Jun 9, 2009

Back home

meet Nur Adrianna Aliesa, 2 years old..sudah pandai meniru gaya bapanya menonton TV..

I am back in kuantan for a few days.it has been ages since i was here in my grandparent's house.it feels good to be home.

That's a pic of my 2 year old niece, Aliesa, watching tv..sungguh bergaya sambil silang kaki.

I hope this trip bck home will do me good..i knw the food will be. I just hope suami will b ok without me for a few days..

Sayang, if your reading this..i miss u already!:-( wish u were here..love u!


  1. awww... that is scho schweeet!

    sayang, i mish u too :D hehehe!

    sajer jer anti-climax :p jgn marah!

  2. hohoho..

    sukati hang meng'mish' kan sayang aku..hehehe!

    tapi anak sedara aku itu sgt comel..I am still trying to get her to 'shuffle' for me on video. dah dpt nnt aku post!



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