Sep 20, 2010

Good Idea...

*Taken from 'The Craziest Thing I Did to Save Money' by Ana Gonzalez Ribeiro*

Smoke Less, Travel More
"Many years ago, my husband and I decided to stop smoking. He named the date we would start and sure enough, before we went to bed that night, we tossed our packs of cigarettes. I told him that I was going to put away each day the amount of money we would have spent on the cigarettes. So I made a ritual of every night putting away in a desk drawer $3. Back then, smoking was much cheaper.
"At the end of one year, I had saved almost $1,100. That money paid for a trip to London! I suggested this cessation method to a friend and he was successful in both saving money and eliminating his smoking habit."


I have quit a long time ago...but if I was still smoking..I'd take up this idea! It could be a motivation for quitting..kan? Wonder how much saving I would make...mari kira..

DULU..on an average, a pack of 20s would last me 2 days (yeah..that's on a healthy day! :P) so..ok..

365/2 = 182.5 (rounded to 183)
183 x RM9.20 (bapak mahal rokok skarang!!thank god I quit!!) =

RM 1683.60!!!!!

banyak!!!definitely enough for a holiday!!!!! So..what are you waiting for???? Kick the habit and plan your holiday!!!!!!


  1. Wah good tip!Tapi saya dah lama benti merokok jugak.

    Wah at least aku tahan 3-5 days for a pack of 20's.Boleh tahan jugak serombong ko ek

  2. hahah!zaman dulu-dulu beb!bukan serombong!dah serupa naga!!!haaha!!

    tapi nyesal laaa niiiii..IF ONLY i hadn't..dah merata dunia aku sampai kann....



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