Dec 1, 2009

on! on!

I am a daughter of a Hasher..or better known as the Hash House Harriers. They are a bunch of drinking men who has a problem with running..:P

As far as I can remember, my babah has always been a Hare (or a Tortoise..the break the group into're either a Hare or a Tortoise based on the Hare and Tortoise folk story) and goes by the name of Mad Capt. Mad I dunno why but Capt because my dad was in the army and was a Captain when he left the service. If you think his nickname is funny..there are others in the group who goes by more obscene names..:P

So he always goes for his Monday run. Whatever we wanted to do or go back then, we can go any day EXCEPT Monday..coz that's when he goes for his run. He never misses it for ANYTHING..(but he seems to be missing SOME of his Monday runs if ever I'm in town nowadays..) And they always celebrate their HHH Family Day on every 1st of May. I never missed the family day..up til I started Uni and my job at Starbucks. Coz Public Holidays meant triple-pay at work...Now I secretly wished I didn't. HHH Family days are always fun...the treasure hunt, the games (both for kids and adults) and the ever delicious BBQ..(that was how I learnt to make my yummy BBQ Lamb..)

I remember once..I was maybe 9 or 10 years old then. Mama woke us up early that day coz all of us were going to see Babah go for his annual run at Taman Pertanian in Kuantan. So when we got there, I was half asleep and Babah asked me "Adik nak lari jugak tak? Ikut Babah.." and groggy lil me asked.."Jauh ke?"

"Tak jauh...dalam 3km je.."

Trusting my dad..I said ok.

3km MY FOOT!!!! It was a 10km RUN!!!

But I finished it..I even made the 13th or 16th place for the women's category. I cried my heart out due to exhaustion when I reached the finish line..but I MADE IT! Mind you..I was only 9 or 10 years old that time with no training whatsoever!

So this year, when I heard about all the excitement of my friends doing the Penang Bridge Run..I suddenly thought to myself.."Why not?" Maybe I should try next year, after the baby arrives and all that. Maybe IF I can train in time...Why the heck not kan?

I called Babah up naturally, being the runner in the family and all..and he said "Can...But you have to start training now laa..You're so fat now!"

So much for optimism from my Babah huh....

Don't think I can repeat my GLORY when I was 10 years old....or maybe I can. Well, we'll just have to wait next year and see la..I'd prolly take baby steps and start with half-marathons or something..

*tetibe semalam semangat and perasaan berani tak bertempat menusuk kalbu. Siap rasa berani nak amik lesen diving lagi...:P..semangat je tu...betul2 berani ke tak..tatau laaa!*

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