Jun 26, 2009

the king is dead..

Michael Joseph Jackson
August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009
Was shocked to hear the news on the radio today. To quote on K.lin's fb status,
"The legend is dead?.....i didnt think he would EVER die....I guess thats what a legend does to you....sebak dada rase siut.....its like the princess Diana's death all over again......."
So true..he was a living legend..someone we thought would last forever. His music definitely will. May he finally rest in peace..
*who didn't grow up to his music?..my favorite was You Are Not Alone..what's yours?*

Jun 22, 2009

OPA Dinner 2009

I had a good feeling on Saturday. Eventho I had to work half-day, I had something to look forward to that night. My sister-in-law had a beautiful dress waiting for me to wear, had my hair done and she even did my make-up that night.

We were going to the annual Royal Millitary College dinner at Shang-ri La Hotel.

Being an OG (Old Girl) of TKC myself, it was always sort of exciting when it came to these elite all-boys boarding school functions. Something I can't quite find the words to describe it. You can call it a teenage infatuation la..

So before the dinner started, there was a pool of men in dark suits wearing their alma-mater tie, boom of laughter and voices, smoking cigars and ciggarettes. The kesian part, was seeing the wives standing around the groups of men. I understand this situation too well. Coz when I went to my OG day, we could see the husbands standing on the sidelines..:P Coming from a boarding school, we tend to neglect our partners when we go for our reunions..

Anyway, as we were called to dinner (they had their current Putras to blow the trumpet - something like how the military are called to the mass hall)..The VVIPs where ushered into the hall and the dinner began.

The MCs were witty and funny. The initial show was by the Royal Navy Band, which was okay. But the interesting part was when the OPs (Old Putras) themselves performed. First was this karaoke jam session by OP74 or 77 (I can't quite remember). My favorite was the song "Bila Papa Pakai Celana"!Boy did they sing their heart out!hahaha! Next was another singing presentation but this time by all the OP Admirals..and there was A LOT of them!

But the best was a video clip by OP69 doing the Carlos Santana song - Corazon Espionado..OMG!! I was informed by my FIL that the most millionaires came from this batch. One very vivid scene was a bunch of them, topless and wearing the funny clown wigs, shaking their HUGE bellies by the swimming pool!hahaha!! I'll try and youtube it. If I find it, I'll post it up.

The Old Putra of the year was awarded to OP Ramli Ibrahim, an OP69..yes people..THE Ramli Ibrahim!!! I was kinda surprised..because Ramli Ibrahim is actually an OP! It was a well deserved award. Not only is he EXCELLENT in dancing, he was top of his class during his school years and is even a Chemical or Mechanical Engineering (I don't remember because I was already ecstatic then) graduate..

It must've been my luckiest night..because Ramli Ibrahim honored us with his infamous Odissi performance...

My words can't do justice to the gracefullness of his performance. It was MESMERIZING! Done with such perfection! and this coming from a 55year old man! (His bod..I tell you!!!) All I can say is..


Then there was the unavoided moments by Ramli's 'jambu's' which was hilarious! An all-boys boarding school can never get away from this stigma..:P

It was a fun night..am sure my FIL had the most fun. I know I would if I were to go to my alma mater dinner 40 years from now (it was my FIL's 50th year being in the alma mater). It just brings back so much fond memories and makes you feel young again...

Next year..I want to go again! I might not be so lucky as to get to see Ramli Ibrahim to perform again, but who knows?

Jun 20, 2009

Promoting Nazleen Noor

Apart from being blessed for having such a loving suamì, I am also VERY lucky to have a fashion designer as a sister-in-law. Yes people, NAZLEEN NOOR is my beloved SIL and an amazing batik designer.

That is the dress she made for me to wear to the OPA Dinner tonight. Lovely isn't it? You can check-out more on her designs at http://www.nazleennoor.com I am soo lucky to have her as my SIL..apart from never having to worry about what to wear for functions (i'm almost like her ambassador already) i have a persönal fashion designer!

Now how many girls can say that?

Can't wait to get into that dress. She's gonna do my make-up too! How lucky am i?

Since raya is around the corner..go check out her stuffs. Honestly her designs are beautiful and its not as expensive as Rizalman or NoorArfa or the likes.

She has her stuffs at 2201 Fashiön Avenue at the gardens, midvalley and maybe at Isetan promo area soon. I'll keep u posted on her promos and location. But you can also call her for custom made pieces. She also does wedding..my beautiful wedding was the beautiful work of hers.

Make sure you check her website out..

*i don't get a commission for promoting her here..i just hönestly loves her stuffs*

If I Was a BEP

Apl is a member of the BEP and he is Phillipino. They made a tagalog song 'Bebot' which I think has an awesome beat to it. But since I don't understand tagalog, I have no idea what he's singing about. Only word I could pick up was 'chicken adobo' which is a local phillipino cuisine.

bub´ot adj. unripe, immature

couldn't find the exact meaning of Bebot..mebbe it's a slang..

If I was a member of the BEP..I would get Will-I-Am to help me compose a song in Malay..similar to Bebot..called 'Lepak'

*singing to the tune of bebot* "Lepak..lepak jom! Lepak..lepak"

I will definitely be kicked out of the group after the release of the song!hahahah! Either that, my country would prolly disown me...

*sing it to "Rempit..rempit jom! Rempit..rempit" pun boleh!hahahahah!!*

Nasib baik aku bukan Fergie.....aku lagi hot! :P

*berangan pada hari Sabtu yang aku bekerja!*

Jun 17, 2009

Last Call to board the train

Puan S recently arranged a hen party for our soon-to-be bride..Azie. So she rounded up all the girls to help join in the fun-la..

It was a private POLE DANCING class......

Never having my own hen party or been to one, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. Plus, since I was still on my maternity leave I thought "Heck! Why not...I'm not doing anything else anyway. Plus the exercise will do me good..."

BOY! Was I soooooo WRONG!!!!

It was a 1 1/2hour class (more like FOREVER) for beginners. Our instructor was this petit, super toned chinese lady by the pole name (oh yeah...we got to have our own pole names..kinky ehh??) of Nana. It was at this studio called Vivavertical/Talenthub in Hartamas. You can get more details about this place at Azie's blog linked here.

There was supposed to be about 10 of us for the class, but only 6 of us made it to the class on-time. The others was stucked at a wedding in Putrajaya...smart move for those tardy girls...

First we had to sign this form declaring that we are not suffering from any physical injuries and that we agree to the consequences from doing this without holding the place liable for any injuries that will occur due to this session. I should've known that this would've meant bad news..But I happily signed the form and even became witness for Farah.

Then it began.............

First we ooohhhh and aaaaahhhh with amusement at Nana's moves. And we followed..we turned, swinged (spelling?!?), flicked our hair and did all those Pussycatdolls moves..It was then I realised.. I DON'T DO SEXY!..Well..maybe back in the days when I was still in Uni and skinny as hell...some minor Sexy..But in front of a HUGE mirror with 10kgs more than I used to be..Believe me..

I Don't Do Sexy!

But some of the girls nailed it..especially our very own bride-to-be and the mastermind herself. We took some pics after the session (as usual!) and the tardy girls finally turned up..

Then came the WORST part....

Walking down the staircase from the studio!! It was 2 storey flight of AGONY!! My legs felt like they were betraying and torturing me at the very worse!!

Proves to show that Pole Dancing..Is a REALLLLY good workout..

But despite the pain (which I continued to suffer throughout the week)..I had SOOO MUCH FUN with the girls. And also despite me not being able to do SEXY..a little sneak preview to suami that night got him excited *wink*

I just might consider joining a pole dancing class one of these days..who knows..I just might get my sexy back *cue Justin Timberlake's Sexyback song*

A note to the girls though..I know it was a lot of fun..But PLEASE refrain from showing off our newly acquired techniques in the LRT ok?


Jun 11, 2009

The Elements

My nephew recently introduced me to Picnik. This unsavvy techie aunt of his has always wanted to edit her pics but is sooooooooooooo unsavvy that she's never been able to do what she always wanted to do.
And this is my first masterpiece..:P

Thank you Daniyal (he is on FB..OMG..the age gap is catching up but my line is getting shorter!!) To those of you who are 'dummies' like me when editing pictures, check out the webbie. It's SOOOO easy because if a 'dummy' like me can do it..anyone can do it too..

Looking at my first masterpiece..lead me to my second masterpiece and missing my uni days..The Levi's ad that I posted is a favorite pic of me, sopi, beeps and erni. But these pics are also a major fave of mine.

This is what happens when 3 girls are bored with a camera phone...

hehehe..Do you guys remember this???

Now each are beautiful and intelligent women..Like we used to be beautiful, intelligent and crazy girls! Like I always like to say.."Jangan persoalkan perkara yang dilakukan masa zaman muda remaja!!" (maybe there is still a little more craziness left in us..*wink*)

*note: Erni missing in the pic coz she was not around when we were BORED out of our minds at the time this pics were taken

sigh...uni days were truly some of the best moments in my life. It was hard at times..but it was also the time I had the most FUN and created the BESTest friendships..

a big SHOUT OUT to the rest of my gurls which has made it possible in creating such amahzing memories..Ida, Elsa, Azie, Farah and Suzie..and not forgetting my one and only cik Lina-norhas..Thanks girls...

As we get older..it gets so hard to make friends like we used to. Sometimes new friends that we make are so rigid because as we get older, we tend to be more careful in what we do or how we act. With my gurls, we've had moments where it would be considered embarassing or too obscene for an adult to act..hehe..but we still do it whenever we get the chance to hang out with each other (which is tooooo few to our liking..sigh..work less girls!!we need to hang out more!!) and ALWAYS make a big scene whenever or wherever we are!! Not caring a bit what the ppl around us is thinking..(very inconsiderate..heheh..but we don't care..heheh!)

And the things we talk (or rather gossip) about! hahaha!! whoever eavesdrop when we're having our 'conversations' is doomed to feel embarassed hearing the things we say!!!heheheh!!

Farah and Elsa..2 of 3 drama queens amongst my gurls..the biggest of them all is of course Puan S..

Watch this space girls...I'll be posting more pics of us in the future...

"wey!!!jom laa get together gether weyyy!!!" *rayu hati kechil ku..*


At one glance, this pic looks like its taken from somewhere in a countryside overseas. This is actually my very own kampung. I took this while waiting for my mom buying mee calong (a favorite local dish, something like mee sup but better) from my very own mobile phone.

Its my 2nd day today back in my kampung. I didn't do much but i'm feeling so relaxed and at peace. Went to bathe at the beach this evening to help heal my rashes and whatever is left from my childbirth wound. My rashes has miraculously healed entirely..almost immediately after bathing in the sea! I hope the seawater has döne some magic to my wounds as well. I've always heard that seawater has a lot of benefits and healing qualities..and it has been proven right to me today. Even the skin on my face feels soft and supple.

My mom said its just the sea calling me to come back since it has been a while from my last trip home. I am a proud granddaughter of a fisherman..

It feels so good to be home. Back in the days when i was in uni, i always seek refuge here whenever things seem to get out of hand in KL. I always felt as if my reset button has been pushed and i feel refreshed when i come back to KL. Ready to face back the challenges waiting for me head on.

I'm hoping this trip will bring the same strength for me as it always has after the recent events that i went through and having to start work again next week. So far, i am feeling relaxed and its nice to be among family again..to come back home. Home in KL with suami is also home..but nothing beats the place you grew up in.

Tomorrow will be another trip to the sea. Would prolly get my hair trimmed (i almost always get my hair cut in kuantan. Its hard to find a hairdresser you're comfortable with) Plus, my main buddy promised to come down from kemaman to see me. It's been AGES since we last hung out so its gonna be like the good old days..Eversince we both finished uni (we both graduated at almost the same time but from different unis) and started working, it has been almost impossible for us to hang out. Even more since i got married. Us sharing the same hometown didn't provide an advantage either..Just hope we could still pick up from where we left off.

I miss suami..but i think this is a trip i need to make alone. In a way,this is almost like me having to collect myself..finding my way back to myself. I have already decided on a few things i'd like to do..one of it, me furthering my studies. How i'm gonna go about to achieving this is something i'd have to give a little more thought.

For now,i'm just going to enjoy the rest of my trip. Then it's time to face the world again..

*one step back..two steps forward..*

Jun 10, 2009

Mobile bloggin..

gambar bersama suami masa dinner Jemaah Dato'-dato' Perlis..oo..suami belum Dato' lagi tapi rupe saya sudah mengalahkan seorang Datin pada malam itu!:P

I have just discovered that i can blog thru my phone :-D. Ok..so it might not be something new to most of you but its a new discovery for me and makin me love my phone more than ever now..:-)

I have never been one who's tech savvy or a gadget freak. I know the basic stuff to using a laptop and most of the applications or functions in my laptop or handphöne are left unused. When i do buy a new phone or laptop..the criteria would be superficial. It would either be in the color that i like or in a shape that i prefer. As long as it has the basic function that i need (make calls, sms and recently make video calls) am perfectly happy with my phone.

But recently i have finally made full use of my phone's function as a walkman (i finally got rihanna's hatin' on the club!yay!) And since suami's anniversary gift for me -unlimited celcom broadband on my phone, i have been checking my FB and blog wherever i am and learned to use my phone as a modem. And the latest..BLOGGING directly from the phone!hehe..

I love my phone now for providìng me the ultimate mobility..now i can literally blog anytime, ANYWHERE..

But most of all I LOVE SUAMI for always trying to provide the best for me and fulfìlling all my needs and wants..my mobility wouldnt be possible without this gift for me..

I'm actually missing him so much right now..am about to go to bed and this is normally when we have OUR time..but that's not possible tonight since i am in kuantan and he is in KL..

Good luck for your presentation tomorrow sayang..i know you'll do just fine..dun worry..i love u!

*absence makes the heart grow fonder..*

Jun 9, 2009

Back home

meet Nur Adrianna Aliesa, 2 years old..sudah pandai meniru gaya bapanya menonton TV..

I am back in kuantan for a few days.it has been ages since i was here in my grandparent's house.it feels good to be home.

That's a pic of my 2 year old niece, Aliesa, watching tv..sungguh bergaya sambil silang kaki.

I hope this trip bck home will do me good..i knw the food will be. I just hope suami will b ok without me for a few days..

Sayang, if your reading this..i miss u already!:-( wish u were here..love u!

Jun 6, 2009

Recipe: Beans and dawgs

This recipe is dedicated to Beeps and Anies..orang2 bujang la...Orang lain nak try boleh gak. It's VERY easy and perfect for breakfast or anytime you're hungry..It's a personal favorite of mine and suami.

A complete breakfast ready in less than 15mins..


1 tablespoon of cooking oil or margerine
3-5pcs of sausages (I like Ayamas Cocktail Sausages with Mushroom tu..but normal sausages will do) or 10-15pcs of cocktail sausages
1 small can of baked beans in tomato sauce
1/2pc of onion (bawang besar!!) sliced *optional*
4 eggs

*this should be enough for 2 persons..but will only serve one if you eat like a PIG..hehe!

How to cook:

1. Heat up the cooking oil/margerine in the frying pan.

2. Fry the sausages in the pan until it's cooked. (You will know it's cooked when the skin of the sausages starts to 'blister')

3. Toss the entire can of baked beans into the frying pan. No need to take the sausages out. The flavor from the sausages will seep into the tomato sauce from the baked beans and makes it yummier..You can toss in the onions as well. Cook until the onions become transparent.

4. Don't turn off the heat from the stove yet. Just empty out yummies from the frying pan into a bowl.

5. Scramble the 4 eggs into the same pan. Once cooked, you can either out the scrambled eggs into the same bowl or separate it.

6. You're ready for the feast!

Everything's Fucked up!

I dunno why I'm feeling angry..for no reason..

For a moment I feel like screaming my head off, the next I feel like crying my heart out...The slightest thing ticks me off and at the moment, my victim is suami. PMS? maybe..apparently your body goes haywire after you've given birth, your hormones are erratic..

How far true is that? I don't give a shit to find out the actual fact..all I know is I'm feeling like shit right now.

There has been numerous times when I hear jokes..i try laughing..but it came out so fake. There are times when I hear some juicy gossip..but I end up being a party pooper by giving a different point of view..to the point where I defend the person being gossiped..eventho I don't know jack about him/her..

I feel numb..most of the times..The rest of the times..I'm just fake...

Is this how you feel when you lose a child?Or is this how depression feels like?

Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, I see babies..shopping malls, advertisements on TV, pictures on FB, emails announcing the birth of a newborn..What hurts the most is when the friends who were pregnant at about the same time as I was...sharing pictures of their newborns..putting up status about what their babies are doing..That should've been me too...

I'm crying alone in public right now. Ppl must think I'm crazy..typing this and crying at the same time..I don't know what to do..I don't know who to turn to..I don't know who can make me laugh and truly mean it..I don't know how to feel happy anymore..

Sometimes I can't believe that this is happening to me.I'm confused and sometimes feel lost in my own thoughts..not sure of my own reality.

I'm looking forward for the day when I read this again and say.."I survived it"...but right now, I honestly don't know how I can..I don't even know what to do if I can't..I'm just stuck here..

I hate it when ppl talk about theirs or other ppl's childbirth experience..how some ppl 'nearly' lost their baby..how similar situations like mine, were able to save the baby in just the nick of time..SHUT THE FUCK UP! My baby did not make it and you guys telling me all these shit stories is only making me feel like shit! Making me think 'what if' when thinking that will only drive me nuts!And quit telling me what I should've done or shouldn't!

My baby DIED..nothing you say OR do can ever bring him back!

And quit blaming the doctor or the hospital..it's got nothing to do with them! He's DEAD..Don't you get it?????????????Don't ask why..don't ask how! It's what god want me to go through! If you want to know why then you can might as well ask Him YOURSELF!

If you ask me how I am..This is EXACTLY how I am doing..


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