai badaba babai badaba babai HEY!" is still ringing in my ears!!!

One love.

*note: Arrested Development will be performing at Hard Rock Cafe, Jakarta on the 14th Jan and Hard Rock Cafe, Bali on the 16th Jan*

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