Jan 8, 2010

Would You Take a Different Course?

This morning, on the way to sending suami to work (this week I jadi driver untuk suami..) Dilly and JD from the Red.fm Pagi Show was discussing their topic for the day..

"Knowing what you know now, would you have changed the course you took in college?"

Honestly..I wouldn't. Although I'm not anywhere near as to where I want to be yet as an Environmental Engineer, and only practicing it for almost 2 years now..I think I made the right choice. Despite making the choice for all the wrong reasons initially (my then boyfriend was an Engineering Student when I was to decide on my degree..so I choose the most logical engineering course I could take just so I would be in the same faculty as he was..:P) the course turned out to be a pretty highly demanded engineering dicipline nowadays.

And also I wouldn't change my course for the ego trip it gives everytime people finds out that you are an Engineering student...heheheh! And the bragging rights to it too..heheh!

The question they should've asked was..would you practice the course that you took?

For now..I would. But I'm open for new career ventures. I don't mind trying something totally different from what I'm doing right now. Secretly, I want to go into a career as a presenter or emceeing (think Cheryl Samad, Elaine Daly..not Eminem) or even deejaying..but I don't know if I'm chatty enough. Maybe if paired with the right person..I might be able to pull it off.

But despite it all..the one thing I WOULD change if I could, was studied a little harder and graduating on time. Because then I would've had enough time to pursue my childhood career wish...

Hahahah! Tinggi tak cita-cita aku????

But I had a plan. It was to stay with the airlines for 5years then go and practice my degree or what not. To become a stewardess was only to fulfill my ego for glamor and to learn a few stuffs on self-grooming. Plus the travelling and pay is not so bad. Why not, right?

Well..it's all in the past now..Where I am right now is all good. It's opening a LOT of doors as to where I can be in say 5 years time, whether I remain in this dicipline or not.

Else...being a housewife is not so bad either *wink*

*imagine if my then boyfriend was studying Islamic studies.....ustazah ke aku sekarang??*
note: no puns intended in this statement. It's just that I don't think I'm cut out to be a preacher because there's much for me to learn myself, let alone preach to other people about Islam.


  1. jom pursue cita-cita kite nak bukak outdoor centre tuh.

  2. i've always wanted to be a FA too tapi ketinggian tak cukup. but being a housewife is not bad either :p



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