Jan 29, 2010

My First..

I know it's not such a big deal..but in a way it is. Although it took me this long for it to happen..but I'm proud that it did. Because it is my very first...

My very first CAR!
Proton Saga SE

Woot!woot!..I know it's no BMW or Mercedes..but hey...it's my very first car! Bought (and will continue to pay for the next 9 years) by my own self!!

Suami finds it so amusing that I had this weird expression of disbelief when we went to pick it up yesterday..I'm like that. Things like this..good things..don't happen often in my life and I'm always puzzled by how I should react everytime it does happen. We even managed to get our 3 digits registration number. Alhamdulillah....

Review for the car? Alaaaaa..you're asking the wrong person. All I can say, it's a pleasant car to drive and suami didn't burp all the way to work this morning when he was driving (he burps when he drives indicating that he is bored)..Now I just need to scout for the car MP3 player we bought a few months back that suami kept god knows where...

But I hope this will not be the only good news for the year...the biggest good news I'm really looking forward to will be coming end of April....amin....

And peah..I DON'T WANT YOUR JON!!! Plus ai kenot laa take the picture like you suggested.....not right now at least..heheh!


  1. Wah rezeki anak la ni! Congrats sha. No 3 digit lagi..

  2. terlajak sampan boleh undur...

    terlajak kata....sendiri mau ingat aa...

    -peah & his jon.

  3. azie..rezeki anak jugak la. the baby was one of the main consideration taken when deciding to get a 2nd car..

    peah..hahahaha..ai dun want to chat wit yuh anymore...:P

  4. sikit sikit dulu sha.ada rejeki SAGA ke BMW ke hape ke...rumah lagi besaq ke....tapi yg paling utama is murah rezeki dan dilimpahi kasih sayang org keliling.itu yg priceless!itu yg terbaik.insyaAllah more to come.Ameen


  5. tahniahhhhhh......sonok lah koooo ..rezeki baby ni!!!



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