Jan 21, 2010

Blackberry vs. iPhone

Am thinking of changing my phone. No doubt I truly love my sony ericsson phone..but with the current trend and technology..My beloved sony ericsson seems to be so pre-historical. So right now..I have 2 phones that I'm contemplating on getting..

Blackberry or iPhone 3Gs?

So okay..let's lay out the arguments. We'll start with Blackberry..

1. Free BB chat with other BB users. So far a few friends I know who uses this are rawkstar, sapik and suami.
2. Sudoku! :P
3. I like the QWERTY keypad.
4. If the battery dies off..I can change it..just the battery I mean..not the whole phone.

1. The package for BB is way beyond the amount of phone bill I consume monthly. I think Celcom BB package is RM98 (unlimited data)..exclusive of your voice calls and smses (pls correct me if I'm wrong..). My TOTAL current phone bill is only RM98 unlimited data+my monthly voice calls & smses. Sometimes much lesser.
2. If I take the package that comes together with the BB, I think I'll have to pay about RM130 + RM118 for the Celcom Executive package (or do I just have to pay RM130? Again..please correct me if I'm wrong), contract for 2 years.
3. I don't really need to use the email function. Well..not with my current job at least. So that's the feature that BBs are well known for.
4. Can I store music and pictures? As much as I have in my Sony Ericsson?
5. No video call..

So okay..now my argument for iPhone..

1. Definitely a lifestyle smartphone..pictures, music plus I think I can blog from the phone too.
2. No iPhone commitment package. I can maintain my current phone package.
3. Way more choices for games etc..(suami's favorite is the tong sampah game!)
4. With my unlimited data plan, I can still get push mail and chat using ebuddy (gtalk, ym, msn...)
5. Boleh video call ke?
6. Suami might be getting me my very first Macbook...so laa compatible to have an iPhone kan?

1. No BB chat obviously..
2. If the battery kaput...the whole phone has to go.
3. Touch screen keypad..for smses etc..not really my thing.
4. No package to get iPhone for a cheaper price or free. I'm a hardcore Celcom supporter and I don't really like any other networks. This decision is final..no matter how many times I will be mistaken as Sabri or Hazwan or Rumah Mayat Subang Jaya...The number and network stays. I'm naively loyal like that.

So there you have it. Don't ask me to argue about the technical part of the phones. I don't know. Have never been a gadget freak and I doubt it I will ever be one. So my arguments are OBVIOUSLY very superficial..:P

So how? Feel free to throw in more arguments. If not I will just stick to my Sony Ericsson or take suami's Nokia E71 (because of the keypad obviously..:P) until I really ABSOLUTELY need to use either one of these phones.

Should I start a poll?


  1. iphone 3Gsssssss!!!!!! it's the coolest phone in the world. ada byk game best. utk baby pun ada. hehe. i think bb is quite boring. but maybe thats just me. :)

    dont worry abt the touchscreen. i was sceptical too before. but now, i cant live without my iphone. love it to bits!

  2. personally i prefer blackberry, because Celcom (for example) got rm1/day social package that include facebook, YM, gtalk, etc unlimited usage.

    bb chat also free. and about apps dont worry there are thousands of bb apps out there.

    if you're goin to take a bundle plan sure you have a comitment and contract (same goes with iphone), then just buy blackberry and take plan without contract and comitment.

    another advantage, iphone is using built in storage. mean, your data cannot be save if anything happen to your iphone (crash, etc..). it will be reflash and everything will gone. compare to blackbbery that usually come with external storage card, it won't lost. and u can also easily transfer it to other device.

  3. takyah ah dua2..semua ni benda duniawi je.



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