Jun 17, 2009

Last Call to board the train

Puan S recently arranged a hen party for our soon-to-be bride..Azie. So she rounded up all the girls to help join in the fun-la..

It was a private POLE DANCING class......

Never having my own hen party or been to one, I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. Plus, since I was still on my maternity leave I thought "Heck! Why not...I'm not doing anything else anyway. Plus the exercise will do me good..."

BOY! Was I soooooo WRONG!!!!

It was a 1 1/2hour class (more like FOREVER) for beginners. Our instructor was this petit, super toned chinese lady by the pole name (oh yeah...we got to have our own pole names..kinky ehh??) of Nana. It was at this studio called Vivavertical/Talenthub in Hartamas. You can get more details about this place at Azie's blog linked here.

There was supposed to be about 10 of us for the class, but only 6 of us made it to the class on-time. The others was stucked at a wedding in Putrajaya...smart move for those tardy girls...

First we had to sign this form declaring that we are not suffering from any physical injuries and that we agree to the consequences from doing this without holding the place liable for any injuries that will occur due to this session. I should've known that this would've meant bad news..But I happily signed the form and even became witness for Farah.

Then it began.............

First we ooohhhh and aaaaahhhh with amusement at Nana's moves. And we followed..we turned, swinged (spelling?!?), flicked our hair and did all those Pussycatdolls moves..It was then I realised.. I DON'T DO SEXY!..Well..maybe back in the days when I was still in Uni and skinny as hell...some minor Sexy..But in front of a HUGE mirror with 10kgs more than I used to be..Believe me..

I Don't Do Sexy!

But some of the girls nailed it..especially our very own bride-to-be and the mastermind herself. We took some pics after the session (as usual!) and the tardy girls finally turned up..

Then came the WORST part....

Walking down the staircase from the studio!! It was 2 storey flight of AGONY!! My legs felt like they were betraying and torturing me at the very worse!!

Proves to show that Pole Dancing..Is a REALLLLY good workout..

But despite the pain (which I continued to suffer throughout the week)..I had SOOO MUCH FUN with the girls. And also despite me not being able to do SEXY..a little sneak preview to suami that night got him excited *wink*

I just might consider joining a pole dancing class one of these days..who knows..I just might get my sexy back *cue Justin Timberlake's Sexyback song*

A note to the girls though..I know it was a lot of fun..But PLEASE refrain from showing off our newly acquired techniques in the LRT ok?



  1. hamboihhh..pole lancinggg..nnt ajar aku sket. aku nk tunjuk kat bf aku. hahahhaah

  2. weeehoooo! hubba hubba... :p hehe!

  3. anies..
    buleh..tapi orang2 dlm LRT tu nnt sure tak boleh accept punye...

    silap2 kene halau keluar tren!hahaha!

    u missed the fun!lenkali aaaaaa!

  4. wah baru aku tau korg sign agreement rupanya, adik aku kata korg buat kuiz dulu.. hahaha

    anyway, igt lagi tak steps?

    step..turn..switch hand, slide down, now SWING....

    jgn lupa.. nnt kena polish skill kat LRT

  5. hahaa damn funny larr your entry sha. so glad u joined. mmg la memeriahkan keadaan!!



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