Aug 26, 2010

CKD and music

This morning I made a discovery with little CKD..she loves music! (maybe all babies does..but I dunno..:P)

She woke up earlier than usual today because her ayah called her up when she was drowsily trying to get back to sleep..Once that sepet eyes of hers are opened..they stay opened!!

Our morning routine would normally start at 4:30am when she wakes up for her feed. Then she stays 'latched' on to me until about 6am (kadang2 sampai masuk mimpi perasaan dia suckling tau!!) By that time, I would put her back into her cot and have a few short minutes before suami wakes up to go to work. Then I would golek-golek while she sleeps before I start getting ready for work at 7:45am..

But I didn't get to golek-golek this morning because she didn't go back to sleep. So I just put her next to me on the bed while I try to get some shut eye (waking up at 4am every morning since she was born..don't judge me if I'm lazy in the morning ok!) But CKD wouldn't sleep..or keep quiet..."Emmphh..emmph..hek..hek.." while kicking and punching..sigh..

So I took my phone and played my playlist..and what do you know!! She kept quiet and still!! She still wouldn't go back to my mom came into my room at about 7.30am so I could get ready for work and mom turned on the Opus channel on Astro...and had the same effect on CKD! Good girl!!!

I remember reading about it..never tried it..but now it's tried and tested with wonderful results! (dunno about her development..but to be able to keep her occupied is wonderful results for me!)

Now I'm sleepy..but at least I learnt a new trick! *grin* current fav song..I dunno why but this song makes me feel soo sayu and in love..boleh tak??haha! But it's a beautiful song and as I've mentioned..the tesla coils scene was my fave..enjoy!


  1. wow.. senang nya nak entertain CKD. pasang lagu jer. heheh.. kecik2 dah ada music vibe in her soul..

  2. hahah!yeap..nak tidurkan dia pun dah makin senang..put some music on & switch of the lights..ulik sikit pastu mesti dia tido!

    try it on OPUS or JAZZ on astro..



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