Sep 28, 2012

Work, study, mommy and wife duties!

CRM at 7 months
yep..she's grown since the last time she made an appearance here.
The end of my second week at my new job. Still not much happening because my boss is out for the entire week. So I'm still idling about in the office, trying real hard to keep myself busy so I won't fall asleep :P

Been a pretty challenging week too with the kids..for my mom especially since both babies are sick. Started with CKD sneezing and coughing, then little CRM caught the bug with a flu and cough..:( poor babies..missing both tremendously..

Since I've started work I'm almost certain that I've gained some weight! Fixed meal times and lesser movements (stuck in front of the laptop and only leaving the chair for toilet breaks or to get some water as opposed to being on my feet all day when I wasn't working). And time with the babies are sooo limited :'(

I get home from work around 6.30-7.00pm the earliest. The moment I get home, little CRM will want to latch on to me immediately and completely immobilizing me, leaving the big sis deprived of some play time with me. And once she's done with me, she'll want to be carried around all the its quite a struggle for me to eat, take a shower or do anything when I get home.

And since classes has started, my saturdays are full..from 8am til 9.30pm!! got that right..9.30.. AT NIGHT! But I do have a 4hour break between 11am til 3pm so I make it a point to go back home and play with the kids and bf CRM.

By the time sunday comes, I feel so tired and just want to stay home. But that seems to be the only day I have to spend some time with the family, and I also need to prepare for the new week..

Sigh..hectic! Soooo very hectic! But I guess, there will be no glory without any struggle or sacrifices right?

Well, as they always say..

"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.."

But I do miss my babies....I hope both of them will fully recover from their cough and flu so we can all have a truly fun weekend this sunday..

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  1. luckily aku dh habis. kalau tak mungkin title entry bole tiru kamu. bahaha



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