Dec 27, 2010

Sorry Harimau Malaya..

too hot!hahahahahahahahah!


*psst..he's 22 so it's legal to ogle..LOL!*

They're Back!

It's confirmed!they'll be back on air 3rd January on the Breakfast Show!! Heard the ad on Mix the other day! yeayyy!! (secretly wonders what will happen if Serena C were to join them and be a 3team Breakfast Show like before when it was Serena, Pietro and Ika)

On a different note..the offer came. But sadly am declining as it is not up to my expectations plus. It's not that I'm being greedy, but I do have commitments and it just won't cover it. I am however, truly upset about it :(

So I am still in town folks!

Dec 15, 2010

My Morning Radio is Killed!

I'm more of a radio person. The only CD I would listen to over and over again would be Project Pop. But even then, the mood has to be right.

So it would be typical of me to listen to the radio while I drive to work in the morning. I used to listen to the Breakfast Show back when it was Serena C and Pietro doing the slot. They had great chemistry and had great topics to talk about every morning. Plus they didn't have those prank call slots (ugghh..i hate those slots). Plus, plays old and new music. Perfect for me. Then I don't know why, their topics started to get a bit annoying and next thing I know, they were off the air. I don't know why coz I stopped listening to them.
Serena C and Pietro (

But I was ok. My friends introduced me to Initially it was because they played a LOT of my favorite songs from back in the days. Similar to, but a tad bit more variety. Then I started listening to their breakfast show. At first, I didn't really like Dilly's voice. But she kinda grew on me and I really enjoyed listening to her and JD. I loved the 'Thousand Ringgit Minute" slot which no one seems to win. Couldn't call in coz I'd be driving during the slot but I loved trying the trivia out by myself. And now..even they are taken off the air!
JD & Dilly (source: The Star)

I hate the other morning shows that are available now. I ESPECIALLY hate morning crew (oh how I wish for the days when Lil'Kev and Flyguy were on air! Those guys were PHENOMENAL!). However, I secretly enjoy Richard Reid's gossip slot and that's about it! I think Ean is plain rude (he seems to cut off his callers mid-conversation) and don't get me started on the prank calls. Same goes to ALL the stations who has those prank calls slots. Hello!! It's lame!

So now I skip stations every few minutes. Sometimes is not so bad, until they get to the Alarm Call slot. I wish they could be a bit more original with their slots (psst..the musical clip Phatfabes and Ben did together with Hunny Madu was great..start there!).

And the new team for! Sorry..but listening Kimberly and Reefa, it could cause a driving hazard for me. You guys don't have the chemistry like Serena and Pietro did.

And PLEASEEEEEEE dont' get me started on Rudy (taking over JD & Dilly's slot)!! The dude mumbles and talks like there's something in his mouth! Its probably all those sock people tell him to shove up his mouth! He's boring and sound soooo self-absorbed! It was better when Jeremy and Pietro took over for a bit. They should've just continued with those guys! Rudy's Recruit??????? It's more like you're the one who needs to be recruited!

But I heard news that JD and Dilly will be 'MIX'ing back starting January 3rd! Yeay!!!!!! I look forward to my morning fix..thank god!

So I guess for now, the cds will just have to do or keep on station hopping..January please come quick!

Dec 9, 2010

Too Bad

Now you know what it feels like
When you do what you do to me
But sadly, you still don't realize
The mistakes you have made
And for that,
I pity you..
For when you never realize your mistake
How will you ever know how to improve yourself
So you will be stuck
As the sorry little person that you are

I am already disillusioned by you
Always thinking that they are out to get you
Again I pity you..
For the insecurities that you feel
The front you are putting
Is only making it worse

Too bad..
Feel what I feel
I grow from it..but will you?
Or will it just add more to your insecurities?
Too bad..

Dec 3, 2010

The Vanity Bag

Ta daa!!
I have been meaning to put this up for a while now but I just don't seem to have the inspiration to write about it. Oh well.

Anyway, I burnt a hole in suami's pockets a few weeks ago while I was shopping for new work clothes during the I-setan sale. Hehe! We were in KLCC and estee-lauder was having a promotion at the concourse area. At first, we were just helping tariq out to get the make-up set for his wedding hantaran. But then, I wanted one for myself too!

The offer couldn't come in a more appropriate time (ceh! Kononn!!). I mean, the complete set was going at RM220(purchase with purchase) when the normal RP was over RM1000 (input from tariq coz he surveyed it a few weeks back). The set came with:

eyeshadow pallette
blusher pallette
4 sticks of lipstick
dual lipgloss
3 crayon eyeliners
a set of brushes
make-up remover
Make-up bag, pouch and mirror

All we had to do was buy a mascara (RM90) and the set was ours at the promo price. I call that a steal!

This is a steal don't you think so?
So FINALLY! I have a proper make-up set! The great thing about this set was it even came with a look book and simple tutorials on how to put on make-up..very much needed for a make-up noob like me! All these while, when I do my own make-up it will only involve a compact powder, eyeliner,mascara and lipgloss (with lipstick if rajin! :P)

Look Book
My mom was happy, can't say the same with suami!haha! I have been putting in extra effort in dressing myself up. I TRY to put on some make-up when I go out. Suami is complaining.."You pakai cantik2..sekarang I pun kene pakai cantik" and frowns! Hahaha! Well, good that he feels that way!

So, that's another Be More Presentable added to my list!

Make-up, check! Next is wardrobe!

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