Nov 20, 2013

The Walk Theory

I've been meaning to write this for a while now but never gotten around to doing it.

The Walk Theory.

I have this theory where how a man walks plays a MAJOR role in their hotness level. I've tried this theory myself and gotten my girlfriends' opinion on it and suffice to say, they agreed.

It's like this..picture a guy who you think is pretty hot. Okay, I'll give you some visual aid. Meet Adam..(if you don't know Adam..girl, you've got some major catching up to do! heheh!)

Adam Levine - Voted Hottest Male 2013 (source: Google)
With a guy this hot, you're bound to notice him from a mile away! hehehe... So okay, you see him and you start to get all excited..giggling like a little schoolgirl with your girlfriends and then he starts to walk (not necessarily towards you your imaginations running wild?)

And he walks....

waddle waddle waddle (source: Google)
Like a duck........

I'm sure his hotness level drops faster than you can say duck. Kind of a killjoy innit? 

There are many ways in how a man walks..and waddling is not one of the sexy ones. Its kinda hard to describe how a man's walk is sexy. A catwalk model can be used as an example, but then, if he walks like that in real life, you might think he's a tad bit too pretentious. Not sexy.

A walk so sexy that the little boy starts to cry..LOL! (source: google)
There's a certain kind of stride, the precision and confidence in his steps, the coolness in his movement that when he walks, the whole room feels his presence..his aura..That, to me, is what I call a sexy walk.

A man can be just average looking, but with a sexy walk..he just might make it to the 'HOT' list. Sad to say, not many makes it to the sexy walk list. Many makes it to the good looking list, but fails miserably when he starts walking. Some waddles like a duck, some walks like they're kicking  something stuck at the bottom of their feet, some bounces like there's a spring at their heels, too fast, too slow, slouches..the list just goes on..

So go ahead. When you're having one of your people watching sessions, give my theory a shot. See how the way they walk can affect their hotness level.

Have fun!


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