Dec 28, 2009

Last one for the year?

So many things has happened within the last few days starting from the eve of Christmas. That 24th morning, went for my 5th check-up at the doctor's. Alhamdulillah everything is OK with the baby. But during the scan, suami received a VERY sad news. An uncle, although not blood related, passed away about the same moment I was having my check-up. Although we knew he was critical and admitted to the ICU the night before, the news still came as a shock to both of us. I was a bit saddened because I didn't get a chance to see Arwah Pak Din before he passed on because suami felt it was inappropriate for me to follow him to the hospital the night before.

Al-Fatihah Pak Din.. Semoga roh mu di cucuri Rahmat.

Immediately after my check-up, we headed to arwah's home to help prepare for the arrival of the jenazah. We did what we could. Although I only got to know arwah for a short period of time, to me, he too was like an uncle. Someone who made an impact in my life, made a difference and played an important role in the union of me and suami as husband and wife. The faith he had in me for being able to change for the better, and supporting suami with his decision when many were against was truly meaningful. I hope arwah is in a better place now as he has been sick for quite a long time.

My heart goes to suami...having to lose 2 of the most important people in his life within a year. It is very challenging...What's worse is there's not much that I can do. Although I can only share his sadness, hold him and comfort him and sedekah Al-Fatihah to arwah, the loss is big and his alone. Arwah was a man suami really looked up to..someone he'd listen to and turned to. Most of the time, arwah was truly like a father to him although suami still had his own. So I guess, 2009 has been a truly trying year for suami..losing a son and a father figure in the same year..

Only a few more days left to the year...I hope the new year would bring us better news and brighter hope..not just for me and suami, but to everyone out there. Am slightly relieved that the year is over, but it doesn't mean that the challenges coming are...

My new year's resolution? Is to be able to face all the challenges that life will bring with full strength, hope and faith. And most of to be able to see and make sense of the reason behind it all..To learn better...

Take care everyone..I hope the new years brings joy and happiness to everyone! See you next year if not sooner!!

Dec 21, 2009

Sapik! Masihkan Kau Ingat?

Hahaha! I was cleaning out my stuffs yesterday and look what I found!!!!! Do you remember this?

Antique I tell you!

*in exactly one week, this card you gave me will be exactly 7 years old!!kalo ada anak, anak dah masuk darjah satu weyh!!!*

Dec 17, 2009

Hi! My Name Is.....

Suami said if the baby is a boy..he will have sole power to name him..

But if it's a girl...the decision is in my hands. To date..we still don't know what the gender of our baby is yet. I am coming into my 22nd week and will have my next check-up next week. Hopefully this little one will stay put and open wide when the doctor does the ultrasound scan...

So, since I don't have to think about boys names..Here are some names and their meanings that I have come across..

Kaleela - sweetheart
Hessa - destiny
Almira - nisbah (ratio?!?)
Hasya - perfection
Iris - name of flower
Khayla - pretty
Marissa - well mannered (bersopan-santun)
Qaireen - goodness (kebaikan)
Qasrina - castle
Raisha - ruler of king (pemimpin raja)
Rihana - sweet basil
Tahira - pure
Rania - happiness

The meaning might not be precise coz some of it is jumbled in malay and english and sometimes the translation is kinda funny..heheh! I have been throwing about some names already and I think I know what I want..but am not telling until the baby arrives :P

You might notice that the names don't sound like the typical malay sounding names. That's because suami has set a ground rule that he wants the name to sound 'international'..sukati la...To me, as long as it sounds nice and has a good meaning to it is good enough...

I have always like the traditional malay flowers for a baby girl's name..the likes of Melor, Mawar, Melati, Orked, Jasmin etc..but suami don't like..and he wouldn't justify it either! Mengada! But it's okay. Now that I can name our daughter (IF its a daughter)..siapla kalau dia tak register nama anak kitorg with the name that I want......:P


" name is (insert name)...but Daddy Peah says my name is Peah...."

No..Peah is not my husband..He is just someone I would REALLY LOVE to pull my prank on some day....hehehe! What is the prank you might ask?? Well..if one day it get executed..I'll DEFINITELY blog about it....:P

Interview with Rockstar

Hari-hari aku sembang ngan cik rockstar ni. Biar busy cemne pun, asal nak ngadu je..sembang. Tu pasal bile Rockstar tak online aku boleh meroyan!hahaha..contoh sembang kami arini...
nota: perbualan ini adalah kisah benar dan adalah berkaitan dengan orang2 yang disebut. Tiada suntingan dilakukan terhadap perbualan ini..Sekian.

SS: ceh
       i wish i was a fulltime blogger
      aku selalu dapat inspirasi time2 tgh keje
      tapi bahan2 untuk bekap blog aku kat rumah
      but by the time aku sampai rumah
      moment tu dah gone
RS: hahahahaah
SS: serious
RS: aku pun
SS: like right now
RS: berpuluh kali aku tulis
SS: aku ada idea nak cite dulu aku skolah tomboy
      sbb skolah sume pompuan
      berlakon english drama pun jadi laki
nak bekap dgn gambar2 aku konon muka macho time english drama
      jadi nak explain
      bile dah keluar sekolah
      jumpa lelaki tulen
      aku jadi kekok
      amik gambar pun horror
      u shld see gambar aku masa after f5
      serious shit aku tak reti senyum!
      makanya..sampai sekarang aku tak suka camwhore
      tapi sedih
      sbb dlm kepala otak..posing dah vogue ala2 heidi klum
      skali tgk result dlm gambar...
      mcm seal!!
RS: hahhaahahah
      aku rasa
      paling sonok blog nie
      tunjuk kehodohan kite
SS: tu la pasal
RS: bukn jadi vain je
      sepanjang masa
SS: to laugh at yourself
RS: yes
      ah itu topik aku!
*tips for the day: to laugh at yourself....nanti aku upload gambar2 yang aku maksudkan itu!*

Dec 16, 2009

Gwe Pingin Nonton T-Rex Lagi!!

Setelah dikeji tidak rock lagi...I just HAVE to post this up!

Go catch T-Rex at Hard Rock Cafe KL. They'll be here til 30th Jan 2010! *Dah macam PR T-Rex dah aku ni!*

I it the old 'groupie' in me..but these guys are like drugs to me! They are so addictive and their voices just continues to play in my head over and over again after I went to see them perform last week. I want to go again!huhu! But the only time I'm able to stay up late would be a weekend and I don't like the weekend crowd at Hard Rock. Especially when these guys are'll be jammed packed I tell you!

*sigh.......orang lain mengandung ngidam makanan...aku ngidam nak tgk band!*

Dec 15, 2009

For mommies and mommies-to-be

OK...since I got my other pregger friend excited about the baby cot, I actually found the website for Twins Baby shop. Check them out here!

They actually have a few outlets, the one in Klang being their latest one. Their outlets are in Ampang, Bandar Utama and Kuantan (that's a sign for me!!). The website will give you an idea of what the prices are like, but nothing beats going there yourself because the website did not cover on their travel cot range and a bunch of other cool stuffs.

Traveling cot+playpen+changing bed. It will fold like an umbrella. This was similar to the one suami bought previously for about RM450 @ Anakku (on Sale) and was sold for only RM289+free mattress @ Twins Baby.

 So go try check them're bound to make the daddies-to-be roll their eyes because of the amount of stuffs you'll want to buy!:P

Azie..see the red arrow in the pic? That's the baby moses basket I was telling you about. It's about RM150. Not in the website tho, so you'll have to go to the outlet to find it. Since you wanted something like that, maybe this would be a good buy coz even if the baby out grows the basket, you can still use it as a playmat.

Weekend Well Spent

I had Friday off last week due to the Sultan of Selangor's birthday. A rare public holiday when I am actually on leave when almost everyone else (except those working in Selangor) isn't. So suami decided to take Friday off as well (since he works in KL) coz he wanted to clear off a few days of his annual leave anyway.

Since we didn't celebrate our 2nd anniversary properly, we decided to do so over the long weekend (but I had to work on Saturday actually). No surprises this time..only proper planning. We checked into Concorde Hotel on Thursday coz I wanted to catch my fave band performing in Hard Rock Cafe. Back in the days when I was a 'Party Animal' I would check these guys out without fail whenever they're in town. Serupa groupie dah time tu! ALMOST everyday kat situ. But they're good! REALLY good..They did their rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody and their harmony was simply AWESOME!!

Meet T-Rex..Performing now at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur until 30th January 2010. A performance not to be missed! I vouch for it!

Lisa joined us for a while at HRC. Suami who's not really into these kinda things also thought they were good. The best thing was catching up with the band members itself. Back in the days I used to spend quite some time with them when they were in town. It was great to see you guys again especially Rudy and Anya!! Missing was Widya. She has left the band and replaced with (I'm sorry!I didn't get his name) but he was with Asia Reform. So go and check them out while they're still in town! These guys are bound to keep a full house whenever they perform during weekends that's why I prefer to go see them during the weekdays. With my current condition, I am in no position to brave through the club goers!

But we left half way through the second set..because both suami and I had a long day (we came straight from work..checked in and went to HRC for dinner) So don't blame suami for almost always leaving early whenever we go for a concert and what not ok?

Friday, 11th December 2009

We checked out of Concorde and decided to go to Aquaria KLCC. Suami is such an animal lover and has never been to Aquaria KLCC before..hahah!It was sooooo cute seeing him all excited and explaining to me about all the marine life and how he has seen bigger fishes when he goes for his diving. I would have taken pictures but our camera was broken :( The tunnel in Aquaria KLCC is as close to diving as I could go for now..maybe soon I'll get my diving license OK sayang? In due time..but not now.. Next trip..Zoo Negara! Anyone wants to join?

 After Aquaria KLCC, we headed to the Curve to catch a movie. We watched 'The Storm Warriors' but sorry to say, it didn't catch my interest. Although suami is an avid Pendekar Laut/Pedang Setiawan and the comics alike fan, he also felt the movie was a bit slow. More fight scenes from the previous movie, but slow none the less. I fell asleep but was interrupted by the couple sitting next to us yang tengah ber'projek'! :P


Saturday, 12th December 2009

I had to work since I changed my working Saturday with the week before to attend my cousin's wedding in Alor Star. While I was at work, suami had some errands to do at his parents house. Picked me up in the afternoon and we headed to Taipan Subang for my favorite Kelantanese cuisine..AYAM GORENG KAMPUNG!!! Sooo yummy..sorry Amad..but although Anjung Merah in USJ3 is more comfortable, the food in Taipan is nicer la. Again..after lunch, went home to sleep..

Now suami and I have a new hang out spot that we both like to have our coffee and go online..Starbucks Skypark @ Subang Airport..We like it coz its sooo near to our place, not too crowded and the connection is REALLY fast..I can get my food done in Cafe World (my current obsession in FB) in a jiffy!hehehe! So we had our dose of coffee and FB there before we called it a day..

Sunday, 13th December 2009

Suami woke me up early (8am is early for a weekend for me ok!) and off to Jalan Pasar we went! This was one trip I wasn't too excited coz there wasn't anything I needed from Jalan Pasar. They sell all these sound system, electronic, portable dvd players and road hawkers selling binoculars, laser pointers, etc. Suami wanted to get some gadgets for his paintball marker but was shortlived because DBKL was doing their raids that morning. Thought of having the Banana Leaf @ Paandi Jalan Pasar, but it was too early for that too. So we left Jalan Pasar and just drove on..but by that time, it was just nice for us to go for lunch so we headed to Old Klang Road for our fave Chee Meng Chicken Rice.

After that..went for a drive and we ended up in Klang! Hahah! I love it everytime suami takes me to Klang..I am always amazed that we are still in Selangor but in a totally different town from the likes of PJ, Subang etc..It felt like we were in a different state. So we drove about aimlessly and ended up in this baby store 'Twins Baby' opposite from Jusco Klang (near Taman Botanic, Klang..the houses there are SOOO CANTIK!) Haha! This time..suami sakit hati! The baby cots and playpen at Twins Baby was SOOOO FREAKIN' CHEAP!!! Suami sakit hati because we found another travel playpen that was soo cantik and a fraction of what we paid for the playpen that we already have. And we thought our playpen was a steal coz we bought it on sale..this other playpen we saw..was HALF of the discounted price of the playpen we bought previously!! But of better quality and design!! And on top of came with a baby safe latex matress which costs RM129 for FREE!!hahaahah! 

But we also found a beautiful baby cot (which will match the baby's room!) which is adjustable and can be changed into a child's bed for RM689!It was so cantik..but we decided to come back later. They have another outlet in OU I think..but knowing what a bargain hunter suami is..we would probably still come to Klang and get the baby cot (IF we're gonna get it la)

Then we went home...but when we got was only 2pm and we've already covered half of the state of Selangor!hahaha! So apalagas! Tido laaa!! That night we had dinner at Oldtown Kopitiam in Shah Alam with Tariq. He brought back some sata for me and suami and made me homesick for Kuantan! :(

The weekend was definitely well spent despite having to work on Saturday. I like that.. 

*uh-oh..will blog about my FOOD FEST in Alor Star for my cuz's wedding soon* 

Dec 8, 2009

'RAIN'ing everyday..

I seem to see Rain everyday now..
Does it mean anything?
Is someone trying to tell me something?
Or it's just my imagination???

THAT BOD!!! 8 months worth of training and diet..but he is soo goofy when he smiles

Sasha poyo!

Aaaaanyway..I've noticed everytime I'm pregnant I get all this weird funny dreams. Boyfriend from a flower bud la, date with Jack Nicholson la..Last night was suami giving birth. YES! SUAMI giving birth to twin nonidentical boys. One had his light brown eyes like his, fair and the other one was darker and the baby could talk. The darker one said his name was 'Adam'. Totally freaked me out a bit coz arwah's name was Adam (the part suami giving birth didn't freak me out tho..)

Then we had a hard time trying to feed the boys..coz HELLO..suami don't have any breast milk. Neither did I coz I was still conceiving. Apparently I was pregnant with twin girls :P Mind you, the baby boys weren't exactly newborn baby sizes..more like 6-7months old and was rolling about.

Weird..maybe because I was going through baby names yesterday (which I plan to blog about soon ok..)

And no, people..I still don't know the gender or my child yet. I'm about 19 weeks now and during my last check up, the baby wouldn't stop moving when the doctor was scanning it. Struggle jugak nak ukur the baby's growth..But alhamdulillah, so far everything is fine. The baby is growing according to its supposed pace.

And I don't think I'm carrying twins either although my belly did suddenly swelled almost overnight. Tetibe semalam rasa sakit pinggang and berat sangat perut ni.

Uh-oh..I think the baby can hear us now. Coz when I was in Alor Star, my mom was nagging profusely and the baby kicked!hehehe! Then when I got back, the baby kicked again when it heard suami's voice..I think it's already familiar with suami's voice because suami talks to the baby everyday now (everytime nak merepot when mama buat perangai..:P) I tried asking the baby if it was a boy or a girl..but the baby won't answer....:( names. (Girls names seems to be more interesting rather than boys' names laaa..Can't seem to find any interesting boys names yet..)

Dec 1, 2009

on! on!

I am a daughter of a Hasher..or better known as the Hash House Harriers. They are a bunch of drinking men who has a problem with running..:P

As far as I can remember, my babah has always been a Hare (or a Tortoise..the break the group into're either a Hare or a Tortoise based on the Hare and Tortoise folk story) and goes by the name of Mad Capt. Mad I dunno why but Capt because my dad was in the army and was a Captain when he left the service. If you think his nickname is funny..there are others in the group who goes by more obscene names..:P

So he always goes for his Monday run. Whatever we wanted to do or go back then, we can go any day EXCEPT Monday..coz that's when he goes for his run. He never misses it for ANYTHING..(but he seems to be missing SOME of his Monday runs if ever I'm in town nowadays..) And they always celebrate their HHH Family Day on every 1st of May. I never missed the family day..up til I started Uni and my job at Starbucks. Coz Public Holidays meant triple-pay at work...Now I secretly wished I didn't. HHH Family days are always fun...the treasure hunt, the games (both for kids and adults) and the ever delicious BBQ..(that was how I learnt to make my yummy BBQ Lamb..)

I remember once..I was maybe 9 or 10 years old then. Mama woke us up early that day coz all of us were going to see Babah go for his annual run at Taman Pertanian in Kuantan. So when we got there, I was half asleep and Babah asked me "Adik nak lari jugak tak? Ikut Babah.." and groggy lil me asked.."Jauh ke?"

"Tak jauh...dalam 3km je.."

Trusting my dad..I said ok.

3km MY FOOT!!!! It was a 10km RUN!!!

But I finished it..I even made the 13th or 16th place for the women's category. I cried my heart out due to exhaustion when I reached the finish line..but I MADE IT! Mind you..I was only 9 or 10 years old that time with no training whatsoever!

So this year, when I heard about all the excitement of my friends doing the Penang Bridge Run..I suddenly thought to myself.."Why not?" Maybe I should try next year, after the baby arrives and all that. Maybe IF I can train in time...Why the heck not kan?

I called Babah up naturally, being the runner in the family and all..and he said "Can...But you have to start training now laa..You're so fat now!"

So much for optimism from my Babah huh....

Don't think I can repeat my GLORY when I was 10 years old....or maybe I can. Well, we'll just have to wait next year and see la..I'd prolly take baby steps and start with half-marathons or something..

*tetibe semalam semangat and perasaan berani tak bertempat menusuk kalbu. Siap rasa berani nak amik lesen diving lagi...:P..semangat je tu...betul2 berani ke tak..tatau laaa!*


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