Apr 19, 2010


Seriously..I AM...

It is now 11.35pm on a sunday night. I am currently blogging using my much reliable phone on my labor bed. I am strapped to the CTG machine, to monitor my contractions and baby's heartbeat. The doctor just left a few minutes ago saying that I am now 3cm dilated. He's saying lets wait for things to take it normal course through the night. But if my contractions still doesn't get any stronger, he might induce me in the morning to make things go a bit faster..

Which means..insya allah by tomorrow i will be a mommy!

You must be wondering how in the world can i even THINK of updating my blog when I am in labor!! It is because, alhamdulillah, for now my contractions are not painful..YET! And i am bored..the nurse told me to try get some sleep coz who knows..the contractions might get more intense in a couple of hours that will prolly rob me of my comfort. But i can't sleep..hearing my baby's heartbeat on the CTG machine is making me too excited to sleep. So i blog...

Suami is in the waiting room..watching tv i guess coz it's not really comfortable for him to sit here in the labor room with me. He's too excited to stay put too so i sent him off to let off some steam..it might an eventful night for us tonight.

My contractions started this morning. I woke up having this really intense back ache together with a contraction. Then it was just the contractions throughout the morning without any pain. My FIL prolly has really strong instinct..he knows that i was having contractions every half an hour (give or take laa) and told suami to take me to the hospital there n then..but neither suami nor i wanted to go yet coz contractions was too far apart. Plus suami wanted to finish polishing the car..(boleh tak??)

So after suami was done polishing..we took a nap..at about 3pm i tried to monitor the contractions and it was about 25mins apart..give or take..monitored for about 2 hrs then felt a bit funny coz the baby was moving too much than normal. I remembered the doctor advising us if the baby moves too much or too little, get to the hospital..

By this time, suami was upstairs on the computer. I quickly showered and pestered suami to get ready. Tried to do things under the radar coz i didnt want my MIL to worry or panic. she doesn't take emergency situations too well..

So we got to the hospital at about 5.30pm. Thank god it was a sunday so there was not much if traffic..can you imagine if it was a working day??? Getting from gombak to bangsar would've been hell at that time of day! could tell that suami panicked a bit throughout the journey..honestly..i was on the verge of tears already coz the baby's movement wasn't 'normal' at home..

But just as we reached the hospital, baby gave me a kick and it's normal movements..i relaxed a bit.. Suami checked me in and the nurse strapped me on the CTG machine.. Alhamdulillah baby's heart was beating just fine.. And i was already 2cm dilated..

Guess FIL and my mom's instincts was really strong (my mom tried to call me at 3pm coz she 'tak sedap hati')..-moral of the story..trust your parents' instincts!!!!

So here i am a 5 hours since i checked inand has made 1cm progress..insya allah it will go quite fast (i hope!!) since this will be my second delivery.. i hope everything will go well for both baby and i..amin..

So that's it from the labor room! Insya allah next entry will be when the baby arrives!

Will keep you guys posted! Wish me and the baby well everyone!!!

Apr 18, 2010

Say A Little Prayer

I came across this doa from Nuurill's blog a while back and feel that its a complete wish to ask from Allah the Almighty.

Arwah would've been 1 year old a few days back..and here I am anxiously waiting for my little miracle to be delivered anytime now..(I am 38 weeks today) I just feel like sharing it with everyone and it's a little prayer I have for myself..

Ya Allah! Sekiranya memang inilah yang telah ditentukan padaku, maka dekatkanlah ia dengan hatiku. Permudahkanlah segalanya..
Tapi sekiranya tidak, jauhkanlah ia. Berikanlah petunjuk agar ku dapat mencari sesuatu yang lebih baik. Yang telah Engkau tentukan..

I am anxiously waiting for my labor signs.. I think I might've experienced a few contractions since morning but it's too far apart to do anything. I am just monitoring the baby's movement for now and alhamdulillah so far everything is ok.

I have another check up with the good doctor this coming wednesday..maybe I'll see him sooner than that..I don't know. But I hope everything will go well from now onwards..

I already had a false alarm a few weeks back (was the same night I was supposed to meet up with the girls!!) but it was what it was..a false alarm..admitted for a night for observation tho due to my previous history..

*little baby..hope you'll give your mama MAJOR signs that you're coming ok? Your mama might be a bit paranoid on the little signs..*

And am honestly bored outta my head now....:P

Apr 5, 2010

New Member has Arrived!!!

No!! I haven't given birth yet..and i know I said that I'd prolly blog after I have given birth..but this is a news I just can't resist to share..

My cousin Jaja gave birth to a baby girl yesterday at 12.48pm (i think?).. So i just wanted to share the news with everyone! I haven't visited her yet coz i have a few stuffs to do at home before i ship myself to my in-laws tomorrow (home renovations will begin tomorrow..) But will definitely go and visit her tomorrow onwards..

We're about 2 weeks apart (her EDD is supposed to be on the 17th April) so MAYBE this means another 2 weeks for me??? I will be 37 weeks next week so it should be ok...Will find out this friday on what the doctor decides..

I am SOOO excited for my dear cuzzie and myself too....mintak doa semuanya lancar dan selamat for all of us new mommies and mommies-to-be (yes..that means you guys too Azie and Mariko!)

So okay..that's all for now. Will do my best to keep you all posted on my progress..

*Sorry aa cik rawkstar..entry berbau keibuan..x dapek den nak menolong! Aku takmo jadi follower no 109 kau...tunggu nombor cantek lagi...*

Apr 4, 2010

This and That

Dah seminggu cuti. I am bored outta my head! I had my mom over for a few days so it was a lot of good food and help around the house. She's gone back to Kuantan..needed to settle some stuffs before she goes off to India next week..holiday..hehe..I think she of all people deserves a holiday. For all that she has done and been through..I just wished I could've contributed a bit more for her trip. But with a baby just a few weeks left..my mom's timing is not quite right.

Oh before i forget..Happy Birthday SOPHIE!!! 18 with 10 years of experience huh!heheh! We'll get that dinner for you done soon ok? Elsa's is also just around the corner..on the 10th and Erni's on the 22nd..looks like I have a thing for April babies..even my bab(ies) are April babies....mean anything? It just means that April is a month for celebration!

*Gurls (you know who you are)..if you are reading this..I am still able to go out for dinner birthday celebrations with you guys before I pop within this coming week....pastu I can't promise if I can be a safe companion for you guys unless you are willing to get me to the hospital IN CASE anything were to happen! (now that would be worth blogging about!! Going into labour while having dinner with the gurls..DEFINITELY history in the making!!heheh!) but just to be safe..I'll bring my hospital card when I go out with you and let's choose a place that is close to the hospital I plan to deliver in k? Call me..I am a lady of leisure now....not need to LLB (Look Like Busy) on my chat status anymore!*

My dear cuzzie is I guess waiting impatiently at her place now. She's been 1.5cm dilated since thursday and her doctor is warded for fever!!hahaha! You poor dear Jaja..just hang in there and monitor the baby closely ok babe! Wishing you all the best and I hope the labor signs come soon for you!! You must be so anxious...coz I'm very anxious too..dah bosan dah menunggu!

My other momma-to-be Azie tatau apa cerita. Babe..I tried to call you the other day to check on how you're doing but couldn't get through..Hope everything is ok with you! It should be anytime now for you too right?

Well..as much as suami likes to plan things..his timing to renovate the house couldn't come in a more 'appropriate' time. Renovations for our kitchen and house is planned to begin tomorrow so I am shipped off to my in-laws til all the works are done..Well at least I will be able to get a decent internet connection there. Prolly start working on that certification report that is long overdue!!:P I need to get it done by the time I finish my maternity leave!!! Don't want to leave any loose ends when I venture into new pastures..*hehehe..nothing confirmed yet so am not saying anything..*

Wonder how my other chat partners are doing....since I've been on leave have not been able to go online much. Ketinggalan gosip...ada gosip ke wahai cik rawkstar, en. buih dan ustad hajime?????? Maybe I should get myself that blackberry phone....been eyeing on that White Blackberry Curve actually.....................

Wants and Needs...sigh..tak boleh. Budget lari..baby on the way. Cannot be selfish anymore! :P

So I guess that's it for today. A BIG possibility the next time I'll update my blog I'd be a mommy..Insya Allah...wish me luck people...Having mixed emotions now but fingers crossed...everything should be fine...

*Saw KUWTK a few days back..the episode where Kourtney Kardashian gave birth..I salute her!!!She was so calm and collected during the entire labour and even pulled out the baby herself!!!!!!!! Doubt I can do that but you have my utmost respect Kourtney! My inspiration when I go into labor nanti..will try to remain calm and strong!*


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