Aug 26, 2010

Tanda-tanda Stress

Invited the Jabatan Kesihatan Selangor docs to come and give a talk on Stress Management to my staffs last Tuesday. And this is what I got..

Tanda-Tanda Stres:
1. Ketawa berlebih-lebihan/pura-pura
2. Keras Kepala
3. Mudah marah bila dikritik
4. Daya kreativiti & inovasi berkurang
5. Mengigau
6. Paranoid

So..adakah anda stres??

*banyak lagi tanda2 stres yang dia kasi..but these are the ones I found funny and oh-so-true!*


  1. hahaha..bukan aku yang kasi fakta ok! ni org JAS yang salin nota aje!

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