Jun 10, 2009

Mobile bloggin..

gambar bersama suami masa dinner Jemaah Dato'-dato' Perlis..oo..suami belum Dato' lagi tapi rupe saya sudah mengalahkan seorang Datin pada malam itu!:P

I have just discovered that i can blog thru my phone :-D. Ok..so it might not be something new to most of you but its a new discovery for me and makin me love my phone more than ever now..:-)

I have never been one who's tech savvy or a gadget freak. I know the basic stuff to using a laptop and most of the applications or functions in my laptop or handphöne are left unused. When i do buy a new phone or laptop..the criteria would be superficial. It would either be in the color that i like or in a shape that i prefer. As long as it has the basic function that i need (make calls, sms and recently make video calls) am perfectly happy with my phone.

But recently i have finally made full use of my phone's function as a walkman (i finally got rihanna's hatin' on the club!yay!) And since suami's anniversary gift for me -unlimited celcom broadband on my phone, i have been checking my FB and blog wherever i am and learned to use my phone as a modem. And the latest..BLOGGING directly from the phone!hehe..

I love my phone now for providìng me the ultimate mobility..now i can literally blog anytime, ANYWHERE..

But most of all I LOVE SUAMI for always trying to provide the best for me and fulfìlling all my needs and wants..my mobility wouldnt be possible without this gift for me..

I'm actually missing him so much right now..am about to go to bed and this is normally when we have OUR time..but that's not possible tonight since i am in kuantan and he is in KL..

Good luck for your presentation tomorrow sayang..i know you'll do just fine..dun worry..i love u!

*absence makes the heart grow fonder..*


  1. wah..sudah pandai mobile blogging ya? aku pun belum lagi mahir menggunakan kemudahan ini. rasa cam kecik je screen hp..

  2. SANGAT convenient!! snap a pic, click send to blog, put in a few words and VOILA! you've just blogged about it!hehe..mmg kecik..tapi that's what mobility is all about.

    pasni takyah la nak tunggu balik rumah nak letak gambar2 sesi camwhoring kita...blog je teros pakai henset! *grin*

  3. wahhh.. syabas.. boleh update la entri setiap masa...

  4. hoh...mmg absen makes the heart grow fonder and yes sure hornier then ever.sekian...

    hahahhaa....mcm shilake komen aku nih!!!!

  5. tang horny tu..tak absent pun menjadik!!!hahahah!!!

  6. tang horny tu..tak absent pun menjadik!!!hahahah!!!



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