Dec 3, 2010

The Vanity Bag

Ta daa!!
I have been meaning to put this up for a while now but I just don't seem to have the inspiration to write about it. Oh well.

Anyway, I burnt a hole in suami's pockets a few weeks ago while I was shopping for new work clothes during the I-setan sale. Hehe! We were in KLCC and estee-lauder was having a promotion at the concourse area. At first, we were just helping tariq out to get the make-up set for his wedding hantaran. But then, I wanted one for myself too!

The offer couldn't come in a more appropriate time (ceh! Kononn!!). I mean, the complete set was going at RM220(purchase with purchase) when the normal RP was over RM1000 (input from tariq coz he surveyed it a few weeks back). The set came with:

eyeshadow pallette
blusher pallette
4 sticks of lipstick
dual lipgloss
3 crayon eyeliners
a set of brushes
make-up remover
Make-up bag, pouch and mirror

All we had to do was buy a mascara (RM90) and the set was ours at the promo price. I call that a steal!

This is a steal don't you think so?
So FINALLY! I have a proper make-up set! The great thing about this set was it even came with a look book and simple tutorials on how to put on make-up..very much needed for a make-up noob like me! All these while, when I do my own make-up it will only involve a compact powder, eyeliner,mascara and lipgloss (with lipstick if rajin! :P)

Look Book
My mom was happy, can't say the same with suami!haha! I have been putting in extra effort in dressing myself up. I TRY to put on some make-up when I go out. Suami is complaining.."You pakai cantik2..sekarang I pun kene pakai cantik" and frowns! Hahaha! Well, good that he feels that way!

So, that's another Be More Presentable added to my list!

Make-up, check! Next is wardrobe!

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