May 5, 2010

The Tigress Has Arrived

She has taken over my life..mainly my sleep!

It has been a little over 2 weeks since i was blessed with my pride and joy..Che Keisha Damia..sorry i can't attach her picture here coz am blogging using my phone and i don't know how to attach pix using this..

She was born at 3.12kg at 4.10pm, 19th April you know from my previous entry, how i went into labor. Well, the continuation from that incident i shall now share with you.

I spent the entire night with just minor contractions with not much pain the night before. The only thing causing the experience a tad bit uncomfortable was i was strapped to the CTG machine the whole time. therefore i couldn't get up to walk off the contractions.

I made 1cm progress when the doctor checked on me at 9am in the morning..4cm he broke my waterbag and put me on the drip to help hasten my dilation..

And the pain began....

I didn't take any pain killers and it took almost forever for me to progress from 4cm to 2pm i was only 5cm dilated..but the pain was sooo intensive i submitted to 'the gas mask'. They offered to give me more painkillers or an epidural..but i don't know why i refused the offer..

At 3pm i made good progress..7cm dilated. Doctor said.."insya allah lepas asar boleh la bersalin" and went out for a while..but in less than 15mins i was already feelong like i wanted to pass motion and begged suami to call the nurse. By this time the pain was so intensed and the nurse checked i was already 8cm dilated and started all the prep work for labor.

Suami whispered to me while holding my hands.."i promise lepas ni kita rest a few years before we try for another baby k? I tak sanggup tgk you sakit macam ni.."

At the same moment the nurse kept checking on me and coached me to breathe in the gas everytime the contractions came coz if i fought the pain, it would delay the contractions. Within a few minutes i was 9cm dilated and the nurse told me to hold it in. "Don't push until the doctor get here!"

Thank god the doctor finally got in within a few minutes..heard later on that he rushed to the labor room coz i was in labor earlier than he anticipated! :p

Once he arrived, i had 3 nurses assisting the doc and suami by my side. By this time i was in excruciating pain, i can't tell who was saying what but only them telling me.."kalau rasa nak berak..TERANN!!"

And TERAN I did!!!

suami said it took me 8pushes and the baby was out..and everytime i pushed the nurses and the doctor said "sikit lagi!!sikit lagi!!" Yeah right!!!hahaha..

Che Keisha Damia is beautiful! (i will post up pictures of her once i can use the laptop..for now her pics are on FB..yes..suami took a pic of me and keisha moments after she was born and you can see my legs still strapped on to the bed! :p)

Immediately after Keisha was born i held her in my arms and she had her eyes wide open and just gave me one small cry before they took her outside for a while to cut her umbilical cord and cleaned her up.

But when they took her outside, she screamed SO loud..she's definitely my little girl! :p

Suami iqamat into her ears immediately after they cleaned her and then returned her to me. And all the while, the doctor was stitching me up!! Honestly..the contractions were WAYYYY more painful then the stitching up..and i was not on ANY FORM of anaesthetics! :p

So that's birth labor for you! Insya allah the next time i update i'll be able to post up her pics and update on the first 2 weeks of Che Keisha Damia's life....

On that note..motherhood is both depriving and rewarding all at the same time ppl!! The term 'Syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu' is something we should ALL remember...

Til later..i need to catch some sleep now before she wakes!


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