Nov 2, 2009


hahah!seperti yang dijangkakan..yang kene surprise adalah suami. but I still have to give him credit for trying.

according to suami, we were SUPPOSED to go to krabi over the weekend. but somehow, his booking got mixed up and everything was cancelled. I don't bother to interrogate further. I was secretly glad that we didn't go. with my current condition and weird food would probably be a problem if we were to go somewhere foreign. I admit now that I am not a good travel partner..I am very homely now. but..we still had the whole weekend to least I wanted it to be that way..:P

suami did want to go and hang out with his friends etc etc..but I said, "since this weekend was SUPPOSED to be our weekend getaway, you CANNOT go hang out with your friends." mind you, I'm not always like this. under normal circumstances, suami usually can go and hang out with his friends whenever he wants to. but this weekend was different. but i didn't confine suami to the house or shoo-ed away friends who came over and what not. we still met up with k.lin, abg. lan, adi, chip and tariq (and jai, huda and sapik briefly). but essentially, i had suami all to myself through the weekend.

but the person who actually GOT the surprise was actually suami. I bought him a guitar as our anniversary gift (yes anies...guitar yang kau mahu itu kot..hehehe). it was actually an impromptu gesture. we were at midvalley and i wanted to eat my forever favorite portuguese grilled fish at Oasis and we walked by Rhapsody. i dragged suami into the shop and told him to choose a guitar. he thought i was joking..i even did the "Offer going once..going twice.." by the time i said going twice he quickly said "NAK!" :)

it bought a HUGE grin on suami's face...

Guitar Price: biarlah rahsia
Expression on suami's face: PRICELESS

then we spent the weekend furniture hunting - with baby on the way and all..and yup. we did find some cool bargains..a sofa bed for only RM399 and a big shoe cupboard for RM350 (i say big coz it's still not enough for my shoes!!damn!) so poor tariq was conned into helping us move the 'bed' which was our sofa bed into the baby's room to make way for our new sofa bed.(will update with pix later ok..) and as a reward for tariq, he was the first to sleep on the sofa bed...good review by tariq..hehehe!

then suami spent the rest of the night cleaning up the house while i snoozed..aaahhh..the kind of surprise ANY wife would love to get..:) and he did a good job too! thank you sayang! hehehe!

and yesterday was spent just the two of us...hape lagi..TIDO!!!hahahah!and both dreading work on monday.

I had a good weekend with suami..surprise or not. it's always nice spending time with him. only thing i need him to improve is lesser time on the handphone! psp is already within do i eliminate if not reduce his phone time...?

*i know many of you out there can't live without your phones..but i's serenity i tell you!*


  1. hahah..nanti aku suh 'scandal' kau belikan ok?

  2. hmmm. saja je kan beli gitar tu? dengki.

  3. eh..bukan dengki la..

    skarang ko boleh dtg rumah aku..test power scrambler aku dan memekak ngan gitar laki aku!hahaha!

    rumah aku pun hepp jugak occcaayyyy!hahahahahaha!



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