Oct 22, 2009

Power Nap!

Referring to my previous entry, I seem to have a habit of being VERY sleepy at work. Especially after lunch. Possibly contributed to all the factors in the entry before this.

So yesterday, was no exception. But around 2pm, nature was persistently calling! My poor colleagues probably had a taste (more of smell actually) of my 'gas bomb'!hahahahahahah! So..to the toilet I went. Big investment going on and I was feeling SOOOOOOO sleepy. hehehe..I think you can guess what happened next...:P

20 minutes in there, my colleagues started to worry and knocked on the toilet door..hehehe! I got out feeling VERY fresh..

Now that's what I call a POWER NAP!...:P

gambar adalah sekadar hiasan. aku tak sekiut ini...:P

*baby..jangan ikut perangai mama ok? nanti bontot terlekat kat jamban susah mama nak tolong..heheheh!


  1. keji tau dak.yikes.masa tido dh basuh buntut ke blom?

  2. hehehe..for me to know and for you to let your imagination run wild!!hahahahah!!



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