Jan 29, 2010

My First..

I know it's not such a big deal..but in a way it is. Although it took me this long for it to happen..but I'm proud that it did. Because it is my very first...

My very first CAR!
Proton Saga SE

Woot!woot!..I know it's no BMW or Mercedes..but hey...it's my very first car! Bought (and will continue to pay for the next 9 years) by my own self!!

Suami finds it so amusing that I had this weird expression of disbelief when we went to pick it up yesterday..I'm like that. Things like this..good things..don't happen often in my life and I'm always puzzled by how I should react everytime it does happen. We even managed to get our 3 digits registration number. Alhamdulillah....

Review for the car? Alaaaaa..you're asking the wrong person. All I can say, it's a pleasant car to drive and suami didn't burp all the way to work this morning when he was driving (he burps when he drives indicating that he is bored)..Now I just need to scout for the car MP3 player we bought a few months back that suami kept god knows where...

But I hope this will not be the only good news for the year...the biggest good news I'm really looking forward to will be coming end of April....amin....

And peah..I DON'T WANT YOUR JON!!! Plus ai kenot laa take the picture like you suggested.....not right now at least..heheh!

Jan 23, 2010

Fara Alia Strikes Again..

Aku ingat dia dah reti dah bahasa last week bila aku cakap wrong number dan terus tak layan..Sangkaan ku meleset. Dia call lagi aku..2 kali..Pastu kami bersms

Fara Alia: We, ko kt ner? (exact sms spelling ok)

Mak Buyung: Sape ni?

Fara Alia: Ko ni sape?hzwn an?nier aq lh, fara alia..we nk pnjm mto
 *aku tak paham ko nak saving word sms sampai perkataan aku=aq..tapi bile eja ni=nier..ape konsep saving weyh???*

Mak Buyung: Bukan hazwan la.salah no.

Pastu dia call. Aku fedap maka aku jawab. Tapi aku beringat untuk tidak jawab dgn kurang ajar sbb last time org gile meroyan cemni salah nombor ngan aku..free aku kene maki.

Dengar suara budak pompuan cakap hello..dan tanpa membuang masa, aku terus cakap "Ni bukan Hazwan (obviously suara aku pompuan kannn??). Salah nombor" Dia cakap "ok" pastu terus letak phone.

Ingatkan dah settle dah. Dia dah puas hati dah bile dengar suara aku...oh tidak...Dia sms lagi..

Fara Alia: Ko knal x azmi.

Mak Buyung: Tak.

Fara Alia: Ko form bape?skewl kt ner?

Shit! Suara aku cam suara budak skolah ke???????????????????Seperti biasa, ikutkan hati aku rasa nak maki hamun sebakul budak kecik ni. Tapi..tak guna aku turun sama level ngan minah rempit tak cukup umur ni kan. Maka aku pun balas..

Mak Buyung: Aku dah kawin.umur aku 29 so confirm aku x kenal sesape pun yg kau kenal.sori..

Dan telefon aku sepi selepas itu.

Aku kasi can kat budak kecik ni. Sbb baru 2 kali dia insist jugak nak cari Hazwan pakai nombor aku. Kali ke-3..CONFIRM aku maki...kalau dia sengal dan desperate sgt..cubalah kalau nak merasa mulut puaka mak buyung....

Aku ni macam nak kene start "Siri Wrong Number" je..

*Is it just me or are the kids nowadays REALLY annoying????*

Jan 21, 2010

Blackberry vs. iPhone

Am thinking of changing my phone. No doubt I truly love my sony ericsson phone..but with the current trend and technology..My beloved sony ericsson seems to be so pre-historical. So right now..I have 2 phones that I'm contemplating on getting..

Blackberry or iPhone 3Gs?

So okay..let's lay out the arguments. We'll start with Blackberry..

1. Free BB chat with other BB users. So far a few friends I know who uses this are rawkstar, sapik and suami.
2. Sudoku! :P
3. I like the QWERTY keypad.
4. If the battery dies off..I can change it..just the battery I mean..not the whole phone.

1. The package for BB is way beyond the amount of phone bill I consume monthly. I think Celcom BB package is RM98 (unlimited data)..exclusive of your voice calls and smses (pls correct me if I'm wrong..). My TOTAL current phone bill is only RM98 unlimited data+my monthly voice calls & smses. Sometimes much lesser.
2. If I take the package that comes together with the BB, I think I'll have to pay about RM130 + RM118 for the Celcom Executive package (or do I just have to pay RM130? Again..please correct me if I'm wrong), contract for 2 years.
3. I don't really need to use the email function. Well..not with my current job at least. So that's the feature that BBs are well known for.
4. Can I store music and pictures? As much as I have in my Sony Ericsson?
5. No video call..

So okay..now my argument for iPhone..

1. Definitely a lifestyle smartphone..pictures, music plus I think I can blog from the phone too.
2. No iPhone commitment package. I can maintain my current phone package.
3. Way more choices for games etc..(suami's favorite is the tong sampah game!)
4. With my unlimited data plan, I can still get push mail and chat using ebuddy (gtalk, ym, msn...)
5. Boleh video call ke?
6. Suami might be getting me my very first Macbook...so laa compatible to have an iPhone kan?

1. No BB chat obviously..
2. If the battery kaput...the whole phone has to go.
3. Touch screen keypad..for smses etc..not really my thing.
4. No package to get iPhone for a cheaper price or free. I'm a hardcore Celcom supporter and I don't really like any other networks. This decision is final..no matter how many times I will be mistaken as Sabri or Hazwan or Rumah Mayat Subang Jaya...The number and network stays. I'm naively loyal like that.

So there you have it. Don't ask me to argue about the technical part of the phones. I don't know. Have never been a gadget freak and I doubt it I will ever be one. So my arguments are OBVIOUSLY very superficial..:P

So how? Feel free to throw in more arguments. If not I will just stick to my Sony Ericsson or take suami's Nokia E71 (because of the keypad obviously..:P) until I really ABSOLUTELY need to use either one of these phones.

Should I start a poll?

Wrong Number!

Aku tak tau laa sebab aku dah pakai nombor aku lama sangat ke...ataupun nombor aku ni senang untuk ditekan. Tapi aku selalu menjadi mangsa wrong number. Kalau dulu ada pompuan simpanan middle-age mana tah yang meroyan mencari boyfriend dia bernama En. Sabri...kali ni nombor aku mewakili lelaki muda bernama Hazwan...

Hari Ahad aritu, aku teringgal phone kat rumah masa teman suami pegi diving kat Pusat Akuatik Shah Alam (sian suami..gian nak diving..swimming pool pun layan..) Dan seperti biasala..bila tertinggal phone..time tu la ramai manusia nak call. Bila aku bawak..haram tak berbunyi. So bila aku balik rumah, aku check phone..tgk miss call dari Bonda tercinta 2 kali dan nombor aku tatau 6 kali, plus 3 sms - 2 sms iklan bodoh annoying dan 1 sms dari nombor yang tak diketahui tu..

Ayat sms nombor tak tau tu..


Baca je sms..aku dah tau dah..ni mesti org yang tak rapat ngan aku atau orang yang aku tak kenal. Sms sangatlah not my style! Selalunya aku tak layan tapi sebab aku terpikir..mungkin ni bebudak sekolah rendah aku dulu kot sbb aku baru-baru ni aku ada create group sekolah rendah aku kat Facebook. Mungkin nak contact pasal reunion ke hape ke...so aku balas laa..

"W'salam. Sape ni?"

Dia balas.."Ni farah alia"

Gile babi dah pecah kepala aku pikir sape budak nama farah alia yang aku kenal...Takde...So CONFIRM ni salah nombor. Makanya aku malas nak layan.

TAPI....budak ni start miss call aku....4 kali!!!! Kali ke-5 aku sempat angkat tapi dia terus letak. Memang CONFIRM la salah nombor..sebab setahu aku..org2 dah berumur cam aku ni dah tak main dah miss call-miss call...zaman2 belajar kat uni dulu ade la. Japgi dia sms aku lagi..

"Mekom...Hazwan ada?"

Pulak dahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Dalam hati aku ..kesian budak ni. Mesti stok jumpe 'Hazwan' ni kat club/mamak/tpt lepak budak muda sekarang tah mana-mana semalam..dapat nombor tapi dia tak di layan. Kata the night before was a Saturday. Sigh...so..sebab kesian..aku balas..

"Sorry..salah nombor"

Tapi dia balas pulak.."Ni sapa?"

Nak je aku malas..ni nombor telepon mak buyung yang dah naik angin sebab kau dok miss call aku, BODOH!

Tapi aku tak sampai hati..plus aku rasa mesti banyak soklan dia lagi pastu. Membazir duit aku je..maka aku biarkan saja Farah Alia keciwa dengan Hazwan sebab bagi dia nombor salah...


*adakah ini petunjuk untuk aku tukar nombor aku..sekaligus tukar telepon menjadi blackberry???hahahah!*

Jan 14, 2010


Tokya and Peah is having a ball calling me fatty or fat lady or mok....

I submit to the nicknames...

Today I went for my checkup and I gained 3kgs in 3 weeks!hahaha! It is the first time that Dr. Idris ever mentioned anything about it.

"Banyak ni...you should actually only be gaining 1/2kg a week..let's check if its the baby.."

"Baby is normal size...the weight gain is all you.."

hahahahha..I know..I admit. And my recent chocolate cravings are not helping either.

Fine..funny fat lady in the house!!!!!

Jan 8, 2010

Would You Take a Different Course?

This morning, on the way to sending suami to work (this week I jadi driver untuk suami..) Dilly and JD from the Red.fm Pagi Show was discussing their topic for the day..

"Knowing what you know now, would you have changed the course you took in college?"

Honestly..I wouldn't. Although I'm not anywhere near as to where I want to be yet as an Environmental Engineer, and only practicing it for almost 2 years now..I think I made the right choice. Despite making the choice for all the wrong reasons initially (my then boyfriend was an Engineering Student when I was to decide on my degree..so I choose the most logical engineering course I could take just so I would be in the same faculty as he was..:P) the course turned out to be a pretty highly demanded engineering dicipline nowadays.

And also I wouldn't change my course for the ego trip it gives everytime people finds out that you are an Engineering student...heheheh! And the bragging rights to it too..heheh!

The question they should've asked was..would you practice the course that you took?

For now..I would. But I'm open for new career ventures. I don't mind trying something totally different from what I'm doing right now. Secretly, I want to go into a career as a presenter or emceeing (think Cheryl Samad, Elaine Daly..not Eminem) or even deejaying..but I don't know if I'm chatty enough. Maybe if paired with the right person..I might be able to pull it off.

But despite it all..the one thing I WOULD change if I could, was studied a little harder and graduating on time. Because then I would've had enough time to pursue my childhood career wish...

Hahahah! Tinggi tak cita-cita aku????

But I had a plan. It was to stay with the airlines for 5years then go and practice my degree or what not. To become a stewardess was only to fulfill my ego for glamor and to learn a few stuffs on self-grooming. Plus the travelling and pay is not so bad. Why not, right?

Well..it's all in the past now..Where I am right now is all good. It's opening a LOT of doors as to where I can be in say 5 years time, whether I remain in this dicipline or not.

Else...being a housewife is not so bad either *wink*

*imagine if my then boyfriend was studying Islamic studies.....ustazah ke aku sekarang??*
note: no puns intended in this statement. It's just that I don't think I'm cut out to be a preacher because there's much for me to learn myself, let alone preach to other people about Islam.

Jan 5, 2010

Don't Call Me Baby - Madison Avenue

I don't know why..but everytime this song comes on air..it takes me back. Back in the days when I have NO IDEA where I found the energy to live the way I used to!

Sometimes I miss the old days...all the partying and the lifestyle that came with it. But sometimes when I think back of what I used to do...I say to myself..

"How in the HELL did I ever find the courage to embarrass myself like that in public????"

Because (no puns intended) today, when I go out to HRC or someplace of the sort and see someone acting very much similar to how I used to act in these kind of places..I feel embarrassed for her. Having all eyes on you, dancing without a care in the world, dressing and acting the way they do..I think you get what I mean..how does she do it? What is going through her mind?

Damn! I am OLD! and judgemental. I mean..am not judging that girl I saw..but judging my own self.

So I came to a conclusion..Back in the day, I had no one nor a reputation to risk. I was a nobody and was either single or with someone who's in the same boat as I am. In a way, although I don't totally agree with my previous actions and activities, I have to admire my self confidence. To dress and act the way I did....

Today, as a wife and soon a mother, I am careful with what I wear, say or do. I have my husband's reputation to think of..my status as someone's wife. In a way, I think I have lost most of that self-confidence I used to have (being 16kgs more that I used to be doesn't help either)..But I have also discovered that I am more content with my life. I don't feel lost as I so often felt before. I am at peace with myself.

I may not be able to fit into most of the stuffs I have in my closet ever again (which also means a NEW WARDROBE???!!?!?)
I may not be the heart of the party anymore
I may not be that girl dancing on the table ever again

But I am happy....

I have a husband who accepted who I was and still loves me for who I am...
And soon..a child who will love me no matter what..

Nothing beats that....


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