Sep 2, 2010

Recipe: Beef Briyani Rice

So i had a long weekend before Merdeka since the company went for a company trip to China for 5 days. I decided not to follow thinking it was puasa month (it's been 2 years since i could properly fast) plus..5 days is a tad bit too long to leave CKD and suami.

What with the long weekend and all, suami and I decided to entertain some friends to berbuka puasa at our place. As usual, when we entertain..normally we have pot luck la..tak larat aaaa nak cook and clean and at the same time jaga CKD..I can die!

On Saturday I had my cousins over. Our theme was Mexican, Italian foodies. I made Shepard's Pie but that will be in another entry. On Sunday, I had my pals from uni and I told them I was making Beef Briyani. So we coordinated our foodies - I made the rice and chicken curry, Anies brought the Ayam Golek Kerinchi, Azie made Kerabu Apple and Sophie made her delicious Oreo Trifle..memang naik 2 kilo!!!!

So okay..this is how to make my rendition of Beef Briyani. It's healthy coz I don't use any oil nor do it tumis2 anything.

The ingredients:

Beef Ribs cut in small pieces
HUGE Onions cut into wedges
Tomatoes cut into 4
Beras Basmathi

*optional for aroma
Kulit Kayu Manis
Biji Pelaga
Bunga Lawang

So this is VERY'd think that making briyani is tough..think again. If you have a slow pot or slow cooker..even easier! It's a bit time consuming so best if you prepare the broth a night before you want to entertain. All you do is put all the onions, tomatoes and beef ribs into the slow pot. Add some water but not too full coz the juices from the ingredients will later add into the broth. How much water u ask?? Depends on how much rice you plan to cook. Go on a 1:1.5 ratio for beras basmathi (1 cup rice to 1 1/2 cup of water) because we will use the broth to cook the rice.

Next, put the slow pot on auto and leave it overnight. And this is what you will find in the morning..But if you don't have a slow pot, don't fret. You can still cook it on the stove at a very low heat and let the broth simmer but not boil until all the bones of the ribs come off the meat. You might need to continuously add water. Not too much tho, else you'll dilute the broth and it loses all those juiciness..

Add some salt to taste..By this time, the bones from the ribs would have fallen off from the meat. Filter the broth from all those delicious meat and onion (your tomatoes will be gone by now!) And remove all the bones. Separate the meat from the onion and tomatoes.

Now to cook the rice..So we use the 1:1.5 ratio ok..

First you rinse the rice of course..Pour the filtered broth into the rice cooker and switch the rice cooker on. Don't worry if you don't have enough broth for the rice. Just add in normal water (as long as there is more broth than water, the taste should be fine!) Wait until the broth comes to a boil then add in the rice and the meat you separated before. Add in the kulit kayu manis, biji pelaga & bunga lawang too.

And leave to cook!

Easy kan?? It went perfect with the my santan-less curry chicken (recipe coming soon!), Ayam Golek Kerinchi and Azie's Kerabu Apple (I think she posted the recipe on her blog before..else I'll ask her for the recipe..)

You can even have the broth on its own..add in some carrots, celery, potatoes, broccoli (up to your imagination) and serve with plain rice or bread..

Review kene tarukkk!!

"Sha! Kalau tak sedap aku tak tambah nasi ni 2 kali!!" - Sapet

Heheheh! Mungkin open hse raya this year I'll make this again..and suami will make his roast chicken (suami masak sedap!!) and I'll add in acar telur instead of the kerabu apple (or maybe both!) Apa tu acar telur??hahaha!! Will have to wait for when I post the recipe lah!

Selamat mencuba!

*azie pun tambah 2 kali!hehehe! Ynag lain-lain? Saya tak kira!*

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