Jun 6, 2009

Recipe: Beans and dawgs

This recipe is dedicated to Beeps and Anies..orang2 bujang la...Orang lain nak try boleh gak. It's VERY easy and perfect for breakfast or anytime you're hungry..It's a personal favorite of mine and suami.

A complete breakfast ready in less than 15mins..


1 tablespoon of cooking oil or margerine
3-5pcs of sausages (I like Ayamas Cocktail Sausages with Mushroom tu..but normal sausages will do) or 10-15pcs of cocktail sausages
1 small can of baked beans in tomato sauce
1/2pc of onion (bawang besar!!) sliced *optional*
4 eggs

*this should be enough for 2 persons..but will only serve one if you eat like a PIG..hehe!

How to cook:

1. Heat up the cooking oil/margerine in the frying pan.

2. Fry the sausages in the pan until it's cooked. (You will know it's cooked when the skin of the sausages starts to 'blister')

3. Toss the entire can of baked beans into the frying pan. No need to take the sausages out. The flavor from the sausages will seep into the tomato sauce from the baked beans and makes it yummier..You can toss in the onions as well. Cook until the onions become transparent.

4. Don't turn off the heat from the stove yet. Just empty out yummies from the frying pan into a bowl.

5. Scramble the 4 eggs into the same pan. Once cooked, you can either out the scrambled eggs into the same bowl or separate it.

6. You're ready for the feast!


  1. konfem la aku makan sorang... selera di musim2 winter ni memang macam babi! hehe... nanti esok aku try :-)

  2. hello :p i pun bujang jugak :D kakaka!
    tapi mmg confirm sedap :)*salivating*
    btw beeps, kau balik nanti kita mem'vavik' sama2 eh?



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