Oct 19, 2009

Hollywood Bug??

Yesterday I had another dream. I was at a Hollywood award party. But it was held in KL (my dreams never makes sense ok!) So there I was..all glammed up, red carpet quality, mingling with the A-listers. Then I saw him..Jack Nicholson.

I approached him and said his rendition of the Frank Sinatra's song was just amazing..(where in the hell did I get that point pun I don't know!) And then, he looked at me and took my arms into his. He said "Let's get out of here"

We ended up going for sushi at Sushi King mane tah. But I said to him, "I can't eat sushi, I'm pregnant"
"It's ok, just keep me company"

Pastu tah macam mana..kami dikatakan berskandal!hahahahah!

Honestly, rather than dating Jack Nicholson, I would rather go out with Sir Richard Branson

Kacak kan orang tua ni??hahahahah! Back in the days when I was still in Uni, life was hard. Sometimes it was even a struggle to figure out whether or not I would be able to afford to pay for my lunch. So fantasizing about a better life was my favorite daydream. In fact I always daydreamed that I was Paris Hilton's other sister..hahah!

Aaaanyway..there was this one time a rumor spread through the faculty. That there was someone, a rich man 'recruiting' any willing college students. Sugar daddy laaaaaa...and because of that rumor, it triggered another of my daydreams!hahaha!

I use to have a list.. IF I was ever to have a sugar daddy, only these men would ever be considered..
1. Sir Richard Branson
2. Richard Gere
3. Shebby Singh
hahahahahha! A LOT of my friends laughed at my 3rd choice but hellllloooooooooooooo!! Have you seen this man?He's hot!hahahahahahahahha! One of my girl friends is a stewardess for Air Asia, and she once served Shebby..and hooooyeahhh..she agreed with me. Shebby is one HOT old man!hahahah!

But honestly..no matter how hard life was for me, I would NEVER submit to letting an older man 'sponsor' me just so I could have nicer things. It's like selling your soul to the devil...

Anyway..there is no point to this post. I'm just bored and I just wanted to get on Rawkstar's nerve..

Ye Anies...I got the Hollywood Bug. Nanti anak aku panggil Edward Cullen "daddy!"

*scary dowh!!no way..daripada si EC ni, baik takyah ade Hollywood daddy!! You can keep your Edward Cullen Anies...Happy belated birthday ok!(aku dah wish on time aritu..post je lambat) yuh noe ai lebiu! *

*note: Am not a fan of Edward Cullen or Twilight saga n whatnot..*


  1. kenapa susah sgt nk mengaku bahawa ko peminat twilight? citer ni best laaaaaaa..susah ke nk ngakuuuu citer ni best.

    hikhik,thanks bebeh.ai lebiu too.

  2. oh tidakkkkkkkk..aku takkan terjebak!kalo aku nak suke pun..aku rasa hensem lagi si jacob dari si edward.

    plus i think isabella is annoying..

  3. tak. ko yang annoying. bella baik je.

  4. aku masih maintain cool.unbelievable. masuk ripley's la cam ni.

  5. i know the other reason you pick a 'singh' as ur sugar daddy.. ahahhaha

    watever it is aku pon tak minat twilight.. the first two books aku bace okay la..macam novel cinta remaja..lite.. tapi ending terlalu predictable.. takder twist langsung..dan paling turn off bile Jacob imprinted anak bella? Wtf.. tak dpt mak .. anak pon jadikla...

    tak creative langsung.

  6. pi..apekah reason itu???hahahahahahaha!!adakah berkaitan dgn steering wheel atau botol kaca????hahahahahaah!!

    yeay!aku ade geng tak minat twilight.buku pun aku tak baca pi.haritu memaksa diri tgk movie twilight sbb everyone was raving about it...

    anies..ye laa...ko je laa yang cool. yang penting aku HOT! mcm 'kakak' aku, paris selalu cakap.."that's hot"

  7. kalau nk citer berat, tgk schindler's list laaaaaaaa.

  8. hey hey..mane ade panggil sapot.

    ye lah..belog aku tak seglamer belog kamu....mane ade orang bace belog saya!

    aku tak keji begitu..

    btw..schindler's list mmg best..sumpah!

  9. believe it or not, aku baru tgk twilight mlm semlm :p dan aku rasa rob pattinson sbg edward cullen - MAJOR HOTNESS, okay...
    there, i said it :D i'm officially a twi-hards now ;) hari ni br nak gi beli buku ;p
    sorry, tertinggal train plak ;p hahahaha! (been lost in my own world for far too long!)

  10. ida..
    tak terlepas ketapi lagi!hehe!aku pun br tgk twilight tu a few months ago..hehe

    bolehla geng dgn anies.

    anies..ai dun deny edward cullen hensem.tapi aku rasa menakutkan la mukanya selalu pucat.aku taw la dia vampire..tapi tah..tapi bila dia hanya robert pattison..takde yang spesel disitu.

    lainla chuck bass of GG..makin lama aku tgk GG..makin jatuh cinta aku padanya...terlalu swit terhadap blair!sigh...

    yang penting..bella tetap annoying!hahahaha!

  11. tgk true blood la. vampire dia tak ensem tapi rrraaauuuuuuuuu.

    ah ah ah.

  12. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?

  13. Depending on what are you linking me to..why don't you leave me the link then i'll leave a message to you?



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