Oct 29, 2009

Long Weekend for me..

Am taking the day off tomorrow. Suami said he's taking us to go 'somewhere'. Puas aku tanya hari-hari "Kita nak pegi mana ni???" Siap merajuk segala dengan harapan mendapat jawapan. Tapi suami cakap "Biarla suprise please..I tak pernah boleh surprise you.."

Which is true.

My poor suami..since we got together he's always planned some surprise for me for special occasions but to his avail..I ALWAYS find out before. First time he tried to surprise me was for my 26th birthday. Siap komplot dengan Lina and Fariq..penat diorg berdua pick me up from work, took me to go have coffee, jalan-jalan sumer. Last-last my then future sister-in-law spoilt the surprise by sending me and SMS saying..

"Sorry I can't make it tonight..hope you enjoy the 'surprise'"

Konpem laaa kantoi ada birthday party kann???hahaha!I immediately called then fiance and said "You buat birthday party ke untuk I?"

The poor darling was so disappointed when he knew I found out. Apparently he has spent the whole day cleaning and cooking to prepare for my birthday that day...But I still had fun and it was REALLY sweet of him to do so..

The next surprise I spoilt for him was for our first anniversary. I found out about my gift in advance. This one was actually by accident. I wanted to borrow some money from suami, so I took out his wallet. Then I found out a receipt for a deposit for a motorbike which I was not familiar with the model or the plate number.

Our anniversary was supposed to be the next day and me being VERY pregnant that time, I thought nothing of the bike. I thought maybe he bought a new bike for himself or something. So that night I asked him.."Sayang, you beli motor baru ke?"

He was so shocked then looked disappointed. "Macam mana you tau?"

So I told him I saw the receipt in hi wallet. "You ni....*sigh* selalu tau spoil surprise I!" and then said to me since I already knew, might as well show it to me. That was when I met my beloved green bike..He sold off his EX5 which was his pride and joy and sometimes lifeline, just so he could buy me the scrambler....

So this time..OKlaa...I give chance to him laaaaa...he wants to surprise me..surprise la. :P Because I could go all Private Investigator on him and drill him for an answer..heheh! I don't really like surprises, but we'll see about this one...Whatever the surprise is, I will still love you sayang!

*Whatever it will be, at least I will have him the whole weekend ALL TO MYSELF!yeay!!*

Oct 22, 2009

Power Nap!

Referring to my previous entry, I seem to have a habit of being VERY sleepy at work. Especially after lunch. Possibly contributed to all the factors in the entry before this.

So yesterday, was no exception. But around 2pm, nature was persistently calling! My poor colleagues probably had a taste (more of smell actually) of my 'gas bomb'!hahahahahahah! So..to the toilet I went. Big investment going on and I was feeling SOOOOOOO sleepy. hehehe..I think you can guess what happened next...:P

20 minutes in there, my colleagues started to worry and knocked on the toilet door..hehehe! I got out feeling VERY fresh..

Now that's what I call a POWER NAP!...:P

gambar adalah sekadar hiasan. aku tak sekiut ini...:P

*baby..jangan ikut perangai mama ok? nanti bontot terlekat kat jamban susah mama nak tolong..heheheh!

Oct 20, 2009

Patutla Aku Selalu Ngantok & Malas!

9 Things that Zap Your Vitality 
by Denise Shipani, Yahoo! Health

1. Being addicted to Email, Blackberry, IM, voicemail
 Isn't being wired to the hilt--e-mail, voice mail, IM, BlackBerry--supposed to boost productivity, freeing up your energy? More often, the opposite is true. If you continually halt what you're doing to answer e-mail, check voice mail, and attend to a thousand other beeps and blips, your attention becomes diluted, which leaves you feeling depleted.
There are two things going on here, says John Salerno, MD, a New York City family physician and director of the Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine. "The brain needs a lot of physical and mental energy to multitask, which gets drained," he says. And continually redirecting your attention from the BlackBerry to other stimuli siphons more energy and distracts your brain further.

- anies!kita kene kurangkan sesi dowhhh!!

2. Visual Clutter
We may be used to living in enclosed spaces with lots of stuff--a refrigerator door packed with artwork, a countertop laden with mail, a desk that's little more than a shifting pile of folders and paper--but it's not how we're meant to live, says Dr. Salerno. "Clutter signals disorder, which makes us anxious. Our brains sense that anxiety."

- my desk is always messy! but I love my clutter..:(

3. Being Bored
Ever sat around for an hour or more not tackling a chore or work because it's just so darned monotonous? Mental foot-dragging, boredom and lack of motivation are draining, says Dr. Salerno. "Put simply, we like to see results, and getting things done gives us a mental energy boost." So avoiding tasks deprives you of that high.

-Aku takde geng sekepala nak buat keje ngan aku..cemne?takkan nak geng ngan bos kut?

5. Toxic Indoor Air
Humming copy machines. Cleaning products. Dry-cleaning chemicals. Synthetic carpeting. Even the desks in your office may be contributing to the load of toxins you breathe each day, because all of them release chemicals into the air. "No one knows for sure how much harm these cause to our bodies, but they do build up over time, and can drain your energy by potentially interfering with thyroid function and overloading the body's detox system," says Frank Lipman, MD, a New York City physician and author of Spent: End Exhaustion and Feel Great Again. (Reduce your exposure to chemical toxins.)

-this is know..Sick Building Syndrome!hehehe...my lecturers would be so proud! :P

6. Eating Too Much at Once>
Consuming a big meal is always something that will cause a dip in energy later, but that effect is most noticeable in the afternoon because the slump happens at that reach-for-coffee-or-sugar hour: 3 p.m. Here's what happens: You fill up on a carb- and calorie-rich lunch and, as nutrients are absorbed by your body, excess glucose is dumped into your bloodstream, and your body releases insulin to process all that sugar. "A better idea is to spread out what and how you eat throughout the day to keep energy levels steady," says Gloria Tsang, RD, founder of the nutrition website HealthCastle.com.

-Betul!!!!!balik lunch je mesti ngantok!tapi harini ade jeruk kelubi best...

7. Living in Artificial Light
Our natural body rhythms are keyed to the rising and setting of the sun, says Carol Ash, DO, medical director of Sleep for Life, a sleep-disorder clinic in Somerset, New Jersey. When you open your eyes in the morning and get your first glimpse of sunlight, your brain receives a signal that helps it set its sleep-wake clock for the day. Similarly, seeing sunlight during the day gives your brain a boost. So if you are awake before the sun, and/or don't see much sun all day, your body is experiencing something a lot like jet lag.

-mcm superman laaaa pulak!

8. Listening to Negative Nellies
You may be upbeat, but it can be exhausting to listen to complainers all day long, whether it's the fellow mom who calls to trash-talk the neighbors or the coworker who never has a positive word to say. It's not your imagination: A 2006 study at Chicago's Northwestern University found that people forced to listen to "high-maintenance" colleagues became frustrated and unfocused, and suffered a decline in the quality of their work.

-hahahahahahahah!!!!gossip n complaints are BAD for you ok ppl!!

9. Holding a Grudge
It takes a surprising amount of energy to remember whom you have a grudge against, and to continually update the faults, missteps and things you're mad about. "Resentment is a huge drain physically as well as mentally," says Dr. Lipman. "Anger, resentment, grudges--all of these emotions are toxic, and we hang on to them in our bodies especially in tense, tired muscles."

-Haa...jangan berdendam! Ia mengganggu produktiviti anda!

You can read the original article and solutions to these problems here.

*patutla kol 3.30pm je aku dah start tersengguk sengguk kat meja aku!!heheheh!

Oct 19, 2009

Hollywood Bug??

Yesterday I had another dream. I was at a Hollywood award party. But it was held in KL (my dreams never makes sense ok!) So there I was..all glammed up, red carpet quality, mingling with the A-listers. Then I saw him..Jack Nicholson.

I approached him and said his rendition of the Frank Sinatra's song was just amazing..(where in the hell did I get that point pun I don't know!) And then, he looked at me and took my arms into his. He said "Let's get out of here"

We ended up going for sushi at Sushi King mane tah. But I said to him, "I can't eat sushi, I'm pregnant"
"It's ok, just keep me company"

Pastu tah macam mana..kami dikatakan berskandal!hahahahah!

Honestly, rather than dating Jack Nicholson, I would rather go out with Sir Richard Branson

Kacak kan orang tua ni??hahahahah! Back in the days when I was still in Uni, life was hard. Sometimes it was even a struggle to figure out whether or not I would be able to afford to pay for my lunch. So fantasizing about a better life was my favorite daydream. In fact I always daydreamed that I was Paris Hilton's other sister..hahah!

Aaaanyway..there was this one time a rumor spread through the faculty. That there was someone, a rich man 'recruiting' any willing college students. Sugar daddy laaaaaa...and because of that rumor, it triggered another of my daydreams!hahaha!

I use to have a list.. IF I was ever to have a sugar daddy, only these men would ever be considered..
1. Sir Richard Branson
2. Richard Gere
3. Shebby Singh
hahahahahha! A LOT of my friends laughed at my 3rd choice but hellllloooooooooooooo!! Have you seen this man?He's hot!hahahahahahahahha! One of my girl friends is a stewardess for Air Asia, and she once served Shebby..and hooooyeahhh..she agreed with me. Shebby is one HOT old man!hahahah!

But honestly..no matter how hard life was for me, I would NEVER submit to letting an older man 'sponsor' me just so I could have nicer things. It's like selling your soul to the devil...

Anyway..there is no point to this post. I'm just bored and I just wanted to get on Rawkstar's nerve..

Ye Anies...I got the Hollywood Bug. Nanti anak aku panggil Edward Cullen "daddy!"

*scary dowh!!no way..daripada si EC ni, baik takyah ade Hollywood daddy!! You can keep your Edward Cullen Anies...Happy belated birthday ok!(aku dah wish on time aritu..post je lambat) yuh noe ai lebiu! *

*note: Am not a fan of Edward Cullen or Twilight saga n whatnot..*

Oct 15, 2009

He's Definitely Smarter Than a 5th Grader!

This is an essay written by my 8 year old grand-nephew (OMG! I am already pangkat nenek! Will explain about it nanti). His uncle (my nephew) posted it on facebook and I just can't help but share it with you. The uncle blames it on playing Halo too much..hahah! Aku pun tak terfikir nak strategize macam budak ni! When I was 8, I was busy playing..not thinking how to protect my country or help save Gaza!...heheh!


*is this a negative or positive impact from playing video games too much???*

Oct 13, 2009

Sila Tingkatkan Usaha Anda!

If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I have a thing for Flash Mobs. Some of my previous entries related to flash mobs
1. Tribute to Michael Jackson
2. Oprah Winfrey 2009 Kick-off Party by BEP
3. Sasquatch Festival - Guy starts Dance Party

But a few days ago I came across our very own local flash mob. A tribute done by a local fan club for this band called 2PM (Korean Boyband)..hehe..happy/sad to say it made my day!hahahah! Not because it was good..but it was...hahahahah!Judge for yourself...

Oklaa..you have to give it to them for trying..but guys..I think you need a bit more practice before you put it on the road! :P I don't know how the song goes coz I saw this vid in the office without my speakers on. But the original band (the dance routine the fan club was trying to convey) is this one..

Who is 2PM? Sorry!my passion for boybands stopped at N'Sync! :P

I must say kids nowadays have got guts..too bad they seem to almost always channel it for the wrong reasons...

*Jime jangan keciwa hanya ada seorang yang chumel ya..let's hope if they try this again..lebih ramai si chumel yang join!*

Oct 2, 2009

How to know if the relationship is going to last or not?

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt of this guy who was born from a flower, looking soooo much like Adrian Grenier and was my boyfriend (in another life of course!) It was a nice dream until he asked me to play Star War's light saber with him..dreams don't make sense..I know.

My point here is that, during the part when he was holding me and whispered to me that he will always take care of me, it felt sooo..sigh..

I've had A LOT of relationships with men of different character and background...serious, non-serious, long term, short term, a friend, a stranger...you name it, been there, done that! But I'm stressing here that it was in the past. I'm just mentioning it now because I think through my experience, I've been able to come up with a theory on whether the relationship will last or not.

The first week of a new relationship is always the best. The feeling you get when he texts you or calls you, that first time he holds your hand, the first date, the conversations..everything la! You can't help but smile all the time and nothing could go wrong! You get soooo excited when you're about to see him and you miss him all the time.

I 've had soooo many of this feeling that got shot down. So I came up with my own theories of my own so that I won't get my hopes up high...So here are just a few of them that I'd like to share. It might not apply to everyone because this is entirely through my own personal observation. And also note that this observation only apply to one side of the story. What the partner feels about the 'relationship' is not part of my observation ok?

You know it's just a fling when...
After 2 weeks, you or him start to get bored. No more excitement, you start to see his flaws..he starts calling you lesser and always has an excuse when you ask to meet up. Or maybe you're the one who is not interested to see him anymore. You start complaining about him to your girlfriends, you dread going out with him..the fireworks are just not there anymore.

Flings are easy to get out off..but the after-fling could get weird. Especially if you hang out with the same group of friends. Bumping into each other after the fling could get awkward..but not nasty. But there are some flings that ends well, where you end up as good friends. Hey..it was just not meant to be.

You know this is not serious when...
You pass the 2 weeks mark. You're still in cloud 9 even after a month. But come the second month..things starts to get boring. You start to fight about little things..the same symptoms like I mentioned in the fling category starts to surface. Everything that he does just annoys you to the max!! Come the 3rd month..you just can't stand him anymore!

The end of this relationship could sometimes get ugly cause on his side of the story, he probably felt that the relationship could go somewhere. Guys that believed in the relationship would probably put in an effort to actually try make it work. But nothing he does could re-ignite the feelings. It was just time to go.

Some guys could still be friends, good friends too after this. Hey, you spent 3 months together, you probably learnt quite a lot about each other to be a good friend after that. Its long enough to love him but not enough to be 'in love' with him.

Or he's probably someone you just NEVER want to see again. :P

You know that this MIGHT mean something when...
Even after 3 months you still enjoy each other's company. You still love spending time with each other and every new discovery about him is funny or amusing. You'd probably have the occasional fights because things start to get deeper.  It could be about an ex or something that makes you feel jealous. Yes..you start to feel jealous.

In the end, you end up being each other's habit. Because it is a known fact that if you do something for 3 months straight, it becomes a habit. So when you get to this point, I honestly have lost all my theories about relationships. Most of my relationship that lasts longer than 3 months would prolong to over a year or maybe longer. But it's safe to say that I sincerely felt something for the guys that I dated for longer than a year. Why it didn't last could be contributed by a lot of different factors.

The end of this relationship is always nasty! Break-up is never easy and is always followed by drama(s). Friends would be the people who gets stuck in between and it could get ugly not only to the couple, but sometimes with the people around them. This is because you have been with each other for soo long..your friends becomes his friends too, and same goes with his friends. Things could get VERY complicated.

It's actually kinda sad that I can't seem to have a friendship with the guys I dated for longer than a year. The feeling of not being able to be friends with each other is sometimes not necessarily mutual, but so far, it just don't seem to be possible for us to be JUST friends.

You know this means FOREVER when...
Even after almost 2 years of being married to each other, you love to see him when he's fast asleep. You miss him when he gets home from work late or has to go outstation..You feel something is missing when he is not around. You love him even more even if he has lost his muscular physique..

You are still so in love with him and you can't imagine life without him..even after all these years..

Heyyy...mestilah puji suami!!:P But married life theory?? I'm probably not ready to come up with any. But a few pointers I received for the elders...
3 things that we should live by. No one said being married was an easy thing and it requires a lot of hard work. But I think both suami and I are doing pretty well...

And uh-oh..NEVER keep any secrets from your husband..no matter how ugly it is. Because if he truly loves you, he would understand and still love you anyway. Plus..it's uglier if he finds out later on from someone else or when he gets caught off guard...

hehe..hope my entry this time is useful..

*I love you Suami...*

Review: Chantek by Altimet feat. Adeep Fabulos Cats

Dikala tengah mengantok nak mampus buat R&D (bak kata Anies)..seriyes..bukan main Mafia Wars kat fesbuk ok..Maka untuk mengelakkan dari tertido kat meja aku ni, aku  mendengar musik dari henset multipurpose ku ini. Tetibe dalam playlist aku lagu ni keluar. Rasa macam tenang kejap jiwa aku yang tengah 'HOT' kat segelintir manusia kat dunia ni. Maka dengan pantas cari videoclip kat youtube. Nak taruk lirik serupa buang masa sbb videoclip ni versi karaoke.

Lagu ni boleh ada dalam phone aku sbb aritu aku transfer playlist nephew aku. Banyak betul budak form 2 ni intro kat aku. Nak harap aku tau lagu ni sendiri..sedikit susah. Saya tak dengar radio melayu sangat dan suami balik2 dengar CD Anuar Zain dan Faizal Tahir nya.

Harap lagu ini dapat menenangkan jiwa anda juga....It's simple and sweet. Enjoy!

*Anies..lu agak Meon boleh rapping lagu ni ka?hahaha! and ko dah tanya tak dia pasal kariernya sebagai seorang model Proton????*

Oct 1, 2009

Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

To be honest, this is my first Dan Brown's book. I've seen both movies The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, but I have never read any of the books. When I saw how detailed the explanations of the 'clues' and 'symbols' that Robert Langdon had to follow in the movie, I was scared that the book might be too heavy reading for me.

So I don't know how to explain why I finally decided to buy this book. It was between Candace Bushnell's (writer of Sex and the City) Four Blondes or this. I guess I didn't want any chick lit reading or prolly my baby wants me to read something a bit more challenging. So I picked up the hard cover copy of The Lost Symbol (plus there was a 20% discount for the book!) and honestly...

I don't regret it!

This is another Robert Langdon series. This time round, Dan Brown decides to unveil the Freemasons, a secret brotherhood fraternity comprising of high powered, influential men from all over the world with different background and religion who's always misunderstood about their 'culture'. Then the classic crisis that gets Robert Langdon on a treasure hunt deciphering symbols and finding clues.

The thing I like about this book is how Dan Brown portrays the Masonic brotherhood as people who are open minded about religion. How the different religions in the world is not a boundary and not one religion is superior than the other. I like how Mr. Brown finds the similar understanding from all different religions, that you praise God, whoever your God is.

I didn't go to the extent of confirming all the points in his writing, but if his facts are right, I definitely learnt a lot about the different religion and about other things too.

 To me this is different from his other 2 books in the sense that, although there is still some political involvement, at least this time round it's not a conspiracy. It's about preserving a secret that the world is not ready for.

A secret that "seen by all but recognized by few" - The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown

I give it 4.5/5. Definitely recommended.


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