Jun 11, 2009

The Elements

My nephew recently introduced me to Picnik. This unsavvy techie aunt of his has always wanted to edit her pics but is sooooooooooooo unsavvy that she's never been able to do what she always wanted to do.
And this is my first masterpiece..:P

Thank you Daniyal (he is on FB..OMG..the age gap is catching up but my line is getting shorter!!) To those of you who are 'dummies' like me when editing pictures, check out the webbie. It's SOOOO easy because if a 'dummy' like me can do it..anyone can do it too..

Looking at my first masterpiece..lead me to my second masterpiece and missing my uni days..The Levi's ad that I posted is a favorite pic of me, sopi, beeps and erni. But these pics are also a major fave of mine.

This is what happens when 3 girls are bored with a camera phone...

hehehe..Do you guys remember this???

Now each are beautiful and intelligent women..Like we used to be beautiful, intelligent and crazy girls! Like I always like to say.."Jangan persoalkan perkara yang dilakukan masa zaman muda remaja!!" (maybe there is still a little more craziness left in us..*wink*)

*note: Erni missing in the pic coz she was not around when we were BORED out of our minds at the time this pics were taken

sigh...uni days were truly some of the best moments in my life. It was hard at times..but it was also the time I had the most FUN and created the BESTest friendships..

a big SHOUT OUT to the rest of my gurls which has made it possible in creating such amahzing memories..Ida, Elsa, Azie, Farah and Suzie..and not forgetting my one and only cik Lina-norhas..Thanks girls...

As we get older..it gets so hard to make friends like we used to. Sometimes new friends that we make are so rigid because as we get older, we tend to be more careful in what we do or how we act. With my gurls, we've had moments where it would be considered embarassing or too obscene for an adult to act..hehe..but we still do it whenever we get the chance to hang out with each other (which is tooooo few to our liking..sigh..work less girls!!we need to hang out more!!) and ALWAYS make a big scene whenever or wherever we are!! Not caring a bit what the ppl around us is thinking..(very inconsiderate..heheh..but we don't care..heheh!)

And the things we talk (or rather gossip) about! hahaha!! whoever eavesdrop when we're having our 'conversations' is doomed to feel embarassed hearing the things we say!!!heheheh!!

Farah and Elsa..2 of 3 drama queens amongst my gurls..the biggest of them all is of course Puan S..

Watch this space girls...I'll be posting more pics of us in the future...

"wey!!!jom laa get together gether weyyy!!!" *rayu hati kechil ku..*


  1. kena plan betul2...sbb quarter of us berstatus isteri...plan dear.. plan...then we go together2.

  2. sasha melupakan aku. mungkin aku kawan masa tua. sobs. jaahahaahahah. kasih berubah.bluek.

  3. Syahdu aku mendengar rintihan hati kecilmu tu :D kekeke...
    Okay,okay... Nanti Bibah balik mari kita mem'biatch' beramai2, mau?

  4. aku suka gambar2 itu! gambar baring kat carpet kuning tu paling tak hingat! hahaha! Aku nak copy paste kat blog aku boleh?!



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