Oct 1, 2009

Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

To be honest, this is my first Dan Brown's book. I've seen both movies The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, but I have never read any of the books. When I saw how detailed the explanations of the 'clues' and 'symbols' that Robert Langdon had to follow in the movie, I was scared that the book might be too heavy reading for me.

So I don't know how to explain why I finally decided to buy this book. It was between Candace Bushnell's (writer of Sex and the City) Four Blondes or this. I guess I didn't want any chick lit reading or prolly my baby wants me to read something a bit more challenging. So I picked up the hard cover copy of The Lost Symbol (plus there was a 20% discount for the book!) and honestly...

I don't regret it!

This is another Robert Langdon series. This time round, Dan Brown decides to unveil the Freemasons, a secret brotherhood fraternity comprising of high powered, influential men from all over the world with different background and religion who's always misunderstood about their 'culture'. Then the classic crisis that gets Robert Langdon on a treasure hunt deciphering symbols and finding clues.

The thing I like about this book is how Dan Brown portrays the Masonic brotherhood as people who are open minded about religion. How the different religions in the world is not a boundary and not one religion is superior than the other. I like how Mr. Brown finds the similar understanding from all different religions, that you praise God, whoever your God is.

I didn't go to the extent of confirming all the points in his writing, but if his facts are right, I definitely learnt a lot about the different religion and about other things too.

 To me this is different from his other 2 books in the sense that, although there is still some political involvement, at least this time round it's not a conspiracy. It's about preserving a secret that the world is not ready for.

A secret that "seen by all but recognized by few" - The Lost Symbol, Dan Brown

I give it 4.5/5. Definitely recommended.


  1. wah...i'm so gonna get this book....aku suka robert langdon yo!

    rajin ko mereview..aku ade kerja kosong..nak?

  2. kerja kosong sebagai apa?

    aku rasa anak aku ni suka nak suruh aku review2...:P



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