Jan 14, 2010


Tokya and Peah is having a ball calling me fatty or fat lady or mok....

I submit to the nicknames...

Today I went for my checkup and I gained 3kgs in 3 weeks!hahaha! It is the first time that Dr. Idris ever mentioned anything about it.

"Banyak ni...you should actually only be gaining 1/2kg a week..let's check if its the baby.."

"Baby is normal size...the weight gain is all you.."

hahahahha..I know..I admit. And my recent chocolate cravings are not helping either.

Fine..funny fat lady in the house!!!!!


  1. i tak gems...u sorang je. I makan salad for lunch. *wink* *wink*

  2. hey..i makan appetizer je for lunch tau!!

    rawkstar..stop being a bitch..bitch!:P



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