Aug 26, 2010

Tanda-tanda Stress

Invited the Jabatan Kesihatan Selangor docs to come and give a talk on Stress Management to my staffs last Tuesday. And this is what I got..

Tanda-Tanda Stres:
1. Ketawa berlebih-lebihan/pura-pura
2. Keras Kepala
3. Mudah marah bila dikritik
4. Daya kreativiti & inovasi berkurang
5. Mengigau
6. Paranoid

So..adakah anda stres??

*banyak lagi tanda2 stres yang dia kasi..but these are the ones I found funny and oh-so-true!*

CKD and music

This morning I made a discovery with little CKD..she loves music! (maybe all babies does..but I dunno..:P)

She woke up earlier than usual today because her ayah called her up when she was drowsily trying to get back to sleep..Once that sepet eyes of hers are opened..they stay opened!!

Our morning routine would normally start at 4:30am when she wakes up for her feed. Then she stays 'latched' on to me until about 6am (kadang2 sampai masuk mimpi perasaan dia suckling tau!!) By that time, I would put her back into her cot and have a few short minutes before suami wakes up to go to work. Then I would golek-golek while she sleeps before I start getting ready for work at 7:45am..

But I didn't get to golek-golek this morning because she didn't go back to sleep. So I just put her next to me on the bed while I try to get some shut eye (waking up at 4am every morning since she was born..don't judge me if I'm lazy in the morning ok!) But CKD wouldn't sleep..or keep quiet..."Emmphh..emmph..hek..hek.." while kicking and punching..sigh..

So I took my phone and played my playlist..and what do you know!! She kept quiet and still!! She still wouldn't go back to my mom came into my room at about 7.30am so I could get ready for work and mom turned on the Opus channel on Astro...and had the same effect on CKD! Good girl!!!

I remember reading about it..never tried it..but now it's tried and tested with wonderful results! (dunno about her development..but to be able to keep her occupied is wonderful results for me!)

Now I'm sleepy..but at least I learnt a new trick! *grin* current fav song..I dunno why but this song makes me feel soo sayu and in love..boleh tak??haha! But it's a beautiful song and as I've mentioned..the tesla coils scene was my fave..enjoy!

Aug 22, 2010

Counting the Blessings

I am back in my hometown. It was an emergency situation that had resulted in me and my mom to pack our bags in the middle of the night to come back. I have been back for 2 days now and will be going back tomorrow.

My dear cousin is sick to the point that I guess it has broken her strong spirit. I'm scared to see her..not because of getting infected,but because of the memory that it might leave me. She is closest to my fact we are all close to her to the extend that she calls my parents mama & babah and we call hers mak & abah. My mother rushed back home because in her delirium, she thought that my mother had passed on. Even when my mom visited her, she insisted that my mom had come back from the dead to see her..

I can't deal with that...I can't bear to see her like that..

And it made me think..if I was in her shoes..I'd prolly be the same..but difference would be I still have my family to support me and give me the strength I need..if they are still around.

Sadly for my cousin, that is not the case..

On that note..I'm greatful for all the blessings I parents, suami, CKD, my siblings..even my late son..

I wish for my dear cousin to at least find peace should her time to go arrives sooner than later..I love you..

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Aug 19, 2010


Fakta sampah bulan ini:
Org tak kawin lagi memang gelojoh!


Haip!! Jangan pikir bukan-bukan! Bulan puasa ni!

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Last on for the Decade!

I turned 29 last Tuesday.

Sorry I didn't update my blog about it. Was busy..playing with my new gadget..

Thank you Suami!! I <3 my Curve White!
The phone vendor siap kasi housing color pink for free since we were such a regular customer!!haha!!

Hehe! Guess the verdict's in for BB vs. iPhone..

So all you BB users you..your pin code for bbm please! (if I haven't added you already..)

As for my birthday celebration? Nothing much..I guess as I get older, it's doesn't really matter. As long as suami, CKD and all the important people in my life are around, well & happy..I'm happy. Serious!

But my FB wall has never been soo flooded with birthday wishes..*blush* I'm deeply flattered..Thank u all!

It's GREAT being 29..bring on the 30's!!!

Before I leave, just to share my birthday sms I got from my nephew last year..I think it's hilarious!

Woman at 20..mengancam
At 30..bermacam macam
At 40..terancam
At 50..diancam
At 60..tak boleh nak cam!
 Hahah! I am still MENGANCAM!! Tahun depan mungkin bermacam-macam..I dunno..have to wait and see!:P

7 Hari Mencari Cinta

This is for you Amad!hahaha! I think it's sweet eventho it has all the aspects of a 'drama swasta'!

So this is what it's all about. My friend here, is looking for this girl he accidentally took a picture of while hanging out with the normal crew at Subang Jaya.

It has become a nationwide search..Friends all joined in the bandwagon through Facebook and blogs. He even set up a blog 7 Hari Mencari Cinta with the hopes of finding her within 7 days. It's been a month now. He had a lead for a while, but it wasn't the one he was looking for. The search apparently is still going on since even strangers are spreading it out. So anyone who knows this girl..let us know!

The guy looking for this girl is a nice guy..I've personally known him long enough to at least say that about him. If she is single, he would like to get to know her better. Kalau jodoh, baguslah. If she is not, its no harm in being just friends! :)

Good luck Amad! May you find the one made for you!! :)

It's Already Bad Fengshui

I bought this buluh cina plant last year coz I wanted something green on my desk at the office. The chinese believed that if the plant prospers, that means you will have good luck or good fengshui.

So it prospered....

For a year!!! Now the plant is starting to turn yellow and dying! And NO! It's not because I didn't water it!

This is another sign I tell ya! I think I know why my fengshui/luck is turning bad..
1. They moved my table to a different location when the office did some rearranging
2. It's just luck has run out here... Anyone want to take me in?

*finish the report laaa!! And I hope I get to state my case to my next potential 'place' before they decide on me..*

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Aug 12, 2010

My Ramadhan This Year..

I don't have any excuses this year to skip I'd do it intentionally. What do you think I am? 5yrs old?

So anyway..since the last 2 Ramadhans I was preggers..this year I hope to get all 30 days complete. I truly welcome Ramadhan this year coz it's the first since I was married that I'm not feeling nauseous or gassy!

Day 1 - Nightmare at Pasar Ramadhan

Told my mom no need to cook tonight. My poor dear mother forgot to wake up for sahur so all the more reason I didn't want her to cook for break-fast. When I got home from work, suami was already there. His working hours are from 7.30am-4.00pm, but no change for my work time *frown* So when I got home, changed and went off with suami on his bike to KJ. We want Nasi Kerabu.


Too many people! Too many RUDE people! I mean..come on..we're all fasting too ok. You don't have to push and shove..nor should you cut my line when I'm ordering! I was waiting for my turn to order my Nasi Kerabu for more than 20minutes (the pakcik was so sloww too so that added to the stress) and when the pakcik finally took my order, he went and did the person next to me punya order because he thought his wife was doing mine..when in fact, the wife was attending to another person who had the same order as mine!

I had half a mind to jantung dah berdebar-debar cam nak pecah tahan marah sebab dia layan org yang datang later than me..But..wooosaahhhh...dia pun puasa. I could see he was tired. So I said calmly.."Pakcik..makcik buat order orang lain..yang tu saya punya.." 

But I'm sooo sorry face memang tak kaver line langsung..Kelam kabut dia siapkan my order. And nasib baik he gave it to me..coz after that..they ran out of nasi kerabu!

I got discount RM1.50...

See..these are moments when I truly don't like people thinking that I'm chinese! What??You think I don't deserve to be served first just because you thought I was chinese?? Hello! Aku melayu laaaa! Aku puasa jugak tau!

So today..I don't want to go Pasar Ramadhan. Suami can go on his own if he wants to. I'd rather cook than kurangkan my pahala puasa cursing people...

Day 2 - Sleepy nyaaa!!!

Sleepy kan? Is it because I actually woke up for sahur?

My little CKD pun sebok nak sahur! At 5am when the alarm went off, I could hear her restlessness in the cot..sign.."Mama..I want my susu!" So I b/feed her for a bit then went and had my sahur. Suami don't get up for sahur but just has a glass of water.

So dah settle suami  & anak..pegila makan. This morning I made sure my mom woke up. But kesian..she tak sempat eat her rice coz it was still cooking when the azan subuh came on..But at least we managed to eat the leftover chicken we had for break-fast the night before. And also had some oats. So okay la...but tomorrow morning we're waking up at 4.30am.

So when I went back to bed, thinking of b/fing CKD again since I'm sure the first feed wasn't kecik tu tido cam kayu! Like father, like daughter! :P But I woke her at 7am and b/f her so that I won't suffer at work with an engorged breasts!

Kat office dah mcm zombie....and it's only 2.30pm right now........tick tock tick tock....

Nak masak apa malam ni? Mmg tak pegi laa pasar ramadhan...

sigh..time to LLB with hopes that the time would fly by..

*eventho I don't like to go to Pasar Ramadhan..the nasi kerabu was worth the wait. Plus..the ayam percik sold next to the stall (who's selling pulut udang too) is sedap. But you might need to microwave the chicken for about a minute or so when you get home..Plus, suami says the Itik Panggang he got was good too..I wouldn't know..I don't eat duck, like I don't eat rabbit meat or veal..*

Aug 11, 2010

What Makes You Stay?

Salam Ramadhan everyone!

On the way to work, was listening in to (I have abandoned hati with the money they're giving away..I'm always driving when they're doing it so I can't call in!) Jules and Prem came across this article this morning hence the topic was 'if you were leaving your company, how would you do it in style?'

It's was like a sign or something I tell ya!

So yes..that's the big secret..that's the thing that I've been feeling so stressed out lately.

But really..what makes you want to stay at your workplace? I many people are so unhappy at their workplace..but what do you really want? What will make you happy?? Most people would leave after a couple of years (some can't even last a month) but there are some who stays for decades or til they retire..But before I go any further..whatever I say here are merely ideas in my head ok? It's not associated with anyone living or dead!

So 2 cents worth. I think, with the experiences that I've of the list..

1. Your boss
To me, working for someone who looks out for you, guides you but at the same time gives you the freedom to do your thing is definitely a plus point. Rewarding you when you get it right (in kinds or words) and guides you when you get it wrong (but not condemning). Fair but firm, recognizes your potential and acknowledges it. Wahh..sound like working for god!! But yeah..I'd give this person my fullest effort.

2. Your collegues
I've had the best collegues in the world, worked alone and had an impossible group to work with..Collegues play a role to help your worklife be more pleasant. I mean, work is still work..but working with people who are on the same wave lenght as you definitely makes it better. More ideas comes in, and its makes you more bersemangat to do your job. When you work with people of totally different susah want to get things across and sooo susah want to plan & execute! I mean, we can never get away with working with people of different level (mentality especially)..but at least if your team all satu chemistry..wouldn't work be bliss?

3. Your opportunity for growth and actually growing there!
Now this is probably what would make you stay longer. And this can happen from two sources..the organization of the company, and the person who determines your growth (your boss la!) If you work for a company which has an amazing organizational path but a boss who'll only supress your lah tak jadi! But if you have a boss who lets you grow as much as you can but company no organization also cannot jadi you know! But janji janji want to let you grow but never give also tak jadi!

4. Your benefits
Ya laa..gaji must kira also! But what I mean by benefits..your working hours, your leave, *public holidays*, insurance coverage and so on and so forth. This is typical laaa. I'm sure we all want similar benefits aye?

5. Company Organization
No organization, the company would probably run like a mad house! I don't want to work in a mad house..mad people I can tolerate..mad house..sigh..

6. Your Job Scope
I am all for being jack of all trade..But sometimes when jack has too many trades..jack can die ok? I think if jack can be a master of one but once in a while testing water in other trades, jack can be very happy and more productive & effective..

That's all I can think of.. I don't want to get myself into trouble for saying more. So..what makes YOU stay?

Can't plan leaving with style if plan to leave also cannot!! How then??

* i think i stayed in Uni very long because i wanted to avoid all this....*
*don't want to but have to but one day will do!*

Aug 10, 2010

Dating Lagi..Review: The Last Airbender & The Sorcerer's Apprentice

So okay..the past few weeks..both suami and I have been feeling really stressed out. And being new parents, it's harder for us to have some quality time together. So he decided last Saturday to take me out for a movie marathon and leave lil CKD at his parents house. The arrangement was perfect (then) since my in-laws haven't seen CKD for a while.

Suami bought the tickets in advance on Thursday and was so excited..The Last Airbender (3D) and The Sorcerer's Apprentice (although he was so sure he bought Salt instead of Sorcerer's Apprentice). I was okay with anything since it has been a while since we went to the movies together..

So Friday night, we went over his parents place for a sleepover cause suami said it's going to be too much of a hassle dropping off CKD Saturday morning then rushing off to the movies since the first movie was at 11.45am.

Come Saturday morning, got CKD ready, played a bit with her and briefed MIL's help on CKDs habits and antics. Then we were off to the movies. We arrived at The Gardens at about 11am so had some time to get some food. Suami ordered some thai kuey teow at the Food Garden which was actually quite yummy.

So okay...First movie was

The Last Airbender

Both suami and I love the animated version of the story. When I first heard that M.Night Shyamalan was directing the movie, I was quite skeptic and almost convinced that he was not going to do justice to the movie following his last movie that we saw - The Happenning - which was more like The Pening. But we saw the making of The Last Airbender on channel E and looked pretty interesting.

And yes it was..Although I think it was a waste to watch it in 3D, the movie was nice. It followed as close as it could to the animated version and am happy that the casts did the steps nicely. To me the fighting scenes were not epic enough, but since this is just the beginning (Book 1: Water) of the saga, I should expect the following 2 movies (Book 2: Earth & Book 3: Fire) to get better. They've got the characters, concept and special FX right..they're on the right track.

I recommend it..I give it 3.5/5

Next was The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Very the Harry Potter - young adults version. Typical, predictable but still fun. It didn't wowed me, neither did it make me fall asleep. But what I did like was when he played the One Republic song Secrets with his Tesla Coils..Now the song is stuck in my head. But it's a nice I don't mind.

Really, I don't have much to say about this movie, but if you're looking for something to just de-stress..this is a decent choice.

I give it 3/5

By the time the second movie ended, suami was eager to get home..Mcm dia pulak yang nak kene feed CKD!hahah! But yeah..we appreciate the few hours off for ourselves, but we still missed our baby girl tremendously.

So when we got home, my SIL was telling us how CKD caused havoc in the house! *grin* She has a temper now. My mother is already an expert of her moods, so she doesn't really panic when CKD screams her lungs out..she knows that CKD is either hungry, sleepy or needs to be changed.

But my in-laws are not privileged enough to have CKD around them to know her when CKD started MIL panicked, my FIL went to his room and slept, my SIL panicked too...*LOL* my MIL's help found it funny because when she was trying to soothe CKD, my MIL was so stressed and kept on asking "Keisha ok kaa?Cucu mak tok ni ok kaa?" over and over again to CKD..hehe..

All CKD wanted was just doubt she would've preferred for me to B/feed her to sleep, but just lull her to sleep and dodoi her sambil menari would've done the trick..hehe..So when I got home, CKD was so happy to see me, the rest of the household said "Laaaaa! dengan mak dia ok je mcm takde pape jadi.."

Mestilah..dah mak dia..*wink*

Clever girl...

:P..So it was a win situation for me and suami, but I'm not so sure if my in-laws thought it a win or lose situation for having to babysit CKD..*grin*

*peah..berani tak nak babysit keisha?????*


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