Nov 18, 2011

Little Miss Tardy

Sorry..been ages since I've updated my blog. Due to my lack of access to the internet (excuses) since I'm no longer employed (excuses) and have just survived the first trimester of my pregnancy (24 weeks preggers now - but this is still an excuse) and at the same time settling down with my new role as a SAHM (excuses) to a feisty 1yo toddler (excuses) and a full-time student (excuses), I truly apologize (very sincerely now...)

So what's new?

A lot and nothing much all at the same time (is that even possible?)

Well for one thing, my little family is all living under one roof! VERY thankful of that. I am back in KL and employed by my dear suami (I get paid by him every month..isn't that nice?).

I have also started the first semester of my Masters program in UM. Very nice to be back in my alma mater, but it's not quite the same without the old gang. The new gang is fun in their own way tho..(yes..I have a new gang now! :P) Classes are on Sundays only..which sometimes can be such a drag..and I zonked out every Monday... 9 consecutive hours of class can totally drain you out (or maybe the age has finally caught on). And it's not quite the same being a student when you're a wife and a mom at the same time either.

I came back to KL during the month of Ramadhan. Finished off the last week of my notice in KL because my morning sickness was totally crazy. I couldn't eat or drink for a whole week in Perlis. Mom said it's probably psychological because I was alone there (sent Mama and little CKD back to Kuantan). And I think I kinda have to agree. I mean, not entirely psychological, but some truth in it. I'm not the lucky ones who breezes through the first trimester of pregnancy without any nausea or 'dates' with the toilet bowl. Came back and still couldn't really eat much. Not much of an appetite either. I think I lost weight during the first trimester..but ho-hum...that's definitely not the case now! LOL! I have nicely been gaining half a kilo a week (and a little extra recently). At 24weeks, I am 65kg..(and little bun is 681g..a normal weight for it's age)

Hari raya was celebrated in Kuantan. I have pictures. So I think I will dedicate a proper post for it..soon..(i hope :P)

I am not working. It feels kinda weird. And I get bored sometimes too..but I do enjoy the extra sleeping time I get to clock nowadays. I don't go out much except to the mall that just recently opened literally in front of our condo. I don't get constant internet access since we don't have internet at home (we used to, but now we don't. We don't subscribe to Astro either..surprised?) But I go down to the coffee houses here at the mall (like what I'm doing now) when I need the internet..which has been a very disciplined dose of checking emails and doing assignments. I hardly ever access my facebook either now. So that is why I seldom update my ramblings here. I used to have the luxury of doing so previously during my working hours (kantoiiii!! :P)

So okay..I think that covers most of what's going on. Suami is already sleepy so we have to leave soon. We're off to a family vacay on Monday! Can't wait! So I'll try and see if I can sneak in an update from our blissful spot - IF little CKD permits me to do so. She's been rather a handful lately and occasionally drives me nuts. But I love her to bits anyway. She's started to babble a lot more now in her own language but knows to call us by our titles (Ayah, Tok Wan, Tok and Mama-sort off). And again, will exclusively update about her soon!

Okay..Okay..gotsta go! Til later (soon..I promise, with pictures)


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