Sep 28, 2012

Work, study, mommy and wife duties!

CRM at 7 months
yep..she's grown since the last time she made an appearance here.
The end of my second week at my new job. Still not much happening because my boss is out for the entire week. So I'm still idling about in the office, trying real hard to keep myself busy so I won't fall asleep :P

Been a pretty challenging week too with the kids..for my mom especially since both babies are sick. Started with CKD sneezing and coughing, then little CRM caught the bug with a flu and cough..:( poor babies..missing both tremendously..

Since I've started work I'm almost certain that I've gained some weight! Fixed meal times and lesser movements (stuck in front of the laptop and only leaving the chair for toilet breaks or to get some water as opposed to being on my feet all day when I wasn't working). And time with the babies are sooo limited :'(

I get home from work around 6.30-7.00pm the earliest. The moment I get home, little CRM will want to latch on to me immediately and completely immobilizing me, leaving the big sis deprived of some play time with me. And once she's done with me, she'll want to be carried around all the its quite a struggle for me to eat, take a shower or do anything when I get home.

And since classes has started, my saturdays are full..from 8am til 9.30pm!! got that right..9.30.. AT NIGHT! But I do have a 4hour break between 11am til 3pm so I make it a point to go back home and play with the kids and bf CRM.

By the time sunday comes, I feel so tired and just want to stay home. But that seems to be the only day I have to spend some time with the family, and I also need to prepare for the new week..

Sigh..hectic! Soooo very hectic! But I guess, there will be no glory without any struggle or sacrifices right?

Well, as they always say..

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.."

But I do miss my babies....I hope both of them will fully recover from their cough and flu so we can all have a truly fun weekend this sunday..

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Sep 21, 2012

Back to work!

This month has been a month of many first days for me.
- CKD's first day of kindy
- my first day of classes (after almost a year break)

And my first day of work..

Different from how I felt when I was starting work in UniMAP, I didn't really feel nervous about starting at the new place. I guess maybe because its in the city, close by to suami's office and I do have some friends in the area. Also maybe I think I've finally reached the point where I don't really care what people think of me. Not here to impress anyone. I'm here to work..

Probably got my priorities right ;)

But alhamdulillah, it has been 4 days since I've started and I've settled in quite comfortably. I still don't have full access of my desk nor have my pc/laptop assigned to me..but I don't expect much use for it on my first week anyway.

Before I started here, I was advised to make sure my workwear were corporately smart. A bit of a challenge for me since my previous employments work attire did not really contribute to my wardrobe. I was either in a uniform or the attire was more casual rather than corporate :P So after CKD started kindy, I obsessed over my wardrobe trying to make what little that I have (and the minimal funds I had) to work. Even made a look book out of it! LOL!

So I was kinda disappointed when I came in for my first day to see that the people here didn't really look like those I see on tv (think devil wears prada and ugly betty's office scenes) Or maybe I've set the workwear standards a tad bit too high! Haha! But I must say that the girls in my department are dressed quite fashionably, so I'm not ENTIRELY disappointed :)

Another concern of mine before I started working was my lunch budget. Thinking that my office is smack in the middle of the city's Golden Triangle, lunch was gonna cost me both arms and legs! How silly of me! But I guess my concern wasn't really uncalled for because unless you've worked in the area, you wouldn't know of all the small stalls that mushrooms during morning rush hour and lunch time. Happy to say that RM10 per day is sufficient enough for breakfast AND lunch, with a wide variety and tasty too! :D

Have spent my first 4 days settling my documentations with the human resources and reading up on the company. Made fast friends with the girls here and so far, I don't have anything to complain about MY department ;) I see a lot of potential for me to learn and grow here. Yes, I'm very optimistic that I have a chance to make it..insya allah

Either that or I'm just getting old and finally acting my age. Like I said, got my priorities right ;)

Have a great weekend everyone! Mine won't begin til tomorrow evening because of classes. But that's another story for another day.
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Sep 7, 2012

Baby's a Big Girl :'(

I know it has been almost 7 months since I've last blogged (I know this because CRM is almost 7 MONTHS OLD!) But things has been pretty havoc around here lately up til this week..sort off.

CKD has started playschool...

Must be wondering why she started playschool almost at the end of the year, but we've decided to send little CKD to Kinderland because I will be back in the rat race of the corporate world soon. And with two babies, my dear mother will not be able to handle both girls alone. So off to school and daycare for CKD while little CRM gets to spend some time with her grandma at home.

labeling daycare essentials
On the first day of school, was pretty hard to get her to wake up so I had to bribe her with a tube of chocolate Smarties and almost instantly, she was up and chirpy! *facepalm* Suami took leave for the day since it was such a big milestone for us, so we both could send her (secretly, he was more anxious about sending CKD to school than I was! He was up since 5am thinking about it! LOL!). CKD was so excited that both of us were up so early and wanted to take her out...not knowing what was in store for her.
smiling in her uniform
in my kinderland uniform
When we got to the school, the other kids was playing outside before the classes started. She spotted her big cousin, my nephew, who goes there too and immediately joined the other kids play. We stayed for a while to pay her fees and talk to the teacher for a bit, and then we slowly sneaked out, hoping CKD won't spot us. Later that afternoon, my nephew reported that CKD cried (heartbreakssss) wanting me and her grandma.

When we picked her up that evening, she was sooo happy to see us but I could hear that she still had little sobs in her voice from all the crying :'(

We took her to the mall in front of our place for ice cream and then went home. That night, she went to bed at 9pm..VOLUNTARILY! She was also very cooperative and ate her dinner without putting up a fight!

Day 2, since she went to bed early the night before and slept through the night, she was up quite early and I had to bribe her with gummy vitamin C to get her ready. Not much protest and my mom decided to tag along sending her to school.

Again CKD was excited to go out so early in the day, not knowing she was going to school again. So when we arrived at school, we were a little late and I had to ring the bell to get the school teacher to come and get her. She was alright up til the teacher closed the school gate and realized I wasn't going to stay with her.

I quickly rushed off but my eyes were looking at her and of course, heart was breaking seeing my baby girl cry for me..:'( But that evening when I went to pick her up, she was happy to see me as usual, and there was no more sobs in her voice. The teacher told me that she was still crying, but not too bad.

Day 3, CKD still hasn't quite compute that she was going to school again and didn't protest putting on her uniform. I sent her on my own and again, she was happy to be out with me early in the morning. But the moment we arrived in front of the school, she saw the teachers and started crying. I carried CKD out from the car and passed her to the teachers. And although she was crying, she didn't entirely protest being passed to her teacher. So I took it as a sign that school is not so bad, but she just wants me to be around too.

Day 4, she refused her uniform. So off to school she went not wearing her uniform. And all through the ride to school, she was begging me for everything and everyone (in her limited vocab of course) hoping I won't send her. Only god knows (and other mommies who has experience of sending their babies to daycare, I'm sure) how I felt that moment. My mom was already losing the battle..she kept on telling me to just send CKD for playschool and not daycare coz she couldn't take seeing CKD begging us like that. But I had to put my feet down. That evening when I picked her up, she was a lot more happier. Even the teacher told me that she has made some improvements. Less crying..and I was relieved.

Today is Day 5 and again she refused her uniform. She didn't even want to get dressed even though she was up since 7.30am. But she eventually saw her overalls and decided she wanted to wear it just like Max (one of her favorite show on Nick Jr - Max & Ruby). And since everybody was up, my mom decided to tag along sending her to school. She put up a bit more protest today. Not even wanting to get into the car and again, the begging all through the ride to school. Upon arriving to the school, her begging got more intense but not much crying. So when we arrived at the school, I carried her out of the car and passed her to her teacher. She was still begging and crying a little when the teacher took her away from me, but she didn't struggle. And as we drove away, we saw that she was walking indoors to the school on her own and not crying or throwing a fit.

Mach and Ruby as CKD pronounces it

My mom felt better seeing that she wasn't really struggling to go to school and submit to our plans of sending CKD there. Yesterday evening when I took CKD down to the playground, we met up with a few kids who goes to the same school as her. When they saw her they immediately called out her name and she was so excited to see them too. A reaction different from before, because although she has seen them before this, the kids are no longer faces in the crowd for her but some kids that she can actually relate to. One of the boys who was in the same class as my nephew was telling me that CKD likes to play in their class because her big cousin was there. The way he described it sounded like she was having quite a lot of fun.

The teacher did brief me that during her first week, they will not enforce anything on CKD but rather let her explore and get used to the place. Hence her crashing her big cousin's classroom!

Sigh..this little heart of mine feels so overwhelmed..My little baby girl is not so little anymore and is learning her first few lessons of what the real world is like. This whole week's experience has made me realized that we have been a tad bit too overprotective of CKD. Looking back, CKD has never been anywhere without me or my mom around for a long period of time (meaning more than a couple of hours) and I guess that is actually CKD's biggest issue with her school. Otherwise, I think she's enjoying the people and activities that they have there..

Well, hope she continues to enjoy school and maybe soon, no more protest but rather pestering us to send her. I'm sure this is good for her...:(

Please don't grow up too fast baby girl...

CKD at 1 day old - felt like it was only yesterday :'(


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