Nov 29, 2009

Review: Ninja Assassin

During all the hype for Twilight's Saga - New Moon, I was quiet skeptical about my movie date with suami during the recent long weekend due to Hari Raya Qurban. But there we were, in front of the ticket counter, and saw that there is still a glimmer of hope..Ninja Assassin..Mind you, both suami and I are not whatchamacallit..Twi-hard fans. Although we think that New Moon might have more objective or a storyline for a movie as compared to the first part of the saga, we didn't feel very vampy or wolfie (cue She-Wolf by Shakira.ugh!can't stand that song either!!).

When they were promoting Ninja Assassin, I heard on (Terry kot..) saying that it would be the perfect date movie...HE WAS RIGHT!!!!! It had elements in the movie that would make the boys AND girls fantasize about it..(although the fantasy would prolly have different directions..:P) The choreography was EXCELLENT (maybe a little bit like how Rain's music video would look like..) the effect was not bad if you're into all those comic book effects..and the storyline was smooth. But MOST OF ALL...this was one 'Rain' that you don't want to stop..heheh..*drooooolllllllllllll*

Get what I mean?????hahahahah! Don't worry..I have suami's consent to LITERALLY drool over Rain...hehehehehehhehe!

I don't think I could be much of help in telling you how the movie went since I'm still not over drooling over Rain. But safe to say..the movie will leave you feeling that you WANT to be a Ninja.....This movie gets my 4stars (5 would be too much) and Rain is not bad for an actor. Maybe the character suits him. Plus I think Sung-Kang (Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift) made an appearance in the beginning of the movie..I used to have the hots for him during Tokyo Drift..but so sorry to say..Rain made him look like a sissy...Well Sung Kang was good while it lasted...:P

*My dearest unborn child...if you are a can look like Rain...ayah says OK!:P*


  1. your son can have the mata sepet and hidung kemek from u.

  2. tak kesah. edward. edward. ahhh. cair.

  3. kau belum lihat rain..konpem kau team RAIN!hahahah!



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