Nov 24, 2009

2 Years and Going Strong..

Happy 2nd Anniversary sayang..
It's been a trying journey for both of us but alhamdulillah it has made us closer and loving each other more and more each day..

Can't imagine my life without you.
I loved you then,
I love you now
and I will love you for the rest of my life.

You will always be my best friend, my lover and my husband..


  1. hepi anni darling, semoga berkekalan XOXO

  2. kenapa entry ko lebih kurang sama ngan azie....ko ader tgk movie sama2 ker??? ni mesti pengaruh filem ni....btw....selamat ulang tahun yer....

  3. selamat ulang tahun ke dua.. love is in the air.... !!!



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