Oct 29, 2009

Long Weekend for me..

Am taking the day off tomorrow. Suami said he's taking us to go 'somewhere'. Puas aku tanya hari-hari "Kita nak pegi mana ni???" Siap merajuk segala dengan harapan mendapat jawapan. Tapi suami cakap "Biarla suprise please..I tak pernah boleh surprise you.."

Which is true.

My poor suami..since we got together he's always planned some surprise for me for special occasions but to his avail..I ALWAYS find out before. First time he tried to surprise me was for my 26th birthday. Siap komplot dengan Lina and Fariq..penat diorg berdua pick me up from work, took me to go have coffee, jalan-jalan sumer. Last-last my then future sister-in-law spoilt the surprise by sending me and SMS saying..

"Sorry I can't make it tonight..hope you enjoy the 'surprise'"

Konpem laaa kantoi ada birthday party kann???hahaha!I immediately called then fiance and said "You buat birthday party ke untuk I?"

The poor darling was so disappointed when he knew I found out. Apparently he has spent the whole day cleaning and cooking to prepare for my birthday that day...But I still had fun and it was REALLY sweet of him to do so..

The next surprise I spoilt for him was for our first anniversary. I found out about my gift in advance. This one was actually by accident. I wanted to borrow some money from suami, so I took out his wallet. Then I found out a receipt for a deposit for a motorbike which I was not familiar with the model or the plate number.

Our anniversary was supposed to be the next day and me being VERY pregnant that time, I thought nothing of the bike. I thought maybe he bought a new bike for himself or something. So that night I asked him.."Sayang, you beli motor baru ke?"

He was so shocked then looked disappointed. "Macam mana you tau?"

So I told him I saw the receipt in hi wallet. "You ni....*sigh* selalu tau spoil surprise I!" and then said to me since I already knew, might as well show it to me. That was when I met my beloved green bike..He sold off his EX5 which was his pride and joy and sometimes lifeline, just so he could buy me the scrambler....

So this time..OKlaa...I give chance to him laaaaa...he wants to surprise me..surprise la. :P Because I could go all Private Investigator on him and drill him for an answer..heheh! I don't really like surprises, but we'll see about this one...Whatever the surprise is, I will still love you sayang!

*Whatever it will be, at least I will have him the whole weekend ALL TO MYSELF!yeay!!*


  1. haf funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  2. opkos!!!!!dun mis me okeh?

    eleh..tak mis aku tu dah..buah hati pengarang jantung dah balik..:P



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