Nov 24, 2008


Discan dari majalah URTV keluaran 15-30 November 2008, Edisi 733

Keji siot ko anies!hahahahahaha!

*aku lagi keji kantoi bace URTV!!dem..*

One Year..

At exactly this hour, on the same date last year..I was being given become a wife. Can't believe it's been a year..

So this is dedicated to my sayang..It's been an AMAZING year sayang..and I love you more and more everyday. Thank you for being you..for loving and accepting me for all that I am..Let's make this last for the rest of our lives..


I loved you then..
And will keep on loving you til the end..

*next on board! :)*

Nov 18, 2008

Baby Bump - Week 18

Ini untuk cik beeps saya...sorry aa beeps..aku failure sedikit ambik gambar diri sendiri ni.korang tak cukup train aku!hahaha!

Side profile.Dunno if you can see it babe.It's kinda small..mebbe coz i've been losing weight so the tummy is all the baby

Front profile!hehe!iya..aku melebar!hahaha!

Baru sekarang do i look pregnant..hehe!Nanti bila aku dah tau gender aku amik gambar lagi ok?

Puan S!!kene training aku amik gambar profile sendiri!hahah!Ke hazim yang pandai?atau adakah En Buih kita boleh membantu???hehehe!

*I have such talented friends...*

Nov 15, 2008

Takde Keje Lain Ke??

Sorry laa..but working on Saturdays mmg buat aku emo sikit. Although I have tons of stuffs to finish but I just can't help but say what's on my mind (lately it's not often I feel like I want to say something about anything).

I was introduced to this blog, The Yoga Instructor Diaries [Click here to view blog] by my friend and I think it's amazing that she has such great passion for yoga and it shows in her physique and the stuffs she's done to promote yoga.

Did you guys know that there's a new fatwa BANNING muslims from practicing yoga?? *sorry aku lagging..dah lame tak bace surat khabar..:P* WTF?????????? I'm sorry laa but I seriously think that these JAKIM ppl truly lives under a coconut shell and have nothing else to do! Pasal ape nak ban Yoga? Ok..pardon my facts about yoga coz I am no expert about it but I do know that yoga is a form of exercise and meditation and is a very good form to release stress. Yes it might have originated from spiritual practices and perhaps even have religious (not islam laa) elements in it. But yoga has been commercialized that the way it is being practiced today is mainly JUST as a form of exercise.

Orang2 JAKIM ni cetek sungguh ke pemikiran diorg?Do they even KNOW how yoga is being practiced???How the hell did they come to the conclusion sampai nak keluarkan fatwa ban Yoga???

What???they're not getting any from their wives at home ke sampai boleh aroused tgk perempuan in their yoga outfits doing yoga?ke stress sbb bini kat rumah tak flexible mcm yoga practicioners so aktiviti kelamin kat rumah dah tak exciting?????Then the solution should be to SEND their wives for yoga classes instead of banning yoga man!!

If the issue is because the women are wearing skimpy outfits while stretching their bodies in positions that deem arousing (to them!)..then suggest segregation, women only yoga sessions..conducted by a female yoga instructor..not BAN the whole thing altogether..

and like the blogger I'm referring to said in one of her open letter to the media..pegi tgk sendiri tempat2 yang org buat yoga tu...if the way they are teaching yoga has religious elements like chanting in sanskrit or hymns (word usage?sorry aa) then only allow non-muslims to go there. But places like commercial fitness centres kalo tak silap aku takde those kind of chants or hymns...just stretching and breathing methods je.

Bodoh laaa diorg ni...nak buat fatwa..tapi taknak kaji betul2 dulu sebelum keluarkan fatwa..tanak buat research betul2..tanak argue the issue and take into consideration ALL the pros n cons of doing yoga BASED ON FACTS and not just stupid assumptions. Bukan nak tgk issue tu from different perspectives..bukan nak BUKAK MINDA tu! dah biasa sgt semua bende kene suap masuk mulut sampai tuhan kasi otak tanak pikir habis2.

Salah siapa?

again I blame our educational system...sbb too academic oriented..too exam oriented..never encouraging students to research, explore, argue about things..stok dok dalam kelas, hafal sebijik2 apa yang ada dalam buku not allowing the students to ask "WHY?" sbb the teachers themselves tak reti nak explain why (or even worse they don't even know why themselves) and end up saying "Because it says so in the book" and cut off the child from saying another word...

also i blame our culture......yes..there are parts of our culture yang I am proud of like adab and sopan santun kita...banyak lagila..tapi our culture jugak sekat kita from being curious.bile curious about something different but may be beneficial, bukan nak galakkan perasaan-ingin-tahu tu..sbb takut nnt org mengata sbb lain dari yang lain so we end up being ignorant about important stuffs, killed our chance of opening our eyes and minds to something new..TAPI bila bab nak mengata hal personal orang lain..CHAMPION lah!SEMUA benda tau...sampai apa mak mentua punya adik punya laki punya sepupu cakap pun kita tau...

orang Malaysia suka nak jadi bodoh..sorry la..aku pun orang Malaysia juga..tapi aku rasa aku tak suka jadi bodoh.Gosip2 yang tak berasas ni aku malas nak campur...

Kalau JAKIM takde keje sangat kat sana..kenape tak keluar fatwa BAN magazine mcm URTV or MEDIA or MANGGA from artis2 lelaki buat sesi fotografi kat tepi swimming pool tak pakai baju?????Itu tanak cakap ape2 pulak....(walaupun sebenarnya tak meng'GHAIRAH'kan langsung...sbb tu tak ban kot...)


Nov 13, 2008

I am concerned...

Yeay..I have finished my appraisal yang overdue selama hampir seminggu. Biar..Bos jugak yang suke sangat hantar aku kesana-sini sampai aku tak sempat nak menghabiskan bende alah tu. Now all that's left is the report which he wants to see the draft by tomorrow. I have done some so I've got time to say what's on my mind.

The nature of my job or perhaps my company is aimed to saving the environment. So we have all these people coming and visiting our factory. Even school kids.

So yesterday I had 40 form 2 students coming in to learn about recycling. What I found out is saddening..

A presentation that was supposed to take only 45minutes took an hour and a half on to finish. They didn't have a clue as per what is happening to out planet right now.

When asked "Who can give me examples of environmental issues that we are facing today?"..silence...kecuali suara-suara sumbang from the back of the training room.
So i thought..fine..maybe this is too hard. I did finally get a few to say haze and water contamination.
But when asked again "What is causing all these to happen?"
Again all I got was suara2 sumbang.

The best answer to my question "Where does electricity comes from?" "TNB"..selamber..

I mean..these kids are in form 2..they're FOURTEEN YEARS OLD..what's more disturbing is even the teachers don't know...Come on! We are in an age where information is right in front of our EYES! All we have to do is just OPEN OUR EYES...there's the tv, internet, newspaper ( maybe our newspaper is more set on talking about our political crap and stupid gossips about norman hakim)

One student actually came up to me and asked me "Kenape air laut masin aa?Saya tanya cikgu sains saya tapi cikgu saya cakap dia tak tau.."

OMG!!!That was when I got concerned..I'm bringing a child into the world soon..Is my kid doomed too be taught by science teachers who don't even know why the sea is salty? I was deeply disturbed..and disappointed..

What's wrong with the kids today?
Is it because they're so ignorant about anything else but PSPs and cartoons?
Is it because they're not learning enough in school because the teachers are not knowledgable enough?
Is it because our education system is so dated coz our politicians are too busy bitching about each other rather than taking care of the country? The future of our country?
Or is it because their parents themselves don't seem to give the kids the time of day to actually explain and talk about 'stuffs'?Easier to send them off to play their PSPs than bother them with any questions..

Or maybe I am just a sceptical mom-to-be....

OK..maybe to see if I am over-reacting about this..let me get you guys to try the quiz I gave out to them yesterday (which they failed miserably!)

1. Answer true or false
a. Human can consume sea water
b. Melting of ice caps is caused by global warming
c. ALL household wastes are not hazardous
d. Carcinogen is a substance that can cause cancer
e. Producing TEN metal cans from scrap metal saves more energy that producing ONE from raw materials

Subjective questions
2. How much OXYGEN does the atmosphere consists of?
3. What is the LARGEST source of FRESHWATER?
4. Name 2 greenhouse gases
5. Give 2 examples of organic waste

But just so you know..answer for question 1.c is FALSE..why?
1. Your dry-cell batteries and cellphone batteries are hazardous. I won't go into scientific detail but just so you know..1 cellphone battery can contaminate water the size of an olympic swimming pool..
2. Your lightbulbs contains mercury..yes..the white powder in the bulbs contains mercury. And people..mercury CANNOT be destroyed so if released into the air, it will be airborne an can be inhaled by anyone..even you!
3. Your Ridsect (ni jawapan from bebudak skolah tu), your cleaning agents in the house..even your air fresheners (it contains formaldehyde) if these stuffs are not handled may deem hazardous to you.

So there you have it. If you want the anwers..I'll post it in the comment for this post.

*Save the Planet..Save your Life*

Nov 5, 2008

Di Kepit Gate

Aku lambat pagi ni..seperti biasa. Tapi aku salahkan hujan..sbb aku dah keluar rumah awal dari kebiasaan. Tapi KL ni biasa la. Bila hujan je jalan pun jem. Jarang sekali jalan yang aku lalu tu jem..tapi sbb hujan.

Tapi aku pantas sampai ke ofis. Sebelum kol 9. Kalo tidak aku pegi je terus tempat seminar tu..tapi aku kene pi amik budak sengal sorang kat ofis nak tumpang pergi seminar bersama-sama..

Pintu gate masih rosak. Tekan interkom suruh receptionist bukak gate sambil cakap di telefon bersama rakan sekerja yang dah sampai kat tempat seminar.

Gate ni main-main pulak dengan aku. Bukak-tutup-bukak-tutup..kali ke-3 bukak..dah bukak besar sikit. Aku budget dia dah puas bermain-main dgn aku. Dah la lambat ni.

Belum sempat aku melepasi gate...gate tutup..

Yea...aku kene kepit gate automatik kilang aku pagi tadi...
Tangan sakit, pinggang terasa sengal.
Tapi ok kot...takde pun simptom2 yang tidak diingini kepada kandungan.

Salah siapa?

1. Kontraktor gate yang pemalas dah seminggu dipanggil tetapi tamau angkat phone?
2. Salah receptionist yang tolong bukak kan gate?
3. Salah engineer aku yang takde keje jadi bermain2 dgn suis gate? Who is oso si sengal yang aku dtg ofis nak pick-up pegi seminar sama-sama.

Banyak spekulasi (tapi kalau betul yang no.3 tu yang salah..mmg celaka aaaa!). MD aku mengamuk sbb kesian pegawai keselamatan (Safety Officer) dia terkapit.

Sakit! Tapi aku tau korang nak gelak...gelak je lah. Aimann tak kesah!

Dalam beberapa saat aku terkapit tu..aku telah menggemparkan kilang dgn suara lantang aku...satu kilang dengar. Pembesar suara semula jadi aku masih berfungsi..dah lama aku tak test.

Tu je kisah aku...sakit masih terasa..harapannya takde side-effect..


Nov 1, 2008

Kari di Darus i'm not talking about kari as in the cuisine..but what the subang boys refers to.

Kari=girl(s)/awek cun

Don't ask me why. They have always used that word to refer to chicks. And they have been creative enough to elaborate the word to add some spice in their sessions - Kari Moi, Kari many..I can't keep track. Don't ask me to explain the meaning coz sometimes they don't make sense to me either. Prolly the best person to refer to is En. Buih. Since he is one of the main AJK of Darussalam.

Anyway..yesterday had a kari session with Sophie and Farah at Darus hence Kari di Darus. AJK2 lain ada la jugak but we stayed on til 11.30PM!!! Bergosip, bersembang sambil melantak sampai lebam!

Nothing much to share actually because a lot of what we talked about were girl stuffs..hehe..Cuma En. Shahir Omar je meng'kari'kan diri dan melepak bersama kami sampai 10.30pm. Best kan bergosip bersama kami kan Shahir? Kami pun seronok bergosip bersama anda..and sungguh banyak informasi..tak tumpah mcm kari!heheh! (I personally think guys gossip more than girls! but i'll elaborate more on that next time)

Well this is just a shout out for Sophie and Farah to say I had sooooo much fun yesterday!! We should get together again and have a similar session soon..tunggu Acad fly lagi ok? And it's OK kak pi..Acad promote ke Jumbo pun we will do our very best to keep you occupied. Jangan sedih-sedih ok Puan S...

Wokeh..dah pukul 1..aku nak balik.

*benci keje hari sabtu!*

Versions of Porn Saloon

If you're expecting stories yang berbaukan kisah2 sebegini on this entry..then you're right. Not by me, but by my friends who took up the challenge I sukati gave them during my previous post. Yes..the Porn Saloon stories..nah..I link their posts here..(if there are more, I'll update) *note to bloggers: kalo anda buat cerita ini sila tinggalkan komen di post "Sila Beri Komen Anda" menyatakan anda telah membuat versi Porn Saloon anda supaya saya boleh link sini k?

Just click on their names mereka pun berbaloi dilawati

1. Hajime - Nageen (Ular Jadian)
2. Yoshz - Sasha, i accept!
3. En. Buih - Porn Saloon

Thanks guys!hahah..lenkali aku ada gambar menarik, aku kasi challenge lagi wokeh?

*bangga ada member2 kreatif*


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